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  1. poppitangtang added a post in a topic New 84 GMC w/flames. & Templete information   

    looks good manny, that is the gmc that I've been watching right? coming right along
  2. poppitangtang added a topic in On The Workbench   

    real early rough mock up
    my online model car club is doing a cuda group build, and I decided to go outside the box on this one...I figured there are a lot of mopar guys there and a lot of great looking serious street beaters would show up in the build. So I reverted to my days of living in redneck parts of the south where I knew guys who took their cars and put 4wd gear under them and jacked them to the sky...sooooooo I decided I had a monster truck kit that was going to help out with the build..I cut the frame down to fit inside the confines of the 71 cuda and decided to do a real rough mock up to get an idea of what was flyin around in my head..lot to do, but I think it will work out well...my redneck cuda

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  3. poppitangtang added a post in a topic Well Gregg...since you asked.....   

    I must say dave very impressive, but I believe Gregg was reffering to people putting more cars for sale on emodelcars...I am registered and need to put some stuff up for sale...###### procrastination...but I will say, I bought a kit from Gregg there, and I couldn't be happier with the price or the transaction.
  4. poppitangtang added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    I just updated my profile with a sig...glad I read the sticky...hate those warnings