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  1. Horse drawn hearse. Unusual sight in Battle Creek, MI
  2. I really wanted to do the Webers with this, but I just couldn't get them to fit under the hood. Oh well, just a regular GT350 engine for Kermit the Cobra.
  3. Seen in Battle Creek today. 67 Fury with period correct electronics and graphics. Owned by a retired police officer.
  4. I saw my first "stanced" car in East Lansing yesterday. I wondered what would happen when he hit the rain storm in a few miles.
  5. I don't know what kit, but they are TRX tires. They fit the best on the stock rims. Dupli-Color Perfect Match dark cherry red. I like the color too!
  6. Out of the box, except parts box tires. This version of the kit didn't have any chrome.
  7. May I ask where you got the micro ferrules? I'm looking for something like that for a project.
  8. I wish someone would make decals for the 427 badge and the cobra emblems. Here's the next one maybe. It's a Mini Exotics Super Cobra. I've not done a resin before and I'm not susre I'm ready for this
  9. I'll get some better shots later
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