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  1. This should come out neat. I'm on board for the ride. Jeff
  2. Great looking Blazer. I'm currently working on the same kit. You just made it harded for me to decide on the color for mine, really love that blue. The custom exhaust look good too. Keep up the nice work. Jeff
  3. I love looking at your photos. Not only are your trucks outstanding, the diorama you use as a backdrop is museum quality also. Great work. Jeff
  4. Great looking Jeep. I'm glad the spare tire bumper/antenna mount worked out. Looks great. Jeff
  5. I saw in another thread that Ertl kept the tractor and wagon molds, I wasn't sure if the backhoe was included or not. Thanks for the info. Jeff
  6. Good looking backhoe. I hope Round 2 has these molds and reissues it soon, I really want one. Just don't want to pay collector prices. Jeff
  7. Lets try this again. ^^^^^^ I noticed this in hpiguys video, so disappointing. Jeff
  8. Wow, that came out nice! Is that one of the older Monogram kits thats unobtainioum? I hope I can find one that's affordable some day. I picked up one of the new ones to build, but I always wanted one of the smaller ones too. Great job on yours. I like the custom soft top for it. Tires and wheels look good too. Good job. Jeff
  9. Funny story, well maybe strange, even heartbreaking, this car was burned to the ground. I use to belong to the Miniature Railroad Club of York, PA, which is right beside the former garage of Dave Strickler, owner and driver of the Old Reliable cars. Some of the old rr club members recounted the story of one night, the gang hanging out in Strickler's garage, in a drunken fit, rolled the car across the street to a vacant lot, poured gas on it, and lit it up. Apparently, the car was sitting in the driveway of the garage unused and for sale. With no buyers, after awhile, they got tired of looking at it. At least that's the story I was told many years ago. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH shame. Jeff
  10. This is great news. Hope to pick one up this go round. Have the AMT bulldozer, Autocar dump truck, crew chief Chevy Blazer, El Camino. Hope to start my own construction company, lol. Now, just need the backhoe kit rebooted. Jeff
  11. Very nice. Definitely has a Bronco look to it, nicely done. Custom bumper and parts look spot on. I'd be happy to take it four wheelin'. Jeff
  12. I wonder if they could leave a part or two off to represent the parts I loose when I build something, lol. Jeff
  13. It looks like its mounted to the spare tire bumper stop. My old '92 YJ had a spare tire bumper stop mounted just like that on the corner. When you swung the tailgate open, the spare tire would rest against that. Jeff
  14. I've found out over the years, the best way to launch a part into the stratosphere is to try to GENTLY grasp it in a pair of needle nose tweezers to paint it. Works every time. Jeff
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