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  1. How about Smokey and the Bandit where the cop cars change back and forth between Pontiacs and Mopars.
  2. Does it do 185?
  3. I thought I remembered seeing someone who did one of these, but can't remember who. Any leads?
  4. Finished these today. Not my best efforts, but they look ok from 100 feet.
  5. A few pics of this. I may or may not find some mirrors for it. More pics in Under Glass
  6. Decent kit with a nice 302. Some not too nice fitting body pieces. More pics in Under Glass
  7. I do like to see them built stock. Great job
  8. Each has it's own thread in the WIP section. I took more pictures, but my camera seems to have eaten them. I'm just surprised noone has mentioned the Boss 429 in the Cobra.
  9. I placed a couple small spacers under the rear springs to bring up the back. The paint is cheap brown craft paint from Hobby Lobby, Anita's Warm Brown I think. You can see the spacers on the picture of the bottom of the chassis (pic #4).
  10. Here's Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, Ho Hum, and the Cat all finished up.
  11. This one is finally done. Please ignore the glue smears, paint globs, and I'm sure a stray cat hair.
  12. Nice kit, all the problems (except the warped hood) were of my own making. I've decided I really don't like photo etch. It looks great, but my fat fingers can't work with it.
  13. Here are some shots of this. Looks like the owner has been a bit naughty, with an added 4v carb and dual exhausts
  14. Here's some more progress. It's done now
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