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  1. Snapped this pic today at the trucking company close to my job. They always have some cool loads. See my earlier posts. I figured they would have some this week since last weekend was the big antique auto show at Hershey PA. Sorry the pics so far away, but I snap my pics from the public roads, I'm not going to tresspass on private property without permission. Would make a cool build with the auto rack reissue announced. Jeff
  2. Lol, that is TOO cool! Outstanding workmanship in that and wow for finding all that cool stuff for the interior. I'm impressed. Jeff
  3. Nicely done. Great paintwork and interior. Man, there are some nice Broncos popping up on here lately. Gotta get off my keister and build one of the kits I have squirrled away now. Jeff
  4. Great looking Bronco. The color combination works good for it. Good job on your first 4x4, it won't be your last. Jeff
  5. That came out very nice. Great scratch building on the roof and interior. Jeff
  6. Wow, that's sharp. That is what I'm looking to build. Thanks Jeff
  7. Thank you for the reply. I might try to take 2 kits and scratch one into a hauler like in my pic. Was just hoping somebody already made a kit or conversion for one already. As if I have enough time to do that when I can't seem to get any "straight" kits built now, lol. 🙄 Jeff
  8. This is good news, I'll definitely pick one up this time around. One question though. Did anybody make one with the cars transported on the cab roof too? I'm not sure what they're called. I'd like to build one like in my pic. Jeff
  9. Forgot.to add, I picked up one of the Discovery Channel visible 4 cylinder engine kits for $19.99. I hope my 5 year old daughter will share in its build. Looks pretty cool when completed. So far, we have built the VW Bug and Van from Arifix and the new Revel Jeep and Lightning McQueen kits with the "bolts" and screwdriver. I'm trying to raise her right, lol. Maybe a future modeler. Jeff
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Just stopped at my local Ollie's in East York PA after work and picked up the Kenworth cab over semi and the chrome tanker trailer. They also had the International semi, but I already have two of them in the stash. They also had the 72 GTO, the Daytona kit, and the snap 49 Mercury police car. Also a bunch of Lindbergh ship kits. Jeff
  11. That turned out great. I was following your build thread and wondered how it turned out. The colors really make it stand out and say "tropical paradise". Would be a fun tour of the island. I only wonder if your message inside would be "period correct ". They would probably hand out packs of cigs to tourists back in the 50's, lol. Jeff
  12. I guess I'll say International Harvester Scouts, 1 and 2. Gotta love the Scout 2's when only the grill and headlights changed throughout their entire run. Also, all REAL Jeeps- MB, CJ, Wrangler. Love em all. I'll throw in the Tucker also. Only one year, one model, one body style. Classic. Jeff
  13. Very creative, I didn't even realize it was the v-6. Great detail in that build. Looks like a real powerhouse. Jeff
  14. Very nice Jeep! That turned out great. Love the color and all of the modifications you did. The tires and wheels look spot on. Did you have to move the radiator forward to slip in the v-8? I had to move it forward when I built my 72 Commando with a v-8. I wasn't sure if the Jeepster body was spaced differently or not. Great job. Jeff
  15. Goose1957

    What are these?

    Isn't this the cool thing about our hobby, as a kid, you can built practically anything and it's ok. I remember building stuff like this growing up and had a lot of fun doing it. Didn't need video games (they were barely invented yet), cable tv was aways off yet. Yea, some of my builds didn't make much sense, I rarely used drive shafts, just stuck a huge, honkin' engine with a blower on it in the engine bay and away I went to the races, lol. Wish I left some of those early builds alone, most got tore apart and added to the parts stash, others just were destroyed. Ahhh.... simpler times. Jeff
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