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  1. Very nicely done. It looks like it came from the factory as a production vehicle. Your modeling skills are superb. Jeff
  2. Great looking Jeep. The top fits really good. Mine are all warped, guess that's why I never finished mine, lol. I really like the wheel/tire combo. Overall, looks "just right" for a trail rig. Jeff
  3. Nice looking Bronco. The weathering looks great. Nice touch on the windshield. I can't wait for the re-pops to arrive. I want to build several of them. Jeff
  4. I took a little break from model cars and this is my first build coming back. A Revell kit built mostly stock except for a small suspension lift. I wanted to do my usual underhood detailing, but the kit is pretty sparse in detail and the spark plugs are modeled into the engine block. I decided to use my model railroad background and use chalks to weather it. Thanks for looking. Jeff
  5. I always loved this photo. Shame to throw away a perfectly good crank, rods and pistons, lol. Jeff
  6. Very cool . I too, like tractor pulling and have built all of the pulling kits put out by AMT back in the day. Wish they would re-issue those kits besides the Meister Brau tractor kit. Great job on your tractor. Jeff
  7. Ok, I've tried to let this hot topic go. But something in the article got me thinking. It's said that Toyota is being criticized for not phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles and going all electric. My question is, where are people living in underdeveloped countries going to buy vehicles? Seriously, I don't see many charging stations being built in places that don't even have electricity. Think about Central and South American countries, or sub Saharan Africa where they have plenty of gas and diesel powered vehicles, but no RELIABLE electric service. There will be a need for ICE powered vehicles for a very long time and I think ANY auto manufacturer who is going all in on electric power is going to be in for a market share hit in the future. The market is still there. I'm not debating the whole ICE vs EV subject. I just think some people live in fantasy land. Jeff
  8. Beautiful, just beautiful! I totally forgot about your build. Thanks for sharing. Jeff
  9. I'm not going to get into the whole ev-ice debate. I just want to say...WOW! I may, in the future, be able to buy a new Scout?!?! 🤯 I'm in heaven! Little disappointed that VW is bringing it out, but what the heck, Jeeps are now Italian. 🤪 Jeff
  10. Just came across this thread and your work looks amazing. Just a couple of suggestions, how about an accurate engine for the AMT International Scout kit. I have a couple of pics I pulled off of the internet for reference. I'd have to pull out my Scout shop manual to see if it has the dimensions for it. Also, I've been trying to find hubcaps that would match the stock ones off of my real world Scout so I could model it. Here's a pic of my real hubcaps for reference. Thanks for any help for us IH fans. Jeff
  11. Great looking BUFF. I too built alot of airplane kits when I was a kid. I hung them all up from my bedroom ceiling with fishing line. I must have had at least 20, all 1/48 scale. My biggest was a Testors AC-130 gunship. Thing was huge! One day, I came home to find a pile of parts on the floor that used to be the AC-130. Apparently the fishing line gave way. Well, my mom got mad that I left the pile on the floor for a couple of days and threw it out. I'm still sore about that one even after 35 years, lol. I still have most of them in boxes on the attic. Hmmm, now I'm gonna hafta go digging around upstairs, for old times sake. Can't wait to see your other planes built. Jeff
  12. https://youtu.be/XECqZcIO1fU Hands down Iron Maiden Live After Death. The amount of energy they put out is amazing. Beautiful sets. Takes me back to my college days. Jeff
  13. I picked up a diecast 2021 Bronco from Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago. Haven't had it out of the box yet to check it's "kitbashability" yet. If they can do a diecast, they can make a styrene kit also. Jeff
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