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  1. OK so this is a strange one.

    Not my normal genre.

    We bought the game stuffed fables for our granddaughter(it was on her list provided by her parents) we know nothing about the game but Becky (our daughter in law) said all the characters in the game are just grey plastic "there are 6 of them" she said but she had seen somewhere someone had painted them to look like the characters  and they looked so much better.

    She said with my modelling background could I paint them (I did think to say I've never done figures but then thought, it's only six and it's just a game they will be really simple )

    Well as you can see it's not 6


    And they are no simple they are very detailed, so no pressure only have to do them by Xmas. 

    I love Megan (my granddaughter) so will do my absolute best but this is totally new waters to me.

  2. Added some more decals, this is a combo of indycal decals and the kit ones (the indycal decals DO NOT FIT THIS KIT regardless of what you read elsewhere ) some of them do but you couldn't use them for the whole kit( I'm not sighting indycals they were designed for the tamiya kit not this one) also the indycal are matt so need a gloss coat over them the kit ones are gloss. In there defence indycal decals go on well and settle well but I think if your spending half the cost of the kit for them in the future I will go with the kit ones and resort to them as a last resort as even then they may not get you out of trouble as they only seem to cater for tamiya kits.


  3. Bit more done to this started adding a bit of detail to the engine (I don't know much about these engines and can't find many useful pics of throttle linkages and such)



    Those air filters are just placed there.

    This is the main colour I've gone for.


  4. Hi all i won this on ebay, its an ex MPC kit first thing the instructions are next to useless , on the first page it tells you the colours for airfix paints but there is not one point in the instructions where that colour call out is used ( as you all know I had no intention of building this as should be anyway) but if you wanted to, well, , hard cheese, 

    So heres the box art 


    I'm thinking of a fade paint job either blue to white or blue to red not decided yet.

    Anyway a start on the engine, it's not a bad kit detail wise.



    Either this must be huge or the Ferrari 312t must be tiny as this is 1/16 whereas the Ferrari is 1/12 


  5. Well something wrong with the geometry here.


    After a lot of head scratching (and I mean a lot) it suddenly dawned on me, dah, I had the hubs transposed.



    One of the many reasons I love my job (99%of our work is Porsche) but we do get other rare stuff through like a 1955 Ferrari monza 750 engine (the car was destroyed)

    It's taken 4 years to get the parts together and repair the gearbox (which was destroyed, was actually the cause of the crash)Well now we have all the parts and are rebuilding it in my workplace I'm a no one my title is Caretaker \ workshop assistant (I'm never made to feel like that)like many of us I've stripped and rebuilt many engines but have no qualifications and most of my experience is in motorcycles (I've customised many in my life)

    I've never worked anywhere where please and thank you are so often heard, I was given these parts to clean from the 750 engine, I feel so privileged to be working on such iconic engines and cars.


    You will notice (which surprises me) it uses a multiple wet plate clutch(I thought they only used them in motorcycle)

  6. So I spent ages working to keep the very fragile steering on this working only to find all that effort was a total waste of time, after adding the brake cooling ducts and passing the tie rod ends through them the movement in the steering is negligible (yes I could take them (the cooling ducts that is) and file the holes out bigger but the steering won't last long anyway) I've decided it's not worth the effort.




  7. Hi all a friend of mine (who has gone on to be a millionaire and incredibly successful, let's face it he could sell freezers to Eskimos) (I mention that only to point out he knows what he's talking about when it comes to promoting stuff)

    He asked me what I did with my models and I said they go in the shed in the garden and then get used for parts in new builds or in the bin. I said a while ago I gave a load away for spares or repair (the bloke who had them came from a long way away) he said have you thought of auctioning them for Charity and I said no, no one would want them, I put 2 1/6 bikes on ebay and they went for £4.70 for the 2vof them. I told him I would rather have set fire to them if I thought that's all they were worth.

    He said if I had said the proceeds were to go to charity the result would have been very different, so to cut a long story short do you agree. Is it worth putting my models up for auction (the only one I have available atm is the 1/12 Airfix Bentley boat tail, which is covered in spray dust but could be cleaned off fairly easily)

    What do you think.

  8. Ok so after closer inspection of the body I've found loads of sink marks and some weird (I've not seen before) wavey marks in the top body panel (it almost looks like the plastic hadn't set when it was taken out of the mold and has run like wet paint) anyway after 3 hrs of sanding I have a reasonable paint job (needs a bit of flatting here and there but a good starting point)



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