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  1. As I replied in your semi truck thread, just beautiful! Love all of your Scouts! What hubcaps did you use for the stock Scout with the roof rack? I'm trying to find something close for a build of my Scout in it's early days. They look very close to the factory hubcaps. Very nice. If I ever get around to my car hauler project, I'm going to add a scratch built top for the SS version, as I believe they would have been delivered that way. But still, every Scout you built looks like a show winner. Congratulations, well done. Jeff
  2. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! You beat me to it! I was working on the same thing. Only, I'm still in the gathering of kits phase. Wow, that looks amazing! Great job on this build. I love the window stickers. Beautiful. Now, I don't know if I'm motivated to get my build going, or depressed someone else was thinking the same way as me, but beat me to it. I'm glad you finished yours, I'll probably take 5 years to finish mine, lol. Jeff
  3. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! I've been waiting for Round2 to reissue the stock offerings for tooooooo long now, especially with the vintage style box art. Looks like I'll have to order a case now. Gotta have a few for some projects I've been dreaming up. Would love to see the style of stripes in decal form that my Scout came with from the factory. I've never seen this style offered in model form before. Time to make a model of my Scout when it was factory fresh. Now, just need to find some hubcaps that look close to the stock ones. Jeff
  4. Great Jeep build. Those flotation devices look suspiciously like fuel cans from nascar kits, lol. Very realistic detail you built into it. You took a bland kit and made it very cool. Jeff
  5. That turned out great. Beautiful paint and color choice. The stance looks just right. Great detail work. Jeff
  6. Wow that came out great! I was following your wip thread and hoping it turned out good. You hit a home run with it. Looks like a Jeep I'd like to drive in real life. Great build, Jeff
  7. Great looking Jeep. Looks just like the real one. What a great gift. Jeff
  8. Nice Ram. The paint looks terrific. Great color choice. Now, in about a year, it'll have some rust starting, lol. Those great trucks from the 70's and 80's never survive. I hope your wife likes it as much as the board does. Jeff
  9. With those air cleaners poking outta the hood, you know something wicked is under there. Bet its a 289, lol. Cool Brat. Jeff
  10. Yea, I've seen plenty of wild ones fly into trees around here. The farm raised ones, not so much. They tend to hit the ground like sacks of wet cement. I love that episode of WKRP! Have to watch it every year and it still cracks me up. The seriousness of Les's reporting is so good. A true TV classic. Jeff
  11. Very nice. The blue decals look really good on the white. I like how everything is color coordinated. Good build. Jeff
  12. Shoot.... I was hoping to get a funnel cake, lol. Very nice trailer. Looks right at home at a car show. I can smell the frying grease now. Jeff
  13. Great looking tractor. I loved going to tractor pulls when I was a kid. I even built and still have my Meister Brau Special tractor when they first came out. I bought several of the repops for future projects. I like how you updated it with modern injector hats and all of the plumbing. Nice looking modern cage also. Paint looks gorgeous too. Makes me want to dig one out now. Jeff
  14. Thanks, I didn't want to post any copyrighted pics. Your brother in law built some beautiful train models. Too bad hollywood destroys all that fine craftsmanship, lol. I couldn't put in all that time and see it destroyed in a few seconds, even if I was getting paid for it. Jeff
  15. They did crash a real train. Somewhere in the junk pile, I have the issue of Trains magazine where they went to the real shortline railroad I think in Tennessee (going on 20 year old memories) and showed the remains of the staged wreck along the rail line for the tourist trains to see. Maybe some of the scenes were miniatures, but real locomotives and cars were used also. Now I have to search my junkpile. Jeff Quick edit, Google search turned up Great Smokey Mountains Railroad at Sylva, North Carolina . Photos of the wreckage still there to this day, rusting away.
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