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  1. Holy Smokes!

    Could be fun to try to replicate Chip Foose's marker art technique on the paintjob applied to one of the Foose kits.
  2. Holy Smokes!

    I'd like to give it a try. Tank Girl style subject, maybe?
  3. Hot Rod, inspired by a very old book!

    Not only that. but having a model roll off of the table/shelf can really take the wind out of your sails.
  4. Monogram BADMAN

    Hey! There's my pickup rendition! Also built a resin conversion based on some Dave Marek artwork.
  5. Dominator post-war/MadMax racer

    Well, it was just the instructions from the ProModeler P-40 kit - wanted something to cover the mess behind the cutting board I was using as a base. EDIT: If I had been thinking of it, I would have used one of my volumes of Masters of Chickenscratch, which includes the John A. Frye illustration that inspired my build.
  6. Hot Rod Lincoln, the salvage job

    I like it. The taillights have just enough "funk" for the period.
  7. Dominator post-war/MadMax racer

    After a year of trying this and that, I finished this crazy kitbash project. Based around the Monogram 1/48 scale P=40 Warhawk, AMT Model T frame, suspension parts from Airfix's 1/32 Omnibus, and a mish-mash of other bits I either grabbed from the parts pile, or built myself. Drive system drops from behind the prop spinner to a shaft running under the engine to the rear axle. After these photos were taken, I added hexnuts to cap the front hubs. Figure is a 1/43 '50s sports car driver in resin.
  8. Hot Rod, inspired by a very old book!

    Those make a really good looking wheel/tire combo. I'm on the hunt for something similar - but a smidge larger - for a 1/24 scale project.
  9. Hot Rod, inspired by a very old book!

    That has the appropriate "ten pounds in a five-pound sack" look that a rod like this needs.
  10. Chopped 58 T Bird Sedan Delivery

    I like it. Monogram kit?
  11. Stock 34 Ford kits

    Saw a few of the stock '34 Cabriolet kits when I was a NNL West, but i think they were likely '70s -era releases. The AMT kit, as poorly-proportioned as it may be, has stock bits in it, but I don't know of any kit that sports the Model B/40 'banger. As you said, conversion of the Model A engine shouldn't be too big a deal, and the stock Model A or '32 front axle will get you pretty close to a model 40 front end.
  12. Looking to see if anyone casts/prints/machines a Veda Spec knockoff-style hubcap or similar. Seems as if i once saw these in white metal?
  13. Lindberg 1929 T Rod Background Info

    At different times, these were released under several different names. My favorite name for the mid-engined T was, "Drag Queen". Pretty sure the '34-ish "Dust Buster" is a street/drag car, and not a track (roundy-round) roadster. Headlights, OHV engine and supercharger are dead giveaways. The original subject "29 T" has an obvious cylindrical T-tank on the rear crossmember in the box art. Is it not in the actual kit, or what are you getting at with the whole cowl tank thing? There isn't room for a cowl tank in a T body.
  14. Lindberg 1929 T Rod Background Info

    Looks like it was based on the "tall cowl" '23-'25 T body to me, though the box art has a flatter body line around the rear edge, where a T kicks up around the rear seat bolster a bit. Also, that's definitely the style of a later T radiator.
  15. Pro Touring chassis donor?

    We'll see which way I go. Going to try to take track width, etc into account, but if it comes down to it, I am sure that I can bash something together. Nice thing about stealing from a NASCAR kit is it'll have Chevy truck-style rear suspension, anyway.