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  1. The drawings you're looking for, and the actual chassis for the car as it was being built are all available to see on Dan Woods' Instagram page here: Dan Woods
  2. Looking for some possible alternate sources for the Cyclone II's in 6-lug. I know they were made in 1/24 for Monogram's Chevy LUV (the ivory colored plastic with the shell on the back). I was hoping someone knew of a kit that had any that looked as good in 1/25. I'm planning to use the MPC Datsun 620 re-release to replicate my current 1:1 project:
  3. 1925 dodge - Body mods begin

    That's definitely taking on a shape closer to the real deal. Great work!
  4. Your favourite Box art

    Lindberg 4 Banger dragster. Just saw the real one a couple of weeks ago at the NHRA museum (it's red).
  5. Show us what YOU'Ve done with the different '40 Ford kits

    Chop and Channel on the Lindberg 1/32 in progress:
  6. Show us what YOU'Ve done with the different '40 Ford kits

    Revell '40 Convertible with a DuVall conversion for a roadster vibe.
  7. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    Just ordered the Revell '50 F1 kit today. Looks like my kit is going to be a donor for a Ford version of the Dream Truck.
  8. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    I've always been partial to the '41 front end over the '46-'48 in general, but the way the rear fenders wrap around and resolve themselves against the trunk lid on the coupes and convertibles is one of my favorite rear ends in all of car-dom. I think that the engine/chassis parts for the custom options are mild enough that they can be incorporated under an otherwise stock build without looking out of place, yet adding a touch of attitude.
  9. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    Now I'm wondering if the Olds grille could be flipped, trimmed a little, and fill the Ford's grille cavity...
  10. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    I'm wondering how much I'd need to mod those fadeaways to apply them to a '50 Ford F1 cab, maybe after channeling it down, and removing/shaving the running boards?
  11. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    Rounded door corners and taking some crown out of the rear of the roof surely didn't hurt any. That photo illustrates exactly how good a chop can look on a '46-'48 coupe, even the more radical ones.
  12. Can you fuse two cars together?

    Sometimes, you just stick two different Alfas together for kicks.
  13. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    Again - not a complaint. Just trolling the shallows for ideas to make it better for me.
  14. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    I didn't see anybody post that the kit sucked on anything that it isn't supposed to, I just started the thread after searching in vain for posts/articles detailing how it could be improved. Looking at that kit, it just appears poorly proportioned to me. It's as if somebody gave an engineer the instruction to, "Take three scale inches out of the top," and he did that, just connecting stuff back together in a 3D wireframe view as best he could after removing the height. A top chop on a car like this is an art, and this one doesn't look like it was performed by an artist. Now I probably have a more selective eye than most, but the truth of the matter is that to me, this kit isn't worth building unless I can "fix" the chop to flow well with the lines of the rest of the car. I'm sure that it CAN be altered to please my tastes, but I also have a bunch of other projects, and a limited amount of time on this Earth to complete them. What I'm looking for are the best options to modify the less attractive aspects of that roofline with the least amount of time/effort invested. I have a 1:12 scale fuel altered with a scratchbuilt brass frame to finish if I just want to sink more hours into a project.
  15. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    I feel like the roof shape/modifications in the kit as manufactured lend themselves to more of a 21st century build, and less of the traditional custom look/shape to which the rest of the kit points. I wouldn't call it "wrong" exactly - it's a fictitious custom, so it could be anything - but it just doesn't look "right" to my eye. Lowered over big billet wheels, independent suspension and a modern powertrain, this body might look just dandy. What's in the kit are all '40s-'50s era parts, and so the inconsistency grates on me.