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  1. Thanks guys, yeah it is a vinyl wrap however the car was bought with this scheme, so I don't have access to the data files. I was thinking along similar lines to michael with the photos thanks
  2. Hi I codrive (navigate) for a bloke in the Queensland Rally Championship who's turning 50 in the next few months. here is the car, its a M sport fiesta r2 I was thinking about using the belkit s2000 http://www.belkits.com/index.php?action=details&ref=BEL002 but Im at a loss to work out how to do this paint scheme. I was thinking custom decals for the whole car but struggling to figure that out. Im not good enough with the airbrush. anyone have any other ideas or can recommend anyone who does custom decals
  3. Hi guys thought I'd through up a few pics of a scratch building project im working on I started with a 1/35 revell unimog kit
  4. built a few cars for my intial D tofu shop diorama
  5. HI guys been working on this kit on and off. Its a fujimi kit, that im converting to match my car with a few mods I'd like to do to mine eventually (much cheaper to do in 1:24 rather then 1:1)
  6. links broken here too its an icon model kit http://www.iconmodels.com.au/categories/XY%252dXW-Model-Cars-1%7B47%7D8/ my parent live in sydney (1700km away) next time Im down I'll grab some more pics
  7. hey guys. heres the pics again (links seem broken) not sure why the thread got moved to diecast... these are both fujimi 1/24 kits
  8. sorry guys link must have broke... yeah forgot about the aussie slang, knock up also means created quickly....
  9. cheers guys. I had alot of fun building this one
  10. Hi guys back in again. the safe guards booted me off for some reason... hopefully Im here to stay this time
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