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  1. Very nice rendition. My dad told me one time of seeing that car at York US 30 (he was a regular there with his daily driver 55 Chevy, then 61 Corvette back in the early 60's). He was most impressed when they fired it up and the downturned headers were literally blowing chunks of sod out of the ground as they drove it up to the runway for another pass. I have a partially finished slot car I bought off of a friend who was making this car, but never finished it. Guess I need to do it someday. Yours looks spot on. Great job. Jeff
  2. That turned out very nice. I'm currently building one and can't decide on what color to paint it. It's between light blue, sunflower yellow or silver, like yours. I've been leaning towards silver, as I've used the blue in other recent builds and am saving yellow for future projects. I really like the silver, just maybe a different shade with white accents. The tires on yours look just like the ones on my reissued kit, so I'm not sure what the original issue kit tires where. Your parts fit looks great, the reissue isn't that great either. I guess it's better than not having anything but memories. As long as they keep reissuing long forgotten kits, I'll keep buying them. Great job on your build, Jeff
  3. Cool project. I too have been a huge fan of Bigfoot (Bigfeet?) ever since it came out. I built a couple of the kits when I was a kid box stock. But I have always wanted to do something like you're doing and make a more realistic model. I'll be following along and can't wait to see your progress. Jeff
  4. Thanks for the great pics. Looks like a good gathering of IH. Wish I could have been there. Maybe some day when the kids are older. I probably would have spent too much money anyway. Jeff
  5. That's outstanding! Really love the paint and weathering on it. Very realistic. The PTO for the dump bed looks great, you don't see that modeled very much. Great job. Jeff
  6. Nice looking Jeep. That is a cool color for it. Jeff
  7. When I was younger, my dad and I were huge into trains, modeling and real ones. It was impressive to tour Norfolk Southern's (nee Pennsylvania Railroad's) Altoona locomotive shops and see the EMD and General Electric prime movers (engines) out of the locomotives and torn down to their basic components. Very basic, yet sophisticated at the same time. 4,000 and 5,000 horsepower out of each one. 16 to 20 cylinders per engine depending on the model. Cool to see the crews static test them back in the locomotives after they were rebuilt and before they were released for service also. LOUD! Good memories. Jeff
  8. Good looking Jeep. Nice detailing and weathering. That kit is another in my stash that I started and never finished. Maybe yours will be the spark I need to finish mine now. Keep up the good modeling. Jeff
  9. Goose1957


    I used to be into model railroading big time and belonged to the Miniature Railroad Club of York, PA. We created a junkyard scene on the layout and used tinfoil to make a scrap pile. We cubed it up and stacked it like 3 or 4 high and about 6 deep to create a pile ready to be loaded by magnet crane into rail gondolas for shipment to our steel mill. Wish I had some pics of it to share, it looked pretty cool. The scrapyard scene was removed years ago to make room for something else though. Jeff
  10. Great looking Chevy. Only thing it needs is a box of Partagas series D no. 4 robustos on the seat. Mmmm, yummy. Jeff
  11. Great looking 'burban. Really like all the details. Paint looks great. Looks ready to deliver those go fast goodies in the back. Jeff
  12. Hi Thanks Mark for the info. That sounds right, I forgot about those accessory packs. Jeff
  13. Hi George, thanks for the comments. As others have said, the engine block and heads are from the 66 Chevy Nova kit that I drilled out some of the extra holes in. The crankshaft was in my parts box, but probably came from one of the parts pack engine kits. The piston and rod also came from one of the many parts boxes I've accumulated over the years. I've collected about a dozen of them so far. I keep telling myself that one of these days, I'm gonna give one to Norm from Replicas and Miniatures to get some more cast for future projects. I'm not sure what kit they were originally in, but it wasn't part of the trophy. That piston and rod is a hemi top fuel style (I have some of those also in the collection). If anybody can come up with the origin of that piston and rod, please post it as I'd like to know also. It is a Chevy style piston and rod and were originally chrome plated if that helps. Thanks, Jeff
  14. Great job! I can hear the Dixie horn blowing now. I noticed the camera, but wasn't sure what it is. I thought it might be part of the mount to the dust cloud. Thanks for clarifying that guys. Keep up the great work. Jeff
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