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  1. I'm sure Pepsi would love to see Coke's logo on a garbage truck. Jeff
  2. SOCK MONKEY!!!! lol. Great looking Rambler. I loved that show too. I watch it on the retro channels now. You did a great job on the restoration. Jeff
  3. Thanks for the replies. The stripes are the same as on the yellow Scout in ranma's post, just in white instead of black. I'm very familiar with Microscale decals from my model railroading days. I might even have those multi size stripe decals in white in my decal stash. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to start digging now. I might have bought one of those Sunbeam Tiger kits just to put away for a rainy day. Going to have to look for that also. Thanks for the great info guys. Jeff
  4. Thanks, we used to call it the "zebra" car,lol. When my dad had it repainted, he didn't spend the extra money to have the stripes put back on. Just painted dark brown. Yes, those are the stock hubcaps that came with the Scout. I still have them, as seen in the pic below. The rest of the Scout is slowly returning to mother nature, sadly. I'm trying to find something similar in 1/25 scale to use for my stock Scout build. Can't quite find anything close to them to use. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Here's the stripes I'd like to see someone make in decal form. This is how my Scout came from the factory. Jeff
  6. The different grills for the model Scouts are the one year only 1976, which was the model kit molded in orange, the 1977-1979 one molded in yellow and red (offroad version), and the vertical bar one in the SS kit. And I did find it strange that they only included one of each emblem on the decal sheet and no marker light decals, like in the SS kit repop. Guess I'll have to ues an extra set from the SS kit. Jeff
  7. I see what you did! 😄 i started going over the lyrics you have and thought " that's not right ". I know, I've had that song drilled into my head from driving to all the car shows I used to go to. Jeff
  8. There's been a 2 story McDonald's in Washington DC for at least the last 40 years or longer. I remember passing it on the way into the city when I was a kid on our way to the Smithsonian museums. As a kid, I always wanted to stop, but it wasn't the best neighborhood for a young, naive country boy and my dad kept driving. I'm not sure if it's still there or not. Jeff
  9. I'll just click and paste my answer from the other thread. Only change is I sold my beloved 1957 Chevy back in April to put a downpayment on a house. I should change my name to Sadgoose now, lol. Jeff When I first got into slot car drag racing, I would email my new friend Tom Bagly, who owns Wheatfield Raceway, and would always sign off as Jeff "the Mongoose" Herrman, as I was a fan of the late Tom McEwen. Well, he jokingly shortened it to "Goose" and here I am today. I always figured I resemble a pudgy waterfowl more than a svelte weasel anyway, so I kept the nickname. I've used it in one form or another for most of my hot rod and internet life. I still think some people in the CPMCC club and slot car world only know me by my nickname and not my real name, so there it is, lol. As for the 1957 part, I own a real 57 Chevy and use it's pic for my avatar. Good topic, always like to hear the backstory. Jeff "Goose" Herrman
  10. Just picked mine up on Saturday. 😁.Heres what's in the box. It's a straight re-issue of the original. It's molded in yellow plastic, but not quite the same as the original. My original kit is buried too deep in the stash to do a side by side comparison right now. The decal sheet is "expanded " by including new license plates, but more importantly, gage and emblem decals, a nice touch. I wish they would have included more stripe options though. The interior tub and frame are one piece. The tires are still the Goodyear 3/4 ones with the hollow backs. You need to glue the back sidewall/brake drums to the tires. They do seem to be molded in a softer type of vinyl than the originals. It's great to see this kit re-issued, even with it's shortcomings and lack of detail. It's quite amazing that it was even modeled at all, especially since more popular SUV's (cough...Jeep Cherokee...cough )have not. It's still one of my favorites and I'm glad to see it come back. Thanks Round2 Jeff
  11. Really a great looking rig. Nice job. Jeff
  12. That's pretty neat, have no idea what kind of truck it is, but I'd buy one. Jeff
  13. Great to hear. One of my projects is a 73 Scout with a 6 cylinder in it. Just trying to fab up or wait to see if anybody was going to do an early grill for them. Thanks for the info. Jeff
  14. +1 for sure. I remember that thread, but can't remember who said they were going to cast them in resin. I'd buy several sets also. Jeff
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