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  1. Well I am totally peed off this was advertised as new and unstarted. Someone has gone ahead on the instructions and started the frame, only they've glued it all wrong (and used plenty of it) I've tried getting it apart but it's like it's welded together, and even if I get it apart I'm not sure I can reposition it where it should be, so this is another one that's on hold, funny its another Heller kit.

  2. Well I decided to have a go at making the missing parts and after 2 hrs and on my third attempt, this is what I have
    I'm quite pleased with it, its a bit crude but when its installed I dont think it will notice too much.
    I know one thing I will never buy another heller kit. its not the kits (the kwak apart) they are great kits I've loved the La Reale, its their complete ignorance I've sent 2 emails just asking would they let me know even if they are going to send the parts, not one single reply to 8 emails, now I call that down right rude. I intend to send one more email informing them that they are not the only kit manufacturer out there and if they treat all their customers the way they have treated me I wont be the only customer they loose.(since they obviously ignore emails it probably wont do any good but it will make me feel better) You don't buy model kit and expect to have to make the parts yourself. Rant over so only 15 more of these babys to make
  3. Well I'm not sure what's going to happen with the La Reale I've contacted heller several times but no reply, the 32 oars I do have couldn't go all on one side said some are different so I can't put them all on one side and display it that way. Not sure I can be bothered with displaying it in dry dock being refitted (lot of work involved and I will always know she's not complete) too big to keep hanging round, maybe time to bite the bullet and stick her in the spares drawer. All I know is she's taking up valuable room, not sure the missus will let me scrap her but, I am rapidly losing interest in her.

  4. Hi all well the missus keeps saying now the weathers milder I should start using my man cave. Trouble is over the winter I'm ashamed to say it has been a dumping ground, and, though I've had all good intentions, to be honest I've not started as I've no idea where to start.
    Well as a famous person once said a journey of 1000 starts with a single foot step, well after 2 hours of hard graft.
  5. Well after retrieving the bike from its unscheduled flight across the room (it must be fairly aerodynamic as no breakages just some unguleing) and searching, took me nearly half an hour to find the back of the rear caliper, and almost as long to get it back on, since it's all installed on the rear wheel. I've decided to cut the top length of the chain off as it was so warped I couldn't get the chain guard on, and with the guard in place no one will see the chain anyway. I'm having a bit of a chill out now, before I battle with this kit again. I am determined to win though, I will take no injured in this battle its win or die.

  6. Hi junkman its a technique kindly shown to me by DeeCee over on jerrys cherry's. First you spray your base colour and allow it to dry then you get a length of cling film and scrunch it up, spray your next colour then before its dry you dab it with the cling film rotating the cling film all the time, till you get an effect you like then allow it to dry varnish it with a couple of coats flat back to level it out then varnish again, you can add more colours as I did or frame it with another colour as I did with the black.

    As you can see it's a very easy idea, I will be using it a lot.

  7. Hi all when I had mine I totally rebuilt it and whilst i was at it i stripped all the paint off the engine casings polished it and engraved it, so I thought I would do the same with this kit. being 1/8 of the original size it obviously wont be as elaborate but will give the general idea.
    roughly pened on
    this is the tool of choice
    oops didnt work too well
    I think my next attempt will be heated scribe .
  8. Hi all I've finished this to be honest it was going to be a lot goryer but everone seemed to think it was in bad taste ( it was only meant to be a bit of fun) I can only appologise to anyone who was offended by it, but it is finished now and headed straight for the spares drawer.
  9. Hi all here is another update on this pig of a kit, it really is no where near the quality of the La Reale the chain is so warped I'm not even going to try to correct it the axles are not going to allow the wheels to rotate and even if they did it wouldnt last long, Why cant kit manufacturers get together and combine all the good thing they all do, then we would end up with fantastic kits.
    I really hope the CB 750 K1 is not the same as this.
    I decided gold might go quite well with this colour scheme
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