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  1. I always have trouble holding a car while doing things like BMF or gluing things and I need a third hand so I made this and so far it's working pretty good. All you need is a couple of pieces of wood and about $10 worth of stuff from Home Depot ( 2 1/4" hanger bolts) ( 2 3" l brackets ) ( I reinforcing bar 12") (2 3" screws) and (4 1/4 20" wingnuts) I had some foam that I added with double sided tape.
  2. I just introduced my self on the new member site so this is my 2nd post. The feelings here on this post are exactly how I feel and I thought it was only me.I started building a couple of years ago and I have still not finished one. I probably have about 10 started,some of them 90% done but none finished.I get one almost done and be putting foil on and scratch the paint so back in the box until I cool down.Then there are some that I just can't seem to fit right so back in the box. When I screw up a body by sanding something off and try to make a custom out of it to hide the mistake I realize how crazy it;s going to look so back in the box.I have a mild case of OCD if (if that's possible) and just can't get it to look like I want or screw up the paint job so back in the box.After doing research on this site every once in awhile I learn how to fix something that I had a problem with so back out of the box until the next roadblock,then back to the box. I've got a couple that I'm wearing out the box. The bottom line here for me is ,as I stated in my intro, I,m 79 and it is just so nice to sit in my nice little room with some nice background music on and lose myself in my cars.I don't care if I ever finish one ,I just enjoy what I'm doing.
  3. I just noticed that I have been lurking on here for almost 5 years so I think it's time to come out of the closet and admit I'm hooked on styrene. I'm a 79 year old ,looking for something to keep my mind active as I get older and since I can't afford to do the real 1/1 stuff anymore I thought I would give this a shot. I've always played with cars and motorcycles most of my life and find it's a lot cheaper to put a plastic V8 into a VW then it is in real life.so even if I screw it up I'm only out $20 but look at all the spare parts I have for my junk yard. I have hesitated from posting on here because I am in the learning process and don't have much to add. I don't spend a lot of time playing with my hobby , maybe a couple of hours a week because I am still pretty active with other projects that I have going on. I have a nice full size garage 30x30 heated and air conditioned but it's kind of expensive to keep warm in the winter so I partitioned off a little 8x10 room,put in a little space heater an that is my little get away from it all room. It didn,t take long to fill it with all the tools. glues.gadgets and models now all I need is the confidence to get something done. Well I think this is enough for now so since I,ve got my feet wet you can find out more about me when I post on Model building and answers about losing interest.Thanks for reading. Countrypapa
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