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  1. Thanks davewilly. Been along time since I've been on. Wife and I are on the road full time RVing in our 5th wheel. It's a little hard to build new projects at the moment. Hope to find the space and time to build something new someday. But until then I plan to enjoy watching all the great workbench builds in progress on the site.
  2. Nice work on the interior Geoff. I love the color. It's going to look outstanding with the body color choice.
  3. Nicely done on the detailing Joe. Very clean and very well thought out.
  4. Beautiful work Tim. White has always been a color that gave me fits to get right. You pulled it off nicely.
  5. Nice work on the clear Tim. I agree the clear really made the blue pop. Sure wish I had time to work on another project, we just have so much going on with getting the house ready to sell and getting the motorhome prepped for travel that there is no time right now. But at least I can come on the site and watch everyone's great builds going on.
  6. I like the twist on this one. It ought to turn out to be a nice little surprise when someone opens the hood.
  7. When your going for that second or third owner look that might have done a little subtle customizing, then the stripes look just fine my friend. I would have worked them the same way if I were painting them. I've watched your builds long enough to know that this one will look outstanding when you complete it.
  8. Thanks Geoff. I knew this one was gonna be my last build for awhile so I wanted to go all out as much as I could with it. I hope I will get time, once the wife retires early this summer and we get our house sold, to work on another build.
  9. Well now you've peaked my interest Geoff. Cant want to see how this one turns out. I know what you mean about finger nail polish. I never had much luck with it myself.
  10. Nice work on the engine detail Joe. I know what you mean about so much going on.The wife and I have been swamped with work on our house these past few weeks trying to get all the little detail issues fixed so it is ready to sell. The realtor came by and listed it before I even felt we were ready so now gotta bust back sides to get those little things done before he shows it.
  11. Nice restoration work Snake. I really like how you do such good work saving some really great subjects from the scrap yard. I love the old AMC cars. It was a shame when Chrysler bought them out and ended the line.
  12. Beautiful Adam no wonder it was a show winner
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