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  1. Mark added a post in a topic Help Identifying parts/ Looking for parts   

    Carb/air horn units look like AMT '32 Ford coupe.  The carb-to-blower adapter look like it might be cut down from the eight-carb setup that was in the Model King reissue Boss Nova mid-engine Chevy II wagon.  I've never seen a six-carb adapter in a kit.
  2. Mark added a post in a topic Yellow primer?   

    I used rattle-can zinc chromate primer once, years ago, because I asked around and a number of people told me it stuck to aluminum better than other primers.  I don't know if it actually works better, but it is still sticking to the piece I sprayed with it.  An etching primer might work as well or even better, and you can get that in spray cans.
    With all this talk of "yellow primer", I'm surprised nobody has mentioned "Used Cars"... 
  3. Mark added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    The AMT Monte Carlo was altered into the Bobby Allison NASCAR version, probably during '72.  The chassis was used under the AMT '73-'up Malibu stock cars also.  Both of those (MC and Malibu) were reissued by Model King.  The annuals and '70 Motor City Stockers are the same basic kits, only the Motor City Stockers had fewer parts in the box...
  4. Mark added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Make that five: the Sandbagger pictured above is based on Don Garlits' Wynn's Jammer.  If I remember right, the chassis for that one is assembled upside-down compared to the Garlits dragster...
  5. Mark added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    I can't remember the names of any of those, but I think there were four: the T-bucket, the Piranha chassis one, another based on the Surf Woody chassis (which does look like a Logghe Brothers chassis without the roll cage), and one based on the Drag-u-la chassis.
  6. Mark added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    The two Schartman kits are actually the same car.  When he was getting help from Ford, it ran as a Mercury.  When he was racing on his own dime, he switched it over to Ford Maverick trim.
  7. Mark added a post in a topic For the guys who like REAL engines...   

    I'd like to see those "Y-block" cylinder heads next to a pair of stock ones.  Just from that one picture, anyone who has ever seen a stock Y-block head will know that the intake port configuration on those new heads differs drastically from the originals.  Impressive nevertheless, but not much in common with the original design. 
  8. Mark added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    The Jo-Han version of that wheel is the best by far, better than even the ones in the AMT '70 Impala annual.  Unfortunately, Jo-Han never put that wheel into any other kit.
  9. Mark added a post in a topic mustang drag info needed   

    It's based on a Ford concept car, the 1966 Mach I, which resembled a '67 fastback with a chopped top.  AMT did do a Mach I kit in '67; a new body combined with the chassis from their 1966 kit.  It was molded in red.  It was next issued as an Autolite spark plug promotional item, and was called "Autolite Hi-Per Special".  It was molded in metallic blue and was basically the Mach I concept with different wheels.  The Superstang pictured is the third version, was issued in 1969 and was molded in yellow.  It has some drag parts added but still has the '66 Mustang chassis with molded-in exhaust detail.  There is no straight axle setup; that came in MPC Mustang kits (AMT and MPC were separate, competing companies back then).  There was a fourth version of this one issued in the Seventies called Iron Horse.  That one was molded in white and had the drag parts removed, basically back to looking like a '67 Mustang with a chopped top.  The chassis and engine in the currently available '66 Mustang coupe kit are the same parts that were in these Mustangs, combined with the body and interior from the original dealer promotional model.
  10. Mark added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    Okey's Johan (no hyphen) kits, except for the '59 Rambler wagon and snap Chrysler Turbine car, were assembled from stockpiled parts that were molded prior to his acquisition of the Jo-Han assets.  Jo-Han kits from the pre-Seville era did occasionally have parts molded in two colors however.  I've had a few USA Oldies '62 F-85 coupe kits with most parts molded in black, and a small sprue molded in white or tan that included two plastic rod axles and the air cleaner.  The air cleaner in the Oldies issue is different from the original; it originated with the '63 Starfire and was used in that and both F-85 kits ('62 coupe and '61 wagon).
  11. Mark added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    Decals in many post-1970 Jo-Han kits were a crapshoot.  Sometimes you got decals that match the box art illustrations; more often they didn't match.  As I said earlier, I have never seen a Jo-Han decal sheet that matches the Rapid Randy Comet box art.  Some of the Rapid Randy kits I have seen had the gold Mr. Gasket sheet, a couple of them had the Fast Eddie Comet sheet, most however had the Comet funny car sheet with the blue side panel decals.  Whatever they had at the time is what went into the box.  As for the chassis, for the era they were pretty good.  Some of the early MPC Pro Stock kits had chassis with the stock exhaust system detail molded in.  Jo-Han's Sox & Martin '71 Barracuda notched things up a bit (because it was issued only as that; no stock version).  MPC's Motown Missile 'Cuda, which came out two years later, had a stock chassis with molded-in exhaust.
  12. Mark added a post in a topic Jo-Han Maverick and Comet Pro Stock kit comparison   

