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  1. I loved that show and have one that I built as a kid. That helo looked so cool. Wish the military had that for real. Can't wait to see how your restoration comes out. Jeff
  2. What could go wrong? I mean, he's got an orange triangle on the back. Lol. Jeff
  3. Good looking truck. I just picked up one of those kits at a show and was wondering how well they went together. The flames look like the old Parma paint masks. I've used a bunch of them painting slotcar bodies when I used to race. They work very nice and if you're careful peeling them off, some of them are reusable. Cool 4x4. Jeff
  4. Very nice Bronco. I really like the white on the lower part of the body. Great job. Jeff
  5. Looks great. A nice way to finish the year. You did it justice. Can't wait to get one of these kits. Jeff
  6. You are correct, the early seasons show a small block under the hood, but in later seasons, around 9 or 10, I can't recall right now, it definitely has a big block in there. So either would be correct depending on what season you're modeling. As a HUGE fan of the show,(I think I said that before) I can't wait for this to hit the shelves. Just disappointed they didn't make the trunk open, such an important part of the show. Jeff
  7. Goose1957

    Actors and Models

    TV Tommy Ivo had several kits made with him on it. Jeff
  8. Great looking Astro. Did you build it box stock, or did you modify anything. I have one of these kits I want to build like my dad's old Astro and I already know a couple of things I need to change, like the rear doors. My dad's had the vertical split cargo doors in the rear and a rear bench seat. I like your color choice and the underneath painting. Good job. Jeff
  9. Cool project. Can't wait to see the progress on this one. So that's what it is. I have a parts tree with a few of the parts on it including the front intake, but it's not complete. I wasn't sure
  10. Nice compound turbos on that Willys. Wonder what the boost is going into the head? Jeff
  11. One of the Coke kits I'm looking forward to. The other is the C600 stake bed. Need that to haul all of the vending machines from all the other kits, lol. Jeff
  12. Great news! Gonna pick up one or two of those for planned projects. Jeff
  13. Really great build and weathering. Where is the pig from? That really made the model. Jeff
  14. That came out really nice. Good attention to detail. There have been some really good builds of this kit on here lately. Yours is definitely among them. I need to build one of these soon. Jeff
  15. Finally finished this build. It's a finicky kit for sure, gave me some fitment issues and as usual, my paint job is sub par. But it is a cool kit of a different and cool car, so I was more than happy to see it reissued. I built it stock more or less. The paint might not match factory codes, but my memory of one running around town when I was a kid was of this color scheme. I didn't fully do the engine bay as it wasn't easy finding good, clear pics inside the engine bay without the spare tire getting in the way. Plus the starter went into the stratosphere while I was painting it in a pair of tweezers and somehow disappeared into the linoleum monster (is that possible?). So I decided to not fret the small details and take several members advice and just build it for fun (thanks hpi guy and several others). Thanks for looking. Jeff
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