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  1. Some talk on car movies.

    Season 6 episode 8, hey that's John Milner's coupe from American Graffiti! Cool to see it used again. And yea, as a kid I LOVED the show Emergency. Jeff
  2. That is so sweet looking. You gave me an idea to use on my real Scout too, lol. Great work as always, I love seeing your Scout projects. Fantastic weathering too. Keep em coming, always more Scouts needed. Jeff
  3. You could always build this. I saw it at the PA Jeeps show in York, PA last year. Jeff
  4. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Maybe they were the stunt doubles. The article below says they use 7 cars for filming, and not all are bad. I know the article is a couple of years old, but still a good read. I hope this link works, I'm amish when it comes to computers, lol. Jeff https://driving.ca/chevrolet/impala/auto-news/news/supernatural-impala-is-a-big-block-powered-demon-hunter
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    I hope it's a true 4 door '67 Impala, and not a reboxed 2 door or other current kit like they did to some of the other movie kits of the past (the American Graffiti kits come to mind). I'm a HUGE fan of Supernatural and have several of the 2 door kits I was going to try and hack into "baby". I also have the Green Light diecast and it isn't quite right either. Please make it a true to the tv series Impala and I'll buy multiple kits. And an opening trunk with a secret compartment would be really nice too, lol. Jeff
  6. That came out very nice, now I'm not sure how I want to go with my Honcho kit. Really like the wheels and tires. Nice build. Jeff
  7. MPC Jeeps?

    Great review, now I have to buy 3 of these, one to shelve and 2 to build. Jeff
  8. I talked to RMR at the NNL east show and he said he needed to get back to casting, he had so many other projects he was working on. Apparently, I got the last Gladiator grill he had in stock 😁 lol. Jeff
  9. For the Jeep / RVer in all of us.

    I used to see these advertised in Old Car Trader magazine for sale. A company made the conversions. They used an Oldsmobile Toronado ( Cadillac or similar) powerplant and trans for the front wheel drive. The rear wheels were just bogey wheels to carry the car load. Jeff
  10. Awesome! I'll buy one just for the cool box art. And probably another to build someday. Jeff
  11. Looks good so far. I'm still working on mine so I can't wait to see where you go with this. Maybe give me some inspiration too. Can't decide if I want to use the Gladiator front end on my build, or save it for a future build. Nice lettering on the tires. Jeff
  12. No problem, sorry, wasn't sure if you knew about the repop. Cant wait to see where you go with this, thanks. Jeff
  13. You're in luck. Revell reissued this kit about a year ago and is easy to find. My local Hobby Lobby has them on the shelf. If you want to replicate the Jeep Truck in your photos, the front grill and headlight panel is made in resin from RMR to back date the kit to look like the old Jeep Gladiator. I just picked one up from them at the NNL East show last Saturday. Good luck, I'll be following this project with interest. Jeff
  14. 2019 NNL East Event Coverage Here!

    Great pics on your album Tim. You got some I missed somehow even after 5 trips around the hall. Great show and some of the best of the best modeling on display. I felt very humbled. It's so cool to see some of the beautiful models on this forum in person. They look even better live and in person. Sorry I couldn't put a face with a user name on here though. Jeff
  15. Something New At Hobby Lobby

    I saw that at Hobby Lobby too. What was unusual was that it wasn't shrink wrapped, but taped on the ends. Looked old school. Now I need one too, lol. Jeff