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  1. Yes harry did (I'm not going to be getting anywhere near that greatness)
  2. Hi all I built this and the road roller in my 20s(when it was readily available) and have been looking to get it again for years (but not for the silly money it was going for) well I finally got my hands on it for reasonable money. Look at all those lovely models they did round the side of the box. All those models sadly no longer available (probably several others too, I remember building the Rolls Royce balloon car not pictured there) another kit I would love to build again (I've never seen that available even on ebay, so I would imagine if it came up it would be huge amounts of money) Anyway here are the first parts to be assembled. And a bit of priming (after loads of filling and sanding. Oh how I wish Bandia would bring those other models back out.
  3. It had apparently done a fair bit of damage that cant be seen and it had creased the gas tank you couldn't open the rear door and it was 5000 in pounds stirling I'm over here in the uk
  4. I'm guessing a Taurus is the same as a focus here in the uk
  5. Well since a nice kind lady decided to drive into my wife, whilst stationary in a line of traffic at a roundabout and Wright our car off (May not look like to much damage but was 5 grands worth of damage) So now we have a new car. It's a titanium 19 plate close to 13 grand only 7100 on the clock. Pick it up next Sunday.
  6. Not sure yet but I have a few of these kits maybe a restoration yard.
  7. Hi all made a start on this. It's going to be languishing on a sliding somewhere, gradually rotting away
  8. Well it's done and I must say I prefer it to the blue. Here is the blue version.
  9. Airfix and heller kits are the same kits just reboxed. They do build up to nice kits.
  10. More work on the Ducati I must say I do prefer the new colour scheme and the look of the cut down fairing.
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