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  1. Mark added a post in a topic AMT FORD RANCHERO MYSTERY PARTS   

    The bottom piece is a sanding stick, with different contours to get into different areas.  In the '61 Styline kit, you got a little tube of putty to mold in the extension pieces, and also a sheet or two of sandpaper.  You could glue the sandpaper to the stick.
  2. Mark added a post in a topic Barracuda....Back from the dead   

    This fish needs to be thrown back...
  3. Mark added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    The one store I went into every so often only had six or eight different kits, nothing special.  Lately, every time I go into that store, I walk out wondering why I went there...that's probably why the visits have tapered off considerably.
    The Michaels craft store chain appears to have reset their model kit section...smaller than before, most Round 2 kits gone, most Revell glue kits also gone, replaced in large part by Revell snap kits.  They're still good for paint, embossing powder, craft wire, airbrush jars, and all sorts of other stuff though.
  4. Mark added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC Carl Casper's Cosmic Charger Fuel Dragster   

    I saw two of them yesterday at a local shop.  They charge full retail, though, so neither of those followed me home.  I'll pick one up at another local shop that at least gives club members 10% off (offsets the sales tax, at least) then pick another one up online or at a show.
  5. Mark added a post in a topic 1959 Rambler Wagon   

    Because it was probably among those that were in the best condition.  When you look at the original Jo-Han offerings like the USA Oldies, you probably wonder why they didn't reissue things like the mid-Sixties Plymouths and Chryslers.  Simple...they probably weren't able to.  Even the ones that were reissued weren't exactly like the original kits; the '64 Cadillacs didn't have the steerable front end, those and the Marlin didn't have clear headlight lenses like the original kits, and some of the kits' interiors had later upholstery patterns.  They were putting together the stuff that was the most complete at the time, and trying to do it as cheaply as possible. 
  6. Mark added a post in a topic 1959 Rambler Wagon   

    It's an old Jo-Han promotional model...was never released as a kit when it was new.
  7. Mark added a post in a topic Model King 1971 Thunderbird   

    The Torinos differ slightly: '70 had the "Cobra" lettering on the front fender, '71 had it on the quarter panel.  '71 grille bar also has a small snake emblem in the center, '70 does not.
  8. Mark added a post in a topic MPC Soapy Sales Challenger Funny car ......   

    Same body...panel lines wiped, door handles and scripts removed.  Most of the original funny car kits were done after that year's annual stock kit but before next year's promo model, so they used stock bodies.  The Soapy Sales kit was issued after the '74 annual...with no '75 Challenger promo or annual kit on the way (and apparently no desire to reissue the stock '74), they were free to slick up the body for the funny car.  No different, really, than AMT converting several Sixties annuals into Modified Stockers, or turning the '63 Chevy II wagon into the Boss Nova...
  9. Mark added a post in a topic Indy 500 Pace Truck Decals Wanted....   

    Where did you find decals for that one in the first place?
  10. Mark added a post in a topic 4 door Corvette   

    I read somewhere that, of the six cars, two were sold to the same guy.  Not much of a market there, apparently, since nobody ever tried such a thing again.
    That said, I've got one of the Monogram kits on the pile...thinking it would look better with a Nomad-style rear roof section in place of the stock rear glass...
  11. Mark added a post in a topic Old kit custom finned wheel covers needed   

    AMT '64 Imperial
  12. Mark added a post in a topic Why go to all the trouble of a nostalgia look and leave the Edelbrock sticker on the carb ?   

    The block-hugger headers look modern too...not to mention the alternator and what looks like a billet air cleaner.
  13. Mark added a post in a topic 1962-issue Revell '56 F-100   

    Some of the kit was retooled (bed, running boards, entire plated tree) but I never bothered to check to see if the parts were renumbered.  When the retooling was done for the 100% stock version in the late Nineties, the Pontiac engine was eliminated.  It has not been in any issue of the F-100 since then.
    The '62 issue had custom headliner detail that was removed from the next issue (the mid-Seventies "Super Trick Pickup"), and also had clear red taillights.  The taillights were bagged with the tires, so unless that bag was opened and the parts separated, you will probably have two little clear red blobs.  I picked up an original kit for cheap on eBay, only to find the taillights still bagged with the tires.  Earlier this year, a parts box buy from a local automotive swap meet coughed up two unused taillights.
  14. Mark added a post in a topic Ebay sellers - Crazy?   

    It's worth what someone is willing to pay.  There might be only two people out there who need a '68 CJ hood and scoop, but this might be the only one out there...if so, one of those two guys is going to die without having gotten it...