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  1. Sorry to have opened such a bag of worms, I thought it was a fairly innocuous question. Obviously I should have stuck to safe subjects like, oh I don’t know, oh what’s better acrylics or enamels.
  2. Started on a small amount of rigging.
  3. I wasnt trying to start name calling or anything let's all cool down I dont have a genre I wont build or dont like, i have some i haven't tried yet, I will build pretty much anything that takes my fancy (I suppose I get attracted to ships more than anything but they tend to be looooong builds so I interspers other kits inbetweene)
  4. A little bit of research and I can say these are definitely scale models I have seen some amazing builds that would put some armour builds to shame. I've not recieved the kit yet but it seems extremely unfair to compare them to IKEA flat packs
  5. Hi all continuing to plod on with this Made a start on the main mast.
  6. This is the one I've ordered. I thought they were autobots at first , I can see why youngsters like them.
  7. Hi all, as a little light relief from the Cutty Sark I wanted to build something I've never done before, has anyone built a robot before. I've ordered a gundam from bandai (the last of their kits I built was the Pendle princess and the rolls Royce balloon car) (both amazing kits) sadly no longer produced. If this kit is any where near as good as those kits were it will be great. I intending to do it (as I love all things old and rusty) neglected in a field somewhere. Looking forward to its arrival.
  8. Hi all started in an upwards direction, there is so much more to do on this mast.
  9. Hi all was about to start on the fore mast, but then thought I better sort all the lower stuff before going in an upwards direction. So first I thought about the problem of doing the portholes heres my answer to getting them all in the right place. Then to do the rudder.
  10. Hi all let me start this update by saying (in the politest possible way) F$%# b%$$/%% hell. Let me explain.* I do my modeling in the spare bedroom, I lay a piece of vinyl down on the floor immediately round my work bench and on top of the bench I put the container with all the brass pieces on the bed behind me after removing some parts needed for my next bit of work I set to adding some of the stanchions on the bow and heard this noise as if a plastic container of billions of bits had fallen on the floor, imagine my surprise when turning round to find that is exactly what had happened and of course as it was BEHIND me and not around the vinyl protection area it had fallen on a shag pile carpet, of course the lid came off. So after moving the bed (carpet was under it) shaking the carpet out I got this. And after several hours This So on with the update. I'm really chuffed with how it's going (I should point out check ALL the stanchinons BEFORE gluing them in place as some of the holes are not clear and removing and drilling them after they are glued in place is no easy task.
  11. More done on the bowsprit a start on the dreaded rigging (all be it a very very tiny start)
  12. Done some of the panels round the top rails and made a start on the bowsprit, even added the figurehead.
  13. I am always, and I mean always impressed by your dios mate.
  14. The king of the diorama Charles, another masterpiece.
  15. Hi well I've got the latrines and the latrines pump done, this is such a major undertaking I can see at least another 2 yrs in this kit.
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