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  1. Interesting. Those are some fat tires in the back. SHINY too!
  2. You can also buy the BRZ in the US too. But it is harder to find. It's kind of like a Nissan/Datsun type thing. You either see a ton of one or a ton of the other.
  3. Looks like it belongs to the car! Great job Fred.
  4. The GTO got my vote. I've never seen one built as a model.
  5. Usually the Supra knock offs are done badly. But this one. wow! Good to see he upgraded the looks and the performance.
  6. The Ring Brothers! They build some cool stuff. Just google them. You'll see a lot of old muscle modernized to a even better (IMO) car.
  7. Wow! Real nice work and projects you have going on. Don't worry about the modeler's ADD, I think we all have it somewhere deep inside of all of us.
  8. Very clean. And SHINY! Great job. Interior looks real.
  9. Here's the parts tree and the decal sheets. Turns out it is a curbside, but it has some more engine detail than I expected. Do you guys think you could swap the engine from the recently released Revell Datsun Truck into this? hmm.....
  10. My friend got in a car wreck. Everyone's okay.. but still
  11. At least some of the hardest stuff is out of the way? Or am I wrong...
  12. DynoMight

    1932 Vicky

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
  13. What's left for this car? Final assembly?
  14. Maybe you could make a welding wagon.. you know, a table on wheels that has all you need to weld. Except portable.
  15. Now, I am not a pro builder, expert, the man behind the curtain or some gypsy witch who lives in the mountains of Kansas. When I came here in July, I thought the forum was good, some sticklers and such, but hey. You get that wherever you go. Sometimes you just have to ignore the "haters" and focus on the people who give you actual good advice. Say I am a new builder. New to the forum, hobby, everything. I post my first model. Orange peel, glue on the windshield, crooked wheels, undercarriage barely painted. If I get a response of: "This model sucks. Build better before you come back" and "Try to be more careful with the glue and also make sure you paint everything. And don't forget the driveshaft!" Would you say someone will be more likely to stay and try to make a better model for response A or B. Most likely B. It's easier to drive someone away than to make them stay.
  16. And on straights too... Looks supercharged????
  17. Best work I'VE ever seen in 1/25. No joke. Great job Tim.
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