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  1. Awesome pic, wish I could see that truck and all the cars to see the small differences in them. Maybe the one on the back would "fall off" in front of my house?πŸ˜‹ Jeff
  2. Lol, I wish I thought of that! Great looking build. I have each version of this iconic car in my stash to build someday. I only hope they come out half as good as yours. Keep up the great work. Jeff
  3. Nice truck. The paint looks great. Beautiful interior with those seat decals. Jeff
  4. Now that's a cool combo. Great looking build on both of them. They look very period correct. Beautiful paint job, not over the top. Nice. Jeff
  5. Beautiful looking truck. I like your color choice. I would say all of your extra work paid off on your build. I never cared for the extra mirrors that are put on many Japanese cars and trucks. They may help you see blind spots better, but they really detract from the otherwise clean lines of the body. Just my humble opinion. Great work on the truck. Jeff
  6. Thanks Dave. I'll have to try my local Ollie's and see if they have the same version of t-rex you have. Can never have too many dinosaur skeletons, lol. I'm always looking for stuff I can put together with my 6 year old daughter. Trying to raise a new modeler and all. Love those newer Revell kits you put together with the plastic "tools". Jeff
  7. Is it the Discovery Channel box one? I picked one up last year and built it. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. Mine had NO instructions in it and the pieces are all numbered and must go together in sequence. Not too much problem, but the numbers are hard to read on some of the pieces and they are molded in a flexible resin or something. Mine must have sat around awhile and the pieces shrank. Most were hard to fit together and I had to use a channel lock to press them together. I didn't trust them to stay together, so I used some thin CA glue on the joints to help it stay together. I also did up the base with paint and ground foam to make it look better. After its finished, it is an impressive model. Looks like it belongs in a museum. Here's a couple of pics. Hope to see and hear about your experience when you build yours. Jeff
  8. I'm not usually into this style of truck, but your's keeps me coming back for more looks. Great workmanship in your build. The tires do look good on it. That pro stock engine would make that one fun ride. Probably need it to turn those meats, lol. Very nice build. Jeff
  9. Nice looking Bronco. That green really stands out. I like the blackout treatment. Nice job. Jeff
  10. Wow, another beauty. I don't know how you have time to build so many great models. They just keep getting better and better. Keep up the great work, I enjoy seeing what you come up with next. Jeff
  11. That's a really cool story. Not many people would bother to sign and return that, yet alone send a personalized note to you. Congratulations, keep it always as a treasured memento. Jeff
  12. Man, that is one mean looking Toyota. If your real one was that big, can't imagine where you parked it at the store. I hate that bridge, too tall and skinny for my liking. Nice job recreating your truck. Jeff
  13. I understand. Not every show is liked by all. Try as I might, I just can't get into The Walking Dead, yet it seems to still be wildly popular. Yea, I think Grimm was a copycat of Supernatural. There are some other cool cars on Supernatural. One of the earlier characters drives a beat up 70 Chevelle and has a junkyard full of old muscle cars. And I agree, some of the weapons handling on the show makes me cringe, but hey, it's hollywood, where anything's possible. Jeff
  14. Yep, was gonna suggest that episode. Plus, it's pretty funny if you're a regular to the show. Another is the final episode in season 5, the opening sequence shows actual footage of the 100,000,000 GM vehicle leaving the assembly line, a 1967 Caprice. Some good footage of Baby in that episode too. The further into the seasons you go, the more you see the car. Snake, I can't believe you can't get into the show, lol. What's not to like, lots of muscle cars, lots of guns, (Dean has an awesome, engraved, nickle plated genuine Colt 1911a1). Great "real" rock for the soundtrack also. Some hot women too. I know the whole "Supernatural" thing with ghosts, vampires, demons and the like is hokey sometimes, but I got hooked on the show for the cars, guns, classic rock, and hot women. And yes, I'm 49, married with children, and don't live in my mom's basement, lol. P.S. check youtube, found several good videos about just the car, I just can't figure out if I can imbed video links here. Enjoy the build, Jeff
  15. Yeah, I can see about a dozen places in that video where the part in the tweezers would go flying into the stratosphere for me if I tried something like that, lol. Incredible engineering and craftsmanship in that car. Some people's building skills are truly amazing. Jeff
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