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  1. I've sent him a few pm's with no response had another guy in oz with the same issue
  2. Jim doesn't post much on Facebook and surely there are alot of guys on here close to him
  3. Any updates on when new owner will be taking over
  4. Jim is normally awesome to order from I get wheels sent to Australia all the time and normally have them in a few weeks he has even custom made me some before with no issues. I just don't order between May and October as he is closed between these months
  5. this is coming together awesome, where do you get your decals made?
  6. Where is everyone getting their race engine kits from ? I brought a Ross Gibson superman engine and was pretty happy but I can't find any other good kits out there
  7. hit and miss for me in terms of quality. I have brought several parts from them some are top notch then some are average for instance Their wheels, injector hats and superchargers are awesome but then recently brought a body that was warped and lines didn't match so needed alot of work and a centrifugal blower that looks like a piece of dog poo.
  8. Just a little engine update still got some more detail to come.(waiting on paint to dry) Appreciate all the feedback guys Thanks
  9. Thanks guys I just brought the 14x32 futurattraction tires through tedsmodelling
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