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  1. Dun da da da,da its finished
    I will post better pics tomorrow but here she is.
    I few suggestions for anyone building this, don't glue the trumpets on the angels on the stern till the kit is finished( cant count the number of times I've knocked them off). do not glue the side railings on till the end they were constantly getting in the way making it difficult on numerous occasions, and most annoyingly including the rigging stage, I know you tie some of the rigging off onto it but you could always tie off to the framework some where temporarily.
    other than that it is a great kit and all goes together well.









    I would like to thank everyone for keeping me motivated on this kit, as without you I would have given up at the first hurdle.

  2. Hi all I've been racking my brains trying to think of a way to do the tassels round the canopy, I cant find any which match the cord I've done the flags on the mast with, so,came up with this.
    take a piece of double sided tape and stick it to a piece of paper

    tack that each end to a lollipop stick

    wind the gold thread round the lollipop stick

    Cut along the edge

    then glue in place


  3. Hi all, well I'm deffnitley on the last leg with this one 

    this is half way there with the oars


    just these left to do


    every single oar has this huge mould seam on it, so thats just 32 to sort out


    and here they all are with the seams removed and the white paint applied.


    I really feel this is nearing the end now, once I add the oars it will be huge, no idea what I will do with it when done, I had my warspite dio in the local library, but now thats back due to the library re-utilising the areas and no longer having room for it (a polite way of saying no one was interested in it) so now I've got that back too. argh I have no room.

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