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  1. Very nice build. The wheels and tires look great. I never knew this kit existed either. I saw the real Quicksand concept at the York Pa Jeep show in 2017. Definitely need to get one now. Jeff
  2. I came back to this thread hopeful that there was some good news on the horizon. I sent off 2 emails to Chris, but have not heard anything back in week. I hope he is doing OK. As mentioned, I wish he would give us an update somehow. I can't wait for the Scout parts I've ordered. Jeff
  3. Very nicely done. Reminds me of Randy Moore's car from the early days of pro mod. Jeff
  4. Cool "truck", but I bet it was a beast to drive. Can't imagine turning those front tires without power steering. And it must have been geared really low. Not a lot of horsepower in those model A's. Still would be a neat project. Jeff
  5. Thank you Tim. I've never scaled out the part sizes in the Pro Mod kits (or the related Pro Stock kits from the same era). But I have a theory on the ride height. Originally, Pro Mod cars used about the same rear tire as Pro Stock. These tires are slightly smaller in diameter that Top Fuel tires. Revell had the Top Fuel tires in their moldings already, and rather than make new tires for the new kits, just use whats available. Hence, the raised rear ends. The fronts I guess is just a scaling issue. I don't know, just my educated guess, could be way off. Thanks. Jeff
  6. Wow, I'm old!😲 I started watching MASH about 1980 or so. I was only 9 then, but my older brother LOVED the show. So much so that in Boy Scouts, we created the MASH patrol. While other kids were in the wolf, or roadrunner, or some other patrol, we actually called ourselves the MASH patrol. We even had MASH patches that my dad bought for all of us, sewn onto the sholders of our uniforms where the patrol patch was supposed to go. I still to this day get teary eyed watching the final episode. I'll always remember MASH. Jeff
  7. Kind of a loaded question and depends on your favorite era of racing. In my youth, I loved the emerging Pro Modified class from Top Sportsman. When Revell introduced their Top Sportsman (later Pro Mod) kits, I was in heaven. I bought and built them all. Very well made and detailed kits for the day. My biggest complaint was their ride height. They look like they're going fourwheeling. As I got older, I appreciated the early days of drag racing. I guess my dad's tales of racing at York US 30 back in the early 60's helped fuel this appreciation. He told me that one day, as he was next in line in the staging lanes to race, the crew held him back so that none other than Big Daddy Don Garlits could make an exhibition pass. Can you imagine being just behind the starting line as Big Daddy laid one down in front of you?! I think I'd be too embarrassed to be the next car off the line in my daily driver, lol. I think he told me that was in '62. Anyways, as I appreciate the older stuff now, I really like the Monogram slingster kits reissued several years ago. So many combinations can be made and the molding is clean and crisp. I also love the fuel altereds from MPC, now Round2. I believe the blown hemi in the Bantam Blast kit is one of the best early fuel hemis out there. I built about a dozen of the Bantam Blast and Winged Express kits as slot cars back when I was slot car drag racing about every Sat. night. We had a class for AA/FA and it was a hoot. Brought out the creativity in the racers to see what they could build for the class. Great fun. Here's one of my AA/FA slot cars. Jeff
  8. I have an order in with them also. After a month, I emailed them with an inquiry about the status of my order. I received a reply from Chris Olson saying they had a family matter that I will not disclose, but I can understand the delay. I hope they can soon fill orders again, I can't wait to finish my project. Jeff
  9. Phffff.....that's nuthin. My collection. (Ok, not quite, lol). But I think I do have about half of the Round2 reissued Scout models stashed at different places. Seems like I can't walk past one for sale. Nice collections. Jeff
  10. Back when I used to race my '57 for fun, a group of us went to South Mountain raceway in Boiling Springs PA, a local 1/8th mile track. The fastest vehicle there that day was a snowmobile. 140 mph in the 1/8th mile! It was faster than the super comp rails and almost pro mod style cars. Unbelievable. Jeff
  11. Great looking Toyota. I didn't know that version was made either. Really like the topper. Wish they would have included that with the latest reissue. Good job. Jeff
  12. Very nicely done. It looks like it came from the factory as a production vehicle. Your modeling skills are superb. Jeff
  13. Great looking Jeep. The top fits really good. Mine are all warped, guess that's why I never finished mine, lol. I really like the wheel/tire combo. Overall, looks "just right" for a trail rig. Jeff
  14. Nice looking Bronco. The weathering looks great. Nice touch on the windshield. I can't wait for the re-pops to arrive. I want to build several of them. Jeff
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