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  1. Hi all the flags on the main mast and the fore mast all have tassles on them, the instructions tell you to wind the gold thread round a rod or tube tie them then cut at the furthest point for the tie. well this is my best attempt out of ten
    so, after hours of slaving at making a specialist tool for the job I came up with this.
    yes I know it looks futuristic and exotic, and I know everyone will want one (especially at the special introductory offer of £50.00) I am expecting huge order numbers so please be patient, anyway here's how it works
    a vast improvement on this
    I think you will agree.
    I will be taking orders for my new tool which I will be calling the Prongy (catchy name dont you agree) I can see lots of other useful ideas for it too hair combing, lock picking, raking the grass just to mention a few So get in first to avoid the rush.
  2. Hi all you may think I've given up on this but I assure you I've not, I've spent all week on the rigging (not enough to bother posting but enough to drive me insane (I don't remember all the Airfix tall ships I built giving me so much trouble), must be the destructions, hopefully some pics tomorrow. I've done some work on the Royal Sovereign and finished the Honda vfr 750 f but, by the time I've done it, it's too late to post.

  3. Hi all well back off hols and made a tentative start on this one
    The kit comes with stubby half cannons for the lower decks( I may live to regret this but Ive decided to open up the gun ports and make some whole guns to put behind them, since they are below decks and you wont see much of them they wont need to be too detailed or accurate, and I am only doing one side as they would never do a broadside on both sides, I mean what admiral in his right mind would choose to take the risk of a broadside on both sides at the same time) also it means I've only got to make 30 guns and carriages. I also have to make part decks for one side.
  4. Hi all well back from Egypt got in at 2 this morning and back at work.

    Holiday was great hotel brill staff brill, had a swim up bar we ordered our drinks went back to the sun beds and every time our drinks were empty they were refilled, didn't even have to order them they remembered our order, now you may think that's a problem, I mean what if we wanted a different drink, I said once could I have whiskey and lemonade instead of beer and next time he bought both and said which did I want (ahh that's the life)

    We went to one of their evening entertainment and ordered drinks (there were hundreds there) a couple of days later we went to another one but there were no seats so we sat on a wall at the back, we didn't order drinks but the waiter bought over the exact same drinks we had two days earlier( I don't know how they remember) going back next year for sure temps were in the mid to hi 30s the whole time.

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