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  1. Those resin pieces look like copies of the short louver strips that came in some AMT and Jo-Han kits in the early Sixties. The wide strip also looks like a copy of another such piece that came in a handful of AMT kits.
  2. Ernie apparently decided not to bet his retirement funds on the venture...probably a good move on his part. He's gone now, so that deal is gone for sure. The fact that Ertl, Revell, and Lindberg (still a separate company then) passed on the Jo-Han assets should tell us all we need to know. Those of us who collect and build original Jo-Han kits still appreciate their work, they were a sentimental favorite and will remain so.
  3. Besides the Rambler wagon, the snap Chrysler Turbine Car kits were (then) newly produced. The Plymouth police cars had new decal sheets and vacuum formed clear windows but were otherwise packaged from stock. There were some Comet pro street kits, and possibly some '70 4-4-2s made up from stock also.
  4. Haven't seen the hauler/trailer, but I think I might snag one on the "40% off week" if I do...
  5. I'm surprised that someone hasn't gotten around to doing a 3D printed V12 version, at the very least.
  6. It must be able to come off, provided the correct plastic is used. You couldn't get away with brittle Jo-Han plastic for example.
  7. There can't have been much usable stuff left at the end. SeVille started out promising more reissues and even some new stuff, they must have figured at some point the operation wasn't throwing off enough money to do any of that. I don't think any of us can realize just how small an operation the original Jo-Han company was, especially after all the promo business was gone. They lost the last of that after 1979 (Cadillac), lost AMC after 1974, Plymouth after 1970, Dodge after 1964. They had some Ford work briefly, but did only three Ford promos (two and a half, if you consider the Comet was converted from the Maverick). Still, that's more Ford promos than MPC did! The reissues after about 1972 or so seem to have been chosen by "what can we do most easily" as opposed to "what were the most popular items in the past". They seem to have been operating hand-to-mouth from the mid-Seventies on.
  8. The GMC V6 is a heavy slug of cast iron. A couple of Sixties car magazines ran articles on swapping them out for Cadillac V8 engines. Less weight over the front axle, and better fuel economy with the Cad.
  9. So the body can be pulled off of the inner core of the tool.
  10. May have been scrapped by SeVille. I doubt they have been just sitting somewhere for twenty years plus. The Jo-Han building in Michigan is long gone, anything that was there is either somewhere else, or gone also.
  11. The Comet/Maverick, Barracuda, AMX, and possibly other Jo-Han/Seville kit tools are MIA, nobody seems to know where those went. Johan (the latter day company) sold some Comets, but those were just a case of packaging previously made product.
  12. I bought the .040" thinking about using it for louvers...as you have described, cut a bunch of them to the same length, round off the corners, and cement in place with the rounded corners facing forward. After they are in place, round off the corners sticking up, then knock down the height of the louvers a bit. .040" would translate to 1" in 1/25 scale, it seemed to compare well with the strips of louvers included in some early Sixties car kits.
  13. Most of the time, they don't have anything not pictured in the flier. The store here had the '56 Chevy and one, maybe both, of the Mustangs...everything was $ 12.99. I didn't need/want any of those, I was there hoping they'd get some Duplicolor paint in...no luck...
  14. Might not be a need to split half round styrene strip stock...Evergreen does make quarter round. I have a pack of .040", but that can't be the only size they offer.
  15. I stopped at one store this past Sunday. Only two kits, Monogram 1/24 scale '56 Chevy hardtop, and Revell snap '15 or so Mustang. They're now $ 12.99.
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