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  1. Just...jaw dropping! I don't know what else to say. I followed your build thread and couldn't wait to see the final model and it was well worth it. Outstanding build. Jeff
  2. Racing, Hot Rod, truck and aircraft engines by FTB

    I saw one in person at the NSRA East show at York, PA several years ago. It was set up basically the same as your model version. I think it was in a 29 Ford if memory serves me correct. The sign sitting next to the rod stated that it was a very rare original one. I snapped some pics of it, but sadly, they were on a memory card that went bad and are lost.😪 Your version, as always, looks great. Jeff
  3. Cool, reminds me of the original Grave Digger a little bit. That's gonna look nice when finished. Can't wait. Jeff
  4. Nice looking Bronco. Makes me want to start on one now. I like just the hood decal, the side trim makes up for the lack of the side decals. Nice color choice too. I see what you mean about the license plate, oops! Jeff
  5. Wow, that's cool. Looks like a lot of fun to drive. 1/4 mile burnouts for sure. The modeling is just terrific. Nice color choice. Everything just works. Nice job. Jeff
  6. Krylon paint trick, is it for real??

    I like to ues Krylon because of the spray nozzle. I think it puts out a nicer spray pattern. Years ago I made a paint dryer using an old steel bread box. I put a ceramic light socket and a 40 watt bulb in it for the heat source. When I'm ready to paint something, I put the body/parts in it along with the can of paint and let them warm up for about 15-20 minutes. The 40 watt bulb doesn't get too hot, although one time I had the bottom of a can of Testors bulge out. But I never had a body warp. The paint flows a lot better and puts out a finer mist this way. Plus the parts are at about the same temperature as the paint and speeds up the drying. Plus there's no air moving to kick up any dust. My paint jobs aren't as professional as a lot of you guys, but works just fine for me. Jeff
  7. Very cool truck. Gotta love an overkill blown engine in just about anything. Great work. Jeff
  8. They both look great. Love the side glass on your custom. Jeff
  9. Wow that looks good. Nice little details. I love the "wash me" on the back window, you can almost see the fingerprints in the letters. Nice job bringing to life a simple snap kit . I know, I just built one myself and didn't turn out anywhere as nice as yours. Jeff
  10. Oh wow, didn't even notice that. Too cool. What a great build. Very nice detail. Jeff
  11. Very nice. Turned out great. I'm going to have to find one of these now. Jeff
  12. Another great looking, ugly looking (hate to see a classic all rusty, lol) build. Keep em coming, I enjoy seeing your work. Jeff
  13. Looks great. The polished plastic really turned out great. I gotta find me one of those someday. Jeff
  14. Revell Bronco

    Nice clean build. I like the color. Jeff
  15. Beetle Bailey Jeep

    That turned out great. I followed the build thread and saw how much work you put into it. Looks just like out of the comic strip. Great job. Jeff