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  1. More details added to the 240Z
  2. More done to the 240Z want to add more detail to the bulkhead but the way they have moulded it (half of the bulkhead is on the body) I will have to wait till I add the body.
  3. I think it's the vinyl flared arches and send altered front end as well.
  4. It's hycote double acrylic (don't believe the advert it doesn't go twice as far I need another can to finish this) I used to like hycote they are just ripping people off now half the amount for the same money.
  5. Bit more done to her and some colour.
  6. Metallic blue with possibly candy red
  7. Hi all here is my new project.
  8. Well she is finished. And she is very robust (let my grandson have a go) he's 2 got a lot of crashing and rough handling but there is not a mark on it.
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