    The Mr. Gasket decal sheet is from the first issue of the Comet, the '71 annual (one of two '71 Comet kits) that could be built stock (except for Maverick wheel covers) or Pro Stock.  That kit still had the side trim on the body, as well as the chassis with molded-in exhaust system and interior with molded-in seats.  All of that was carried over from the promotional model (which did have correct wheel covers).  The "Comet" decal sheet with the blue panels on it is from the "other" '71 annual, which could only be built as a funny car.  No side trim on the body, hood molded shut. 
    I have never seen a "Rapid Randy" decal sheet in any of these kits, and I've looked at a bunch of them.  "Rapid Randy" is probably a takeoff on "Fast Eddie".  Jo-Han had deals with a number of owners/drivers in the early Seventies to put their names on decal sheets, including Ed Schartman.  Jo-Han went heavily into racing subject matter after losing the last of their Chrysler Corporation promotional model business after 1970.  Revell and MPC later had a few of the same owners/drivers under contract (Mickey Thompson, Gene Snow, Don Nicholson).  The story I heard was that Revell took Jo-Han to court to force them to stop producing the Thompson and Snow funny cars, and Jo-Han then changed the boxes and decal sheets to get their names off of the kits so they could still crank them out.  That doesn't explain their removing Schartman's name from the Comet kit though, as nobody else was using his name after Jo-Han.  I think the Comet was the last car he raced back then.   
    The bucket seats in the Pro Stock kits are dune buggy items; they're super light weight.  Those are accurate (probably the best ones tooled by anybody back then) and were used in 1:1 scale by most Pro Stock teams back then. 
  13. Mark added a post in a topic Is there any decent kit of 1956 Continental MK II?   

    Moebius won't do the racing history, very few of them customized, no alternate body styles save a couple of convertible conversions.  As much as we might like to see one, you can't really be too upset about nobody having done one.  One of the Mints did a decent diecast in 1/24 scale, and Ideal did a 1/20 scale kit way back when.  The Ideal kit is simplified, but the one I saw a long while back still looked pretty decent.  I think Modelhaus sold a resin copy of the complete kit years ago, but no longer offers the body now. 
  14. Mark added a post in a topic RILEY HEAD CONVERSION   

    I've heard that the HOT ROD issue of the pickup has a different (retooled) chrome tree from earlier issues, and the chrome cylinder head on that tree does not have "Winfield" lettering.  That would pretty much make it look like a chrome-plated stock head.  The original tree was (supposedly) restored to the Rat Rod and subsequent issues, and so has the Winfield head with the lettering.
    The Rat Rod and later issues have a 100% stock closed pickup cab.  Earlier issues (including the original) have a cab without the filler piece around the rear window.  That panel unbolts from the back panel of the cab, and some guys did take it out and fit a bigger rear window.  But the small window is more correct for stock.  Unfortunately, only the first issue had the stock wheels (different from those in the '31 kits), and the tires included were made of that nasty Revell plastic-softening vinyl.
    No issue of any of the pickup (or the '31 sedan/woody/delivery, for that matter) include any pedals (gas, brake, clutch).
  15. Mark added a post in a topic AMT "Rides Magazine" 40 Ford info needed   

    The main body is the same (mostly)...check the area below the cargo door.  Earlier issue delivery kits had rear bumper brackets molded to the lower body.  The Round 2 Three Stooges issue has the body notched in that area to allow the usage of the coupe's bumper brackets that are molded as part of the chassis.  I think the alteration was made for the RIDES issue pictured.  If you have the delivery's rear bumper, you could cut the lower pan area from the damaged body and piece it into the RIDES one.