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  1. Ok here are my picks for what I would like to see 1 379 of course 2 387 would be nice 3 new 388 4 new 389 5 International prostar trailer wise surely a 48' spread axle flatbed (I ordered sheet to start scratchin one maybe even a 53' Wabash duraplate
  2. I wish I had the time/supplies to cast them, and that makes me glad I didnt order one from Kuenn yet
  3. you can get a 387 conversion kit from De-Elegantmodeltrucks.com and you can use the 377 for a donor
  4. there arent enough words in the english language to say how that looks, so Ill just sum it up with AWESOME!!!!! I love it Tim
  5. oh I could definitely see you as an engineering consultant or something in the design process for PB
  6. very nice Tim, I like the "My cow died I dont need your bull" coffee mug. ruh roh next time Im haulin up that way Ill have to remember to be careful not to be pulled over. Yanno all this time I was pickin you as either a driver or former driver not an outsider with a love of the Red Oval, but that kicks a$$!!!!! did you work in radio or is flatbed thinking of your radio spot on kdka am?
  7. i dont like payin that much either but after what happened here a few weeks ago the only thing i could salvage was a new alf eagle that i had out in the garage and luckily the 79 hood conversion and the donor 377 were at my moms so i need this one bad lol.......i wrote a few different letters to italeri to bring the 378 back. i remember the good ol $20 days i used to drive to a shop in lavale md and i got 4 of them for $35 a piece........but the price these days is outrageous.........lol if you wanna bid on it Tim go ahead, I wont be upset if I lose it to you.....but its a lot higher on my side than the $51 its at now lol
  8. greenbacks????????? oy im biddin on a 378 I need to do a 379 to depict my ride.......its nicely priced now and the top bid I put in should seal the deal..........unless Im outbid by someone who is goofy enough to go over top of my top bid
  9. did ya try STSmodeltrucks.com not sure if they are in stock right now but they did offer double hump rears
  10. outstanding Tim! even tho its not an Oval im toyin around with that tylenol bottle with water/fuel idea
  11. the low prices for this blow my mind, I saw a website advertising advanced pre orders for 55 bucks...........sheesh if they could run all the kits at a price like this when they come out........
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