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  1. Those look like the tall Indy car tires. AMT put the tall tires into those "toy tractor-trailer" kits they were doing in '67 or '68 (the North American Van Lines truck that started out as a toy or promo item...there was a dump truck too). The rears got used on those sand dragster kits too. The shorter front tires got used on the '63 F-100 reissue (the one with that dumb camper cap with the raised area at the front), also (of all things) the Mach I Mustang concept car kit.
  2. The last issue of the original kit, prior to the Boss Nova alteration, was in 1969. Slightly different from the annual kit (different custom wheels, a handful of custom parts deleted, red taillight lenses eliminated) but overall pretty much the same.
  3. Looks like someone did a decent job of filling in the rear door lines. With no time off (I've been working all along) but sometimes nowhere to go other than work, I've been doing some time-consuming repairs and bodywork jobs that I had been putting off. One such job involved molding the Advanced Custom parts on a '63 Impala (yes, the assymetrical parts), another will be to mold in one of those custom Nova front end pieces...
  4. Lots of possibilities...stock, some were drag raced, a few built as street machines. Until now, a hard to find kit, and expensive when you did find one. Me, I want one to build with the original customizing parts...
  5. They probably can, it just comes down to licensing costs and if they think enough of them could be sold.
  6. I used to work for a guy who messed with the odometers on his leased Ford Explorers. As I recall, the first one was just turned back. The second one was replaced with a lower mileage odometer from a wreck, the third was just disconnected when it approached the target number (just under the limit specified in the lease). The same guy had an angle iron ladder rack that was bolted to the roof first thing. When the vehicle was turned in, they'd take the rack off, bash in the areas around the holes with a ball-peen hammer, then slob some Bondo in the holes and do a quickie touch-up. On average, he probably put on three times the allowed mileage...on a three year lease, he hit the maximum mileage around the end of the first year. The dealer was apparently making enough money on the leases to look the other way at these activities. They probably flipped the trade-ins at auction, but the dealers getting those vehicles probably just passed them on to the next sucker as-is.
  7. Universal fit = doesn't fit anything in the universe...
  8. I see those commercials and tell myself: "Self, don't take any of those people along if you go shopping for a used car..."
  9. You could get a second copy of the Hemi from the parts pack, which Round 2 has issued. The original drag Deora had that pack but it was not plated. I'd almost bet it will be plated in the new issue though.
  10. Yes, a former AMT employee once stated that. The family is/was from the area. Many of the names on their decal sheets back then were actual people.
  11. Yes, that was a real service station, operated by relatives of the infamous doctor.
  12. The '28 sedan, the Wild Ones issue (could be built as a roadster pickup or woodie wagon), and the first issues of the separate woodie and pickup kits all had solid (no slots) early Halibrand wheels.
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