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  1. Hi Jim I will be using a wash with acrylic paint which I will apply with a brush and then use the ab to blow it around
  2. OK so back off hols. Added some decals and getting ready for the weathering.
  3. Added the missing CDI units wires. Added the low tension leads (I know they're not to scale but it's all I've got) Added the body, getting there.
  4. Hi all did the drive shafts, I think they look good, but what a pita they were Got the suspension done. And added some decals.
  5. OK so masked the boot (that was confusing to say the least) Did the safety cage. A trial of the body
  6. Did some work on the front end and installed the engine.
  7. Added a few decals And a try of the body I'm really enjoying this kit, I quite like the look of this car.
  8. Hi all I've added some of the missing details to the fire suppression system. And added a few other missing details.
  9. Hi all added the crossover pipes for the calipers And added the bleed nipples And did some work on the suspension Just need to talk to the blokes at work for the routing of the brake pipes.
  10. Added some of the missing pipework, did the first bit of masking, started weathering the underneath and started on the brakes. And a trial fit of the rear end.
  11. Hi all well I'm back from Scotland so did some work on this today, this is as much detail as the kit supplies I've done a trial fit in the body to see how it looks, I've got more pipework and wiring to add yet.
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