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  1. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    I don't use EZPass, but handle a number of accounts at work.  All are charged to one credit card.  When I set them up, I was able to set the reimbursement amount.  I had the idea to set each one up with a different amount, so when I looked at the credit card statement I would know which accounts were being reimbursed.  After a month or so, they went ahead and changed all of them, most to the same amount. 
  2. Mark added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    All of the Frog/AMT kits I have seen were 1968 kits.  If your Corvette has a chassis with the exhaust system and suspension molded as part of it, it will be the '68. 
  3. Mark added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    Only some of the '68 kits were way off (Camaro, Firebird, Chevrolet SS 427).  The boxes for those are marked "AMT for '68".  The Corvair was also a "for '68" deal; I don't have that one, but would guess that it is a '67 that was not updated.  Some of the others (Falcon, Chevelle) couldn't be built 100% stock but were accurate for the most part.  The Falcon didn't have stock wheels, the Chevelle didn't have a stock engine.  Those weren't marked "for '68", just '68.  The Corvette was the worst of the bunch, probably the worst thing AMT ever cranked out.    
  4. Mark added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    But the box wasn't marked "for '68" as with the Camaro, Firebird, etc.  Why, I don't know...but then again I don't know why they would have guessed at the thing like that.  If they didn't have any advance information, they could have waited until the 1:1 car was available, then do a crash program to get a more correct one out.
  5. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Don't get me started on EZPass.  Count up all of the people in your state who are using it, figure each has $25 or so on account at any given time...then arrive at whatever that works out to...a rolling, ongoing, permanent, interest-free loan to the state.  Slip up though, buddy, and they'll nail you to the wall for all sorts of service charges.
  6. Mark added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    Nasty as that '68 'Vette is, I don't think it's a "for '68" kit.  MPC had the promo model contract for Chevrolet in '68, and they probably made sure AMT didn't get any advance info on any '68 car that MPC was going to do as a promotional model.  AMT had to throw that Corvette out there, as well as the "SS 427" oddity.  They did get a decent '68 Chevelle kit out, but even that one didn't have stock engine parts.  AMT did a better Corvette kit for '69.  That '68 did get reissued twice, first as the AC spark plug tie-in "AC cellerator" custom, later as a John Greenwood GT version.  Greenwood must have been thrilled to open the box and see what was inside...
  7. Mark added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    Whether or not something still exists plays a part in deciding what will be reissued!  That said, the box for the stand-alone Firebird kit reads "AMT for '68".  The Firebird, Camaro, and "Chevrolet SS 427" were "for '68" kits that couldn't be built stock.  I think the Corvair was a "for '68" deal also, but can't remember off the top of my head.  The "for '68" kits were something I avoided like the plague in years past, but recently I've picked up the Camaro, Firebird, and Chevrolet.  The "Chevrolet SS 427" is a real hoot; picture if you will a '67 Impala assembled as the custom version, with all exterior trim (script) removed and the rear window completely filled in.  I'm looking at sticking that one together as pictured on the box, just have to check and see if the decals are usable...   
  8. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    The tolls on the New York Thruway were supposed to end when it was paid for, in the mid-Nineties.  A couple of years before that, though, the state created a new entity that purchased the Thruway from the existing one.  Mortgaged for another twenty or thirty years, the sale price went into the till to help balance the budget one year.  The same thing was done again in another year, this time with the buildings that belonged to the prison system.
    Locally, a few years ago a couple of guys campaigned to get one particular toll booth removed, claiming the state never had the authority to put that one in in the first place.  They fought it for several years, collecting tolls all the while, but were eventually forced to remove it.  Shortly afterward, one of those guys got a series of threatening letters, and he spotted someone watching his home...turned out to be a toll collector.  I'm not sure if he got jail time, but he did eventually get fired over that.  The morning the toll booth was shut down, one of the local radio stations set up nearby, handing out donuts and coffee.  Another toll collector showed up screaming at them about how he was going to be out of a job.  If I remember right, they actually had to call the police on the guy.  I guess that job was his birthright...
    One local legislator got on the bandwagon to make the "temporary" 1% sales tax addition permanent.  His quote was, "it's only a lousy penny".  Someone did some digging and found out that this guy was collecting a pension as a county employee, and was close to nailing down a second pension as a legislator...the heat got turned up on him, and he dropped out just short of qualifying for the second pension. 
  9. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    When government employees are a large enough group to constitute a voting bloc, it's probably too late to do much about it.
    Around here, we had a "temporary" 1% sales tax that lasted over 20 years.  Several other counties also had a "temporary" 1% also.  Everyone was just waiting for someone/anyone to push it through as a permanent measure, then the rest followed.
  10. Mark added a post in a topic AMT 1959 Corvette differences   

    The one-piece clear hardtop was used in the '60 and '61 annuals also.  The '62 annual hardtop kit included only a custom hardtop.  So, if in 1962 you bought the annual "hardtop" kit and built it stock, you had a convertible.
  11. Mark added a post in a topic New releases at Hobby Lobby   

    One store in my area had the MPC '79 Trans-Am.  Shelf price $29.99, 40% off was still over $19 with sales tax...more than I really wanted to pay for that particular kit, but in all likelihood cheaper than at a show or from any of the online sellers.  Some of the online sellers seem to be shying away from that particular kit; maybe they are figuring on the craft stores carrying it.  The HL website shows the AMT '64 Impala and '53 Ford pickup, but I think I've got as many of those as I need.  LHS still gets plenty of business from me...grabbed a Moebius Satellite there this morning, and will probably get the MPC Cosmic Charger when those come in.
  12. Mark added a post in a topic AMT 1959 Corvette differences   

    The reissue kits are actually 1960...'60 seat upholstery pattern, and the opening hood and engine.  The '59 annual kit(s) did not include an engine.  The reissues have blank license plates.  These have rims with separate wheel covers.  Over the years, the rims were messed with so they would fit those two-piece tires.
  13. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Every time you click on an "I agree" box, you're accepting whatever new terms they see fit to offer.  Same thing with your online banking and credit card're incrementally giving up rights.  And, they browbeat you into a new agreement every time you sign up for an update or a new service.  With online banking, they'll shoot you a revised agreement every so often, and if you don't accept the new terms then your access is blocked.
  14. Mark added a post in a topic AMT PRESTIGE SERIES   

    The '63 Galaxie was the big news in that series; it hadn't been out since '63 (the original annual kit) and was thought to have been long lost.  The following year, the '63 Impala was a big deal.  I remember talking to the AMT guy (John O'Neill) at the MCCA convention in Dayton.  They had a display there, and were showing off the whitewall tires.  The story he told was that they found the equipment AMT used to stamp the tires, but had to science it out because nobody was there from when it was last used.  The stamping on the lettered side of the tire was something they couldn't prevent.  At the time, the Firestone Supreme tire tooling hadn't turned up, and he (O'Neill) opined that it was lost, so they were using the tires they had. 
  15. Mark added a post in a topic AMT PRESTIGE SERIES   

    Besides the display base (which was the one from the MPC 1/20 scale Indy Turbine car kit), the Prestige kits included printed whitewall tires.  AMT hadn't included them since the mid-Seventies, and nobody else was doing them at that time.  The thing was, they hadn't found the tooling for the Firestone Supreme tires so they were printing the whitewalls on Firestone Deluxe Champion tires which had raised lettering on one side.  Nobody was making sure the non-lettered side got fed into the machine for printing, so only about half the tires were any good.