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  1. Italari American wrecker truck

    Thanks for the nice comments all.
  2. Italari American wrecker truck

    Hi all here's another update, loads more to do in the interior. I tried to get the steam from the hot cup of coffee on the windscreen (not particularly sucessfull but I tried) I feel I need to add a lot more rubbish in the cab I also need to dirty up the side windows as well, I'm getting there slowly.
  3. Italari American wrecker truck

    Hi all finished the engine (Still got the ancillary devices and what not to add)did some more weathering on the chassis.
  4. Heller 359 wrecker

    Rapid progress Jim looking good.
  5. Italari American wrecker truck

    Hi all did some more work on the chassis and differentials
  6. GMC 9500 Rollback Equipment Hauler

    Great modelling skills, looking good.
  7. Heller 359 wrecker

    Looking good so far.
  8. Italari American wrecker truck

    Hi all well I've corrected the instructions callout and stared weathering the engine, added another colour to the rear boxes still lots of chipping and washes to ad yet.
  9. Italari American wrecker truck

    Hi all well I've redone the bodywork so no rust but staining and sun bleaching (Still more to do but that will have to wait till I've made and added my decals) Done some to the chassis (boy are they complicated) and started on the engine.
  10. One More Class 325 on the bench

    Impressive modelling skills there. An amazing finished model.
  11. Italari American wrecker truck

    Thanks for the info, I've also been informed the cab is aluminium so back to the drawing board on the weathering.
  12. Hey I know I said I was going to do some of my stalled builds but this has been calling me since I bought it, probably as I've not built a truck before (you get a lot of plastic for your money) I know a lot of people don't like it but I'm doing it as an old and tired truck, in the past I've got a lot of flack for doing this type of stuff, well it's my model and I like doing old. (I've ordered some inkjet decal paper so hopefully I can make my own decals) I may get another truck or bus for it to be towing. Made a start on weathering it.
  13. Heller Citroen DS 19 car transporter

    Hi all well I finally got some bench time, got the rear wheels on, just got to invent some suspension.
  14. Mad Max Gigahorse

    Outstanding work, truly outstanding.
  15. DeAgostini or Pocher

    Ive watched loads of the older pocher kits being built the,original pocher kits were well detailed but not very accurate and the fit was awful. I'm on the modelspace forum (actually won member of the year one year) I'm sure you made a good decision didn't want to mention it before as I didn't want to seem like I was trying to influence your decision.