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  1. More details added to the 240Z
  2. More done to the 240Z want to add more detail to the bulkhead but the way they have moulded it (half of the bulkhead is on the body) I will have to wait till I add the body.
  3. I think it's the vinyl flared arches and send altered front end as well.
  4. It's hycote double acrylic (don't believe the advert it doesn't go twice as far I need another can to finish this) I used to like hycote they are just ripping people off now half the amount for the same money.
  5. Bit more done to her and some colour.
  6. Metallic blue with possibly candy red
  7. Hi all here is my new project.
  8. Well she is finished. And she is very robust (let my grandson have a go) he's 2 got a lot of crashing and rough handling but there is not a mark on it.
  9. Hi all got this for my birthday ( not built an rc car since I was in my early 20s, over 40 yrs ago) Things have changed a lot (detail wise I don't think for the better)
  10. kpnuts

    Porsche 956

    Hi all bit more done to this.
  11. OK so far the Revell kit is far and away the better fitting kit, the Airfix kit is lucky it's not taken an unscheduled flight across the room. Airfix kit. Revell kit. So far Revell is wining.
  12. kpnuts

    Porsche 956

    Hi all not a model but a wip just the same, hope you're interested.
  13. Hi all going through my stash I've discovered I have these two kits of the same subject so I thought I would build them both at the same time so we can all see the differences between them. First thing you can see is the colours are different on both of them. I have no idea which is right (if either) but I don't really care I will paint them both as per instructions. The dark brown is the revell kit The whiter coloured sails are the revell ones. At first glance the revell kit is the better detailed of them.
  14. Can't remember the authors name but the first horror book I read was called Croc. I read it cover to cover in a single reading, I literally couldn't put it down, definitely well worth a read. As has been said stephen king is the king of horror books, he also writes under the name of Bachmann. Also checkout Dean Koontz (especially his frankenstine series of books)
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