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   My name is David, and I'm a Plastiholic, ("Hello David"!!)

It all started when I was 10 or 11, building the occasional

airplane or car.

   Then I went in the Marines at the age of 17 and didn't

have a craving for a build in like 10 years.  Too busy!!


   And then it happened, my Mom said that I still had some

stuff laying around. And finally I picked said boxes up from

their house. Inside I found cool stuff I didn't even know I

had anymore. Including some model cars from the late 60's.

Completely unmolested, and perfect boxes, the works!

Suddenly the desire returned, but I went out and bought

a new kit. And I think that like a lot of you would agree, is

that from there it just never seemed to stop.

   And I have loved to collect things all my life. It started

with bottle caps when I was young. Later I started on book

collecting, then bicycles, car magazines and jumped up to

small firearms. Then that grew bigger after the Marines!

So collecting things has been, and still is a love of mine.

So here I sit some 450+ kits(edit 400-ish) later, and not

enough time left to even build them all!!


I'm quite blessed to have a wonderful wife who allows

me a over-stuffed hobby room in our home!

So I gave up weapons collecting for model cars. And I

can honestly say, it's a lot cheaper hobby for sure.


David S.

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