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  1. microwheel added a post in a topic 1972 Elcamino   

    Always loved This year. Nice conversion.
  2. microwheel added a post in a topic Revell '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery-Now in "Under Glass" Section-09/16   

    great work on getting rid of all the mold seams Joe. looking forward to seeing it all cleaned up lol.
  3. microwheel added a post in a topic '65 Chevrolet pickup   

    Very nice conversion on your 65. I agree with Carl, your diorama shop makes for a cool background for it.
  4. microwheel added a post in a topic 1972 Dodge 4x4 Pickup Camper & Bike   

    really nice work.
  5. microwheel added a post in a topic Revell '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery-Now in "Under Glass" Section-09/16   

    Hey there Joe. Surprise! Bet ya been wondering if Id ever get in here to check your build out. It's been a busy winter and spring around here. The wife and I are planing to hit the road and travel for a few years starting next summer after she retires, So we've been spending a lot of time trying to get years of household accumulation taken care of, That and getting all the odds and ends issues with our motor-home taken care of, after all its going to be our home on wheels for awhile. We may even come visit you when we finally hit the road. Sorry to here about you wife's issues, but glad she's doing better. My wife's cancer is now in remission and she is doing a lot better also. 
    I spent the past few hours going through your entire build thread. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of your detailing buddy. I will do my best to keep up with you here.
  6. microwheel added a post in a topic 72 K5 Blazer Personal Style   

    Good Morning and thanks for all the nice comments guys. It was a fun build. Took me most of the winter to build. It's my first truck build in many years. I hope to find time soon to get another project started this summer once all the honey do lists are out of the way and I get my hobby room cleaned up.
  7. microwheel added a post in a topic 72 K5 Blazer Personal Style   

    Here is the last set of pics mostly chassis.

    Wish i would have taken the time to sand down the tire mold lines. Oh well.

    Thats pretty much it for the pics. Thanks for taking the time to look everyone.
  8. microwheel added a post in a topic 72 K5 Blazer Personal Style   

    Here is the next set of pics. Just wanted to let you all know, sorry for the lack of interior pics. The top isnt removable so I cant take alot of detailed pic s of interior.

    One last post of pics coming.
  9. microwheel added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    72 K5 Blazer Personal Style
    It's been awhile since I've had time to get on the site especially with all the personal spring projects I've had to get done. This is a project I worked on through the winter and just got completed a few weeks ago. I didn't take the time to document all the mods and details that went into it. And normally I would have done a workbench post, but I just didn't have the time this past winter to do my normal workbench posting. But I thought I would at least post it here in the under glass area.
    I did  this Blazer project to be kinda what junior would have done with it back in the 80's after pop handed it down to him.
    Starting with the AMT reissue 72 K5 Blazer Kit. I combined it with a few parts from the Revell snowplow pickup kit. Also modified the front and rear seats from a revell 69 camaro convertible kit to give the interior the kind of customization junior would have wanted in his ride. I didn't want a full blown custom, just the kind of changes a just out of high school young man would have taken the summer to do. I modified the front bumper to add the correct turn signals by splicing in the turn signals from a left over 66 nova bumper. The exhaust is scratch made from aluminum tubing from the Local Hobby Store and aftermarket cherry bomb style mufflers. Normally I would fully detail the chassis with fuel and brake lines, but elected to go the simple route on this build. But I did take the time to add working front steering. I scratch made a radiator and fan shroud. and also modified the kit supplied heater core to give a a more proportional look. I also added some mild under the hood detailing.
    I've never been great at getting a black paint job to turn out very well. But this one didn't turn out to bad. I did adjust the height of the suspension. The stock suspension sat way to high for juniors taste so it was lowered and modified to give it a raised but not the high in the sky look it had with the kit suspension. 
    Anyways It will take me a few posts here to get all the pics up.
    Thanks got looking everyone.

    More pics in next post.
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  10. microwheel added a post in a topic Revell '56 Ford F-100 "Street Demons"-No Awards   

    Nice turn out Joe.  I like the end result. Might have been 10 months in the making, but well worth the effort. I was going to call you the other day, but lost your number.
  11. microwheel added a post in a topic Edit function on posts quits working.   

    Thanks a bunch Dave, all seems to be right with the posts again. Happy camper here.
  12. microwheel added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Edit function on posts quits working.
    I was just wondering what is going on with the edit function on our posts. It seems that after posting, within a short period of time the edit function disappears. It does it at random periods from just a few hours of a post or reply to even a few days. This started about a week ago for me. I'm sure there are others that are having this same issue. Has anyone reported it? And if so is it being looked into?  
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  13. microwheel added a post in a topic Unable to edit my own threads   

    I just checked my posts in the cars workbench and underglass section and have the same issue. Looks like its across the the site. I checked a few other posts in other sections and no edit button for me anywhere. Hope they get it fixed.
  14. microwheel added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '72 Chevy Blazer Crew Chief   

    I picked up one of these kits the other day. I had so many builds going on that I didnt take the time to get one when they were first reissued. It's a great kit for it's age. One thing I noticed that I havent seen anyone talk about yet... I thought it was a little odd that none of the original or reissues of this kit ever came with the turn signals in the front bumper. The bumper would be right for the GMC Jimmy but not the Blazer.  I plan to do something about that problem for my build. I'll cut out the correct locations for them in the bumper and then graft in some turn signals that i will cut out of a left over 66 chevy nova bumper. Might not be 100% accurate, but should be better than none at all, that and I wont have to try to make a bumper from the amt chevy truck kit fit lol.
  15. microwheel added a post in a topic 66 Nova Wagon (Mom's Toy) Sleeper Street Rod   

    Here are a few pics of Both Nova Builds Together.

    Thanks For Looking Guys