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  1. Engine Question

    Looks like the engine out of the MPC 57 Chevy gasser kit thats just been rereleased by Round 2 as the Spirit of 57 kit. Its the infamous big block/small block engine (big block heads and small block valve covers) Jeff
  2. Jeep rudbicon roof

    In theroy, yes. I have not tried it yet, but I have several of both kits to try and do as you are asking. I want to build a model of my real 05 Wrangler and it has both a hardtop and softtop with full steel doors. I could just use the snap kit as it is just like my Jeep, but I think the detail is lacking too much for my taste. The grill on the snap kit is filled in and the undercarriage is too simple for me. Plus, I would like to be able to remove the hardtop if I want to. The Rubicon body is too modified to match my Jeep, so I'll not use it for the build. I have too many projects to finish up now, so it will have to wait. But I'll get to it someday and hope to have a build photo thread for it. Have fun trying, I'll follow along if you do it. Jeff
  3. Wild Kat P.U.

    Great looking truck. Customs aren't my style, but I can appreciate the craftsmanship that you put into building it. Beautiful paint job. Keep up the great work. Jeff
  4. Resin Wishlist

    Yes, please offer these Internationals. They look great. I'll buy a few. Jeff
  5. Any updates for this project? Can't wait to see the progress. Jeff
  6. That turned out very nice. I was following your build and saw how much kitbashing and scratchbuilding you had to do to make it more stock appearing. Very good job on your Dodge build. I might have to try that one someday. Jeff
  7. Beautiful truck and outstanding workmanship. I like the window cranks and door handles. Might have to try that on a future build. Keep up the good work. Jeff
  8. A clean, one-owner '57 Chevy

    They may have come with bias ply tires when new, but I'll take my radials anyday on my Bel Air. I have a set of bias tires on steel wheels I'll throw on every once in a while when I want to backdate the look. I'll tell you, there's nothing more thrilling than changing lanes on the highway at 60 without turning the steering wheel. Real white knuckle driving. Of course PA's well rutted roads don't help matters. Jeff
  9. Wow! This is coming along amazingly. I'll bet you have just as many hours or more in scratchbuilding as the real 1:1 truck.(well, maybe not, I dunno, it's still amazing. ) . Can't wait to see it finished. Jeff
  10. That came out very nice. I have one of those to build too, just a little intimidated by the number of parts and the time involved. I really like how yours turned out. Jeff
  11. Halloween costumes

    Ok, has anyone else dressed their car up for halloween? I admit it, I'm guilty of it. I dunno, sometimes it's just too much fun. (Yea, my wife calls me crazy) Sometimes for the local halloween parade, other times for October car shows. This year, did the daily driver for fun for a couple of days (Yea, I breathed in toooooo many paint fumes, lol). Ok, lets see those costumes! Jeff My 57 at the October car show many years ago. I call it, the true nature of the beast. Next is my daily driver. Have some fun, life's too short.
  12. Resin Wishlist

    A BIG +1 on this one. Anything IH is welcome. Jeff
  13. That came out great! Ok, you sold me on the copper paint. That looks so smooth and sweet. Very good job. Jeff
  14. Thanks for the nice comments. I just wish I could paint as nice as a lot of the members on here. I really need to practice wet sanding and polishing more. Jeff
  15. Cool! The v-16 was definitely the way to go. I like the 50's style fins on the back too. Nice build. Jeff