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  1. Hi all going through my stash I've discovered I have these two kits of the same subject so I thought I would build them both at the same time so we can all see the differences between them. First thing you can see is the colours are different on both of them. I have no idea which is right (if either) but I don't really care I will paint them both as per instructions. The dark brown is the revell kit The whiter coloured sails are the revell ones. At first glance the revell kit is the better detailed of them.
  2. Can't remember the authors name but the first horror book I read was called Croc. I read it cover to cover in a single reading, I literally couldn't put it down, definitely well worth a read. As has been said stephen king is the king of horror books, he also writes under the name of Bachmann. Also checkout Dean Koontz (especially his frankenstine series of books)
  3. It was a cheapie from China it was a short dabble month or so, I still use it but just for spraying models.
  4. Thanks guys, yes I did dable for a bit but was never really happy with the results.
  5. Finished Megan and did a bit more scetching.
  6. I'm working on something atm so, soon there will be more, but in colour this time.
  7. Hi all just got all the new art stuff and had a little play with it. Thats the grandchildren by the way.
  8. More done to this and a question would the primed bit be going too far also is it better with the end bit or not.
  9. I did a check and it works out a lot more expensive to buy the RC stuff separately (also I wouldn't be sure if the components I bought were compatible together)I did see there are bundle packs for the kits so maybe you could go that way.
  10. Hi all I know very little about rc cars (built several ships) I've convinced my missus to get it for me for my 65th birthday jadlam do a bundle which includes everything to get it running for 196 quid, are there any problems with the kit, will it be too fast for a complete newbie, how easy are cars to control (ships, or the type I've built tend to be slow and so very easy to control) how robust are they (ships tend to be quite fragile)
  11. When do you plan on starting it, I'm eager to see it.
  12. With lessons learned on the fire engine I decided to revisit this.
  13. Well its done, bit disappointed with its operation but I'm sure my grandson will love it. https://youtu.be/SvG7vxUWCxM
  14. Nearing completion now, I may repaint the metal parts to look, well more like metal.
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