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  1. Hi all, more progress it's a good kit as regards fit the instructions on the other hand.
  2. Hi all planking done and varnished, made up the stand, painted the black top part and added some more to the decking structure.
  3. Finally finished the planking of the hull, luckily the top half is black so I can hide the bad bits under the paint, I'm really pleased with the bottom half though which is good since I will just be varnishing that and leaving the wood to show. I must admit its turned out far better than I hoped it would.
  4. Hi all, sooo close Shaping the planks to fit the ever narrowing spaces (scharf joints I think their called ) is a very slow job (and each one is a different shape) but it is surprisingly satisfying when they finally fit.
  5. More done to this one, it's a nice little kit and goes together well.
  6. First 2 wings complete and a mockup of them on the plane (this thing will be huge)
  7. Rigging of these ships is quite a complex thing. Airfix do simplified rigging instructions on most of their model ship kits I would suggest downloading some of those. Rigging of this ship would really add to it no end, you would be amazed at the transformation (it would be easier than doing the sails and it would have more impact imho) just start with the standing rigging and work out from there.
  8. Great pictures of a great model.
  9. Planking nearly done now Hope things carry on the way they are.
  10. Got some work done on the middle wing
  11. Well got the upper wing structure done (shes going to be a fair size)
  12. Well got the upper wing structure done (shes going to be a fair size)
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