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  1. I like the rack on the trailer. It looks like it would hold everything, including a kitchen sink.
  2. I found the instruction sheet on my Charger ex-police car to have wrong part numbers, orientation of parts, and missing pieces. Kind of a work of fiction. Looking good, keep it up McNally!
  3. Love the look you're going for here. It looks like many of the improvised setups around Michigan. One comment though. Shouldn't the trailer axle be further back. It looks like it would be unstable to tow.
  4. Is that the Stig's red-haired step child?
  5. That's actually a picture of my old call sign reduced, printed on my laser printer and glued in place. My current call is W8JRD , but that plate is hiding from me at the moment. The 2 antennas are wrapping wire and are supposed to represent a dual band 2m/70cm and Yaesu's fancy autotuning HF + VHF +UHF.
  6. Missing pieces, glue smears, et al. Here it is:
  7. Last shots for the Charger. I lost the headliner piece. so if it ever turns up, I'll pop the windows out and polish them. Sigh, me and glue.
  8. Overall, a nice kit to build. Back to the cursed Charger
  9. All done but a license plate
  10. A little more progress
  11. My "cursed" Charger is almost done. Watch out for the fit of the interior near the A pillars. Mine was stubborn there and kept the front of the chassis from fitting properly. Minor trimming with an Xacto was needed. (And CA glue and NSFW words!)
  12. This is a darker blue.I thought about MSP, but then I saw a picture of one of the USAF chase cars and thought I'd go that way, but this blue is too light. So just a blue Mustang LX 5.0.
  13. Interior is more or less done. So far a nice kit to build, only problem is my impatience.
  14. While the Charger is swimming in the pond, I thought I'd start another project. First pic is the underside of the chassis with the subframe connectors. Second is plug wire detail. Third is engine in color and my grubby mitt.
  15. Rust-Oleum Sail Blue. Someday I'll have enough money to buy real paint. Sigh.
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