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  1. Revell "Eldorado" model

    The two all-new Foose kits generated more buzz than nearly anything else Revell has done in the last few years. They're somewhat simplified yet have good detail. They're accurate as the finished 1:1 vehicles yet leave meat on the bone for those who would do things a bit (or a lot) differently. And, both kits have chassis, wheels/tires, engines, and interior parts that are adaptable to other projects. Anyone I know who bought one, bought more than one. These kits, and the new-tool modified Model A coupe and roadster pretty much knocked it out of the park for Revell. A stock '56 Ford pickup would probably sell well...stock Cadillac would sell well among the fanatics, but there just aren't enough of them around.
  2. You've got to watch some of these swaps, particularly Mopars and some Fords...the Duster has its inner fenders molded as part of the body. Same deal with the Revell Dart. I bought the Hemi issue of the Dart, minus the body, from a slot car guy with the intention of using its underbody with a 'Cuda. Fortunately, I still had the defective body from another Dart I'd bought earlier (Revell sent a replacement for that one).
  3. Fast Pack Gran Prix

    The Corvette is probably a ('69) Dyno Racer. Same idea, except the cars were pre-assembled and included a "launcher". That series included a 'Vette, a Firebird, and a GTO. The reissued '69 GTO funny car kits have "DYNO" on the rear license plate because the body was used for both.
  4. pricing at swap meet/show

    If you have eBay prices, you'll essentially be taking everything there to exhibit, and bringing all of them back home.

    I meant the one pictured in the ad...

    I wonder how that '32 Ford got built in 1/32 scale, seeing as how none of those kits included an engine...
  7. Styrene is styrene...use plain old styrene cement if you can wait for it to set fully. If you want to get going on the bodywork right now, use CA glue.
  8. Nope, one issue included only custom parts (no stock bumpers). And even then, only one of the two custom versions was included in that issue (Barris Cruisin' USA, the one with the rub-on graphics and sheet of stick-on iridescent material).
  9. Those yellow one (AMT/Ertl reissue) usually had thick/runny/dull/wrinkly plating too. I probably had three or four of those over the years; all of mine did. I think I've got one left, if I ever get to it I'll just paint it yellow and stick the "airport limousine" decals on from the Che Riviera "highjacking" issue...
  10. I worked at a place where the owner was in the habit of loaning money to employees. Many would leave before paying back in full. Others would walk into my office and ask me to loan them money. I pointed to the sign on my desk that read: "loaning money causes amnesia"...
  11. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    This is the AMT kit. AMT tooled one for '67, it went to MPC for '68 (along with the Barracuda; nobody knows the how/why of those deals). AMT tooled another one for '69, with the big-block engine and dual exhaust. The existing '72 pickup kit is made up from parts from both tools, along with some new parts.
  12. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    That cap was also included in the '68 reissue of the AMT '63 Ford pickup. How would you access that raised area over the cab?
  13. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    It's a '69. It was released in an annual-style box also: same parts, even the same decals. I had the annual kit back then, have one of these now. This one is the tougher of the two to find.
  14. What Irked You Today?

    As part of my work, I put together bank deposits. Last week, I had two lulus in a row. The first one included four rolls of quarters. I'm not making this up: the trainee teller DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE. I got fed up with that branch (last year, another trainee initially shorted me $1,000 on a check I was cashing) so the next deposit was made at another location. Canadian funds deposit (actually two; one check and some cash: each gets a different exchange rate). Another trainee: he converted the cash but deposited the check at par. Big boo-boo: that day, a Canadian dollar was worth 72 cents US. I reported that the next day (7/31). As of Friday (8/3) I left work without having an answer on the final exchange value on that check. Easy to say "dumb millennials" or something similar, but I'm not going to do that. What I don't get is how someone at the bank could stick these guys at a teller window without them being trained as to how to spot a check in Canadian funds (easy in my case; I told him what it was up front) or what rolled coin looks like. If anyone screws up and hands out too much money, 99% of people will walk out without saying a word...