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  1. Saw this at the Buckeye Classic ..... sorry for drooling on it !!!! LOL Totally awesome
  2. Maxicoop

    1967 Camaro SS

    Tyrone, it looks fantastic !!!!
  3. BEAUTIFUL build !!!!!! Love these cars !!!! and you did an awesome job !!!!
  4. Awesome freakin' detail and a beautiful build !!!!
  5. AWESOME lookin' buggy !!!!! Love the color and the sparkle of metalflake !!!!!!!!
  6. Awesome job Chuck !!! You know I love those little Mini's !!
  7. Yep it worked !!! Nice build !!!
  8. Maxicoop

    Some of my work

    love your work !!!!you are thinking out side the box .... for sure !!!! keep up the great work and post them !!! please ....
  9. That is an AWESOME build ....... love everything you've done ...... and I agree you have to look at your pictures more than onnce to see all the little things you've done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. That is wicked !!!!!! Love it !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Maxicoop

    Jinx Express

    that is very cool !!!!!! Super job !!!!!!!!!
  12. Maxicoop

    Fillyet Benz

    the body is purple-licious Testors lacquer and the front fenders are black pearl metallic testors enamel
  13. Maxicoop

    Fillyet Benz

    This is my latest: Description: Willys body, Ford front fenders, Fiat nose, Mercedes head lights, and a Chevy "mouse" engine ......... hope you like it!!!!!!
  14. awesome lookin' vette !!!!
  15. I tip my hat to you John that is one BEAUTIFUL truck ....... all I can say is AWESOME !!!!!!!!
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