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  1. While the Charger is swimming in the pond, I thought I'd start another project. First pic is the underside of the chassis with the subframe connectors. Second is plug wire detail. Third is engine in color and my grubby mitt.
  2. Rust-Oleum Sail Blue. Someday I'll have enough money to buy real paint. Sigh.
  3. This model doesn't like me. I was just finishing the respray of the body and my can of paint splattered all over. Back in the pond. Then when I was at the other end of the house, I heard a crash from the living room. The box containing all the finished bits and pieces had fallen to the floor. Bad news, I found everything but an exhaust tip. Good news, I found the missing mike and a lens belonging to an unknown kit. Is it Tuesday yet?
  4. A bit of a setback, the body for the Charger has gone for a swim in the purple pond. One gigantic goober from my thumb on the door.
  5. I missed a step. Here's one of the interior before radios, yada yada and after
  6. I'm no Dann or others on the forum, but I'm pretty happy with my radios and GPS
  7. You're braver than I doing those side decals. Nice clean build.
  8. This one's number 3. Backstory is a poor amateur radio operator needed a used car with a strong electrical system. This one looked like a good deal as an ex-Michigan State cruiser, maybe used by a ranking trooper as it had some nicer features. Colors are are by guess, I couldn't find 2 pictures that agreed.
  9. I agree this is a very nice kit. It went together very well with few problems. You can barely see where I broke the windshield frame, but boy, does that glue goober on the windshield show!
  10. Calling this one done. Revell's nice Bronco kit, mostly OOB, except wheels, tires, and exhaust.
  11. Project #2. Tires and wheels from Scenes Unlimited. Converted from duals with glasspaks to single regular muffler and 8 shocks down to 4.
  12. 49 Jeepster, , 2WD Ramcharger, 69 Satellite with Mod Top
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