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  1. 1972 Dodge D200

    That truck looks terrific! Just the right amount of rust. Your stories are getting as outstanding as your models. I hope you write for a living, lol. Jeff
  2. Yea, I want to get one when I find one that isn't too pricey, or hasn't been opened up and started. This!!! I hope some executive from a model company sees this and realizes the market potential for an xj. It would be huge. The customization possibilities are endless. Jeff
  3. Great looking Jeep. I just wish they did these in 1/25 scale. The mud looks great on that. Jeff
  4. Cool conversion. I built one of those quick builds with my 4 year old daughter and I thought the same. Nice kit that has lots of potential. Of course I'll have to buy another one because "that's hers" and I can't touch it. Lol Jeff
  5. Models Back at Walmart!

    I saw this at the Walmart in Lancaster PA. Two end shelves with models on. Like Snake said, prices a little high, but not the highest either. Hopefully this exposure will attract new modelers. Jeff Edit, Can't seem to get photos to upload, will try later.
  6. That looks great dino. I was wondering how you were progressing on yours. I hadn't seen any new pics in your build thread. Keep up the great work. Jeff
  7. Walmart movie cars, long version

    Where's Christine?😈 Jeff
  8. +1 on this. I too hope you have some available sometime. Beautiful work. Thanks. Jeff
  9. Dimaxion, those are some nice looking Scouts and deserve to be shown on here. I really like the orange one with the old off road Scout decals. Very cool look. Tom, thats a good start on your Scout. The scallops give it a different look. Were they on the real one you almost bought? To bad you didn't get it back in the day. I know it might be a pile of rust today, or maybe not. But they sure are/were fun to drive. Great 4 wheelers and snow plowers. I sure miss being able to drive mine...sigh 😔. Jeff
  10. Hi Tom. That was Cargostar in another thread who was going to master some underhood details for Scouts. I had to look up the thread in "on the workbench" to remember it. I was also waiting for him to offer some underhood items. Mine aren't very nice, mostly parts box pieces modified and scratchbuilt stuff that's not exactly to scale. I wouldn't be comfortable having them cast and offered to others.Hopefully, somebody who's a better modeler than I will have them for sale someday. I know I'd probably buy a half dozen sets if they were reasonable in price. Thanks for the compliments. Hope to see pics of your Scouts when you're done. Jeff
  11. Bronco half-cab

    Very nice Bronco. Those extra parts look great on there. Nice color choice. Jeff
  12. Reveal your user name origin

    When I first got into slot car drag racing, I would email my new friend Tom Bagly, who owns Wheatfield Raceway, and would always sign off as Jeff "the Mongoose" Herrman, as I was a fan of the late Tom McEwen. Well, he jokingly shortened it to "Goose" and here I am today. I always figured I resemble a pudgy waterfowl more than a svelte weasel anyway, so I kept the nickname. I've used it in one form or another for most of my hot rod and internet life. I still think some people in the CPMCC club and slot car world only know me by my nickname and not my real name, so there it is, lol. As for the 1957 part, I own a real 57 Chevy and use it's pic for my avatar. Good topic, always like to hear the backstory. Jeff "Goose" Herrman
  13. Rubicon

    Nice looking Jeep. Really like the wheels and tires. I have to get some of those someday. Jeff
  14. They look great. I always wanted to try something with the Orange Blossom Special kit. Yours came out great. The Ford looks great also. Thanks for sharing. Jeff
  15. 1972 Chevy Blazer Custom

    Very nice build. Like the engine swap. Jeff