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  1. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    got the body, interior and chassis mated together this morning. Also set the radiator core support in place. Still got lots more to do. I'll post more as I get go along. Thanks for looking. Sorry the pics aren't the best, having camera troubles this morning. I should be able to post better ones next time lol.

    Comments always welcome.
  2. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    Thanks guys. By the way sorry for the wrong date I listed on the main thread title. I had the 14th listed when today is the 24th. Shows you how hectic things have been for me lol. More updates coming soon
  3. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    Morning guys, sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. I wanted to get the wagon body cleared wet sanded and polished. Got that out of the way, so now I'll try to take some time and get back to getting a update or two posted.
    Getting back to the chassis work. My last post was on the front suspension and engine. Today I'll try to post what I can on the rear suspension. For the rear suspension I elected to use a 60[s style corvette rear suspension rather than the kit supplied stock nova suspension. This was supplied from the Revell 37 ford street rod kit just like the front suspension. This worked out well for the sleeper street rod theme I was going after for the nova wagon. I had to do a little measuring and modifying on the chassis itself to make it work, But it turn out the way I wanted it and still gives it that near perfect stock ride height. I scratch made a set of rear shocks out of evergreen plastic tubing, to go along with it, and then detailed everything out with brake lines fuel line and e-brake setup. Even the kit stock exhaust and drive shaft still sit and fits like their suppose to. All and all I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

    Here's a pic of the overall finished chassis. The rest of the exhaust will get installed once the body and interior is mated to the chassis.

    Here is a pic of the stock 66 Nova SS Chassis from my Pop's Toy build for comparison.

    And finally here is a pic of the 66 Nova Wagon {Mom's Toy) body. I thought you might want to see how it looks now that it is cleared and polished out. I also took time yesterday to get the BMF foil work done on it. This morning I've been working on getting the glass installed. The front windshield was the last of that process and is till drying.

    I'm hoping in the next couple days to get the interior installed and if all goes well get the chassis mated to the body. Then the real fun will begin. All the fine finishing detail work lol.
    Stay tuned for more and thanks for looking. Comments are always welcome.
  4. microwheel added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B   

    Nice new toy tim, do I detect a new scale project in the works? Seems to me the Real one needs a little brother to display on the hood lol.
  5. microwheel added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B   

    Nice work Tim my friend. Extremely clean and tidy build buddy.
  6. microwheel added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B (*** Finished 22 Nov 15 ***)   

    Hey there Tim Buddy, sorry I missed your build progress on this one. I was away from the site for awhile taking care of lots of honey do lists and other personal issues. But I'm back now. Man what a nice job. Sorry to hear about the window issues.
  7. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    My stock of clearcoat finally came in today. So i'm spending this evening clearcoating the wagon. I will try to have another update sometime over the weekend. Thanks for looking.
  8. microwheel added a post in a topic Wrecked 64 Impala.   

    The finished model really turned out excellent Mike. good job.
  9. microwheel added a post in a topic 65 Chevelle Wagon   

    Well done. Nice color choice.
  10. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    Thanks Jeff, for brake and fuel line straps, I use left over tree material from photo-etched parts. I just cut off strips of it and bend it over straight pins with needle nosed tweezers and then cut the ends to size. Takes a good lighted magnifying  glass to do it, especially since these old eyes of mine ain't what they used to be.
  11. microwheel added a post in a topic What happens when boredom sets in...   

    This is a really cool idea Mike.
  12. microwheel added a post in a topic 1964 Fairlane Wagon   

    Morning Paul, I really like what your doing with this build.
  13. microwheel added a post in a topic SHELBY COBRA restomod >real alu dash   

    Your chassis work is looking really good Richard
  14. microwheel added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - BMF Body and Dash Done 11/25   

    Nice detail work Eric, and foil job is looking top notch.
  15. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod update today-11-25-15   

    Morning guys. Not really sure the best way to start with todays posts, so I will start out trying to explain the chassis mods the best I can. If I kinda get a little long winded, sorry in advance lol.
    For the suspension, I picked up a Revell 37 ford coupe California wheels edition cheap. Since I had no intention of building it, I robbed it of its compete front tubular suspension with coil over shocks, spindles and rack and pinion setup. I had to do some modifying to the 66 nova chassis and inner fenders to get this all to work. The suspension cross member sat between the nova lower suspension mount area almost perfectly, all that was needed to get the fit perfect was a couple of thin plastic shims on each side of the 37 ford cross member to fill what little gaps were there, and a little height adjusting and it worked like it was made for it. I then had to cut a little bit of the Nova inner fenders away where the old nova kit upper A arms mounted to allow for the 37 ford's upper A arm mounts to clear. A little bit of clean up work to remove the Nova front sway-bar mounting points and everything was good to go. I then cut apart the 37 ford rack and pinion steering assembly and drilled it out to allow me to slide plastic rod through it so it would allow the front wheels to be possible. I made spindle arms for the 37 ford front spindles after finding I needed to flip the front spindles over to keep the ride height were I wanted it. The disc brake rotors and calipers were then added. The engine was test fitted several times during the process to make sure the cross member was going to allow the oil pan to sit right and the engine to sit like it was suppose to on the stock Nova engine mounts. Once every thing was mocked up and fitting the way I wanted it. It was all detail painted and assembled into place. Before the engine was permanently mounted into place, I routed front brake lines and added a brake booster and master cylinder from the parts box. I then detailed the engine bay with wiring harness for the Alternator, mounted the windshield motor and washer bottle, ran a washer hose line, and detailed and mounted the battery. The engine was then permanently mounted and plumbed into place.
    Hopefully the pics below allows you to see how it all worked out.

    The completed engine bay area

    Later today I hope to post pics and info on the rear suspension work. Like I said, sorry I didn't get more pics during the actual build process. I usually do, but I got so wrapped up in things as I was going along, I didn't take time to stop and take pics.  Thanks for looking and remember comments are always welcome.