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  1. Goose1957 added a post in a topic Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?   

    MPC Street Fever Corvette. Had about a billion pieces to put together (at least thats the way it looked as a kid). The suspension parts, the multi piece side pipes, uuuggghhh! What's a 12 year old to do? Most of it is still in my parts box, the body was turned into a curbside sand dune buggy with knobby tires, other parts went into other projects. Hafta pick one up off of ebay sometime and try again. 
  2. Goose1957 added a post in a topic 39 DODGE ,shop truck done ! no sneak peaks at the motor though ,   

    Hey! That looks like the back of my speed shop delivery station wagon. Lol. Very nice job Blair, hope you bring it along go mid atlantic NNL this sat.
  3. Goose1957 added a post in a topic The Passing of the Father of the 426 HEMI .. RIP Tom Hoover   

    I met the man one time in a shop that was selling model trains on ebay. My one friend who is into model railroading also, knew of this shop in Hunnington PA where we could get some deals on trains. He knew I was also into cars and told me about this guy who worked there part time, how he worked for Chrysler back in the 60's and worked on the hemi engine program. Skeptical, I asked him his name and he said Tom Hoover. I said "ya right", and he said he didn't know, but that's what one of the other guys who worked their said. The following week I went along to the shop, and sure enough, it was the father of the 426. Well, he was one of the nicest gentlemen to talk to and answered all my questions. I even got him to sign one of the 1/8 scale diecast 426 hemi engines I had brought along in case the rumor was true. I'll always remember that day meeting one of the legends of Detroit in such an out of place location. May you rest in peace Tom Hoover.
  4. Goose1957 added a post in a topic What is the one (1) station wagon you'd like to see kitted?   

    Wagon Queen Family Truckster!
    Jeff "Goose" Herrman
  5. Goose1957 added a post in a topic So we finally get a Starsky and Hutch Torino, How about series of TV kits ?   

    Thanks for the correction. I was going off memory a couldn't remember which car was which. Maybe even Neuman's mail van with JFK's beat up golf clubs in it.
  6. Goose1957 added a post in a topic So we finally get a Starsky and Hutch Torino, How about series of TV kits ?   

    +10 on this! Dean Winchester's 1967 Impala from Supernatural would be killer. Just make sure it's 4 door, has the correct wheels, and a false trunk full of weapons!
    Also, I'd like to see Jon Voight's LeBaron from Seinfelt, complete with teeth marks. Or maybe Krammer's Caprice with the... ahem..."buttman" license plate on it. Lol.
    See ya at the finish line,
  7. Goose1957 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hi from PA
    I've been a lurker of this great website for a couple of months now, I guess it's time I introduce myself. My main interest is drag cars of all ages and types. I also love slotcar drag racing, an added bonus of making a static model move. I belong to Central Pennsylvania Model Car Club for several years and can't find a better bunch of modelers. Hope to post some pics soon. Thanks
    See ya at the finish line,
    Jeff "Goose" Herrman
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