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  1. Compare the MPC chassis with AMT's. On the MPC (shown) you can see the seam on the oil pan where the engine is halved in the AMT kit. If I remember right, the top of the MPC chassis has some of the engraved trunk mat detail from the AMT kit, even though the MPC kit doesn't have an opening trunk.
  2. The MPC snap Mercury is cribbed from the AMT kit. It is called a '49 but has '50 side trim (and a '49 grille).
  3. With those sellers, often the only items that aren't complete are those they haven't checked. It's a Festivus miracle!
  4. That's from the very first issue, the only one with stock side trim, stock interior, and stock engine.
  5. For some guys, the fun IS in the research, the rivet counting. For others, it's in tweaking contours and trim until they are a perfect match to the 1:1 to their eyes. For others, it's the perfect paint job. Some just want something no one else has. Whichever it is for you, if it's not fun, it's work.
  6. I'd say if the Jo-Han boxes are the thinner cardboard, then they were shrink-wrapped. Thick cardboard boxes with printed paper glued to it were likely taped.
  7. MPC shrink-wrapped their kits from day one (1964). AMT started with the '67 annual kits in late '66 and phased in Trophy Series kits as they were reboxed after that. I know '67 Jo-Han annuals were sealed, not sure about '66 but I don't think they were. Revell was off and on, the '62 Mopar kits were wrapped but I don't think the Metalflake reissues were. Some early parts packs weren't boxed, they were shrink-wrapped to a piece of cardboard.
  8. Sealed annual kits from that era are probably tougher to find than mint condition, not-messed-with promotional models now.
  9. Sure is possible; in early issue Revell Tri-five Chevy kits, it's inevitable. That's how they are. I've also got a first-issue '56 Ford pickup kit, and I'm certain that it doesn't have any black plastic parts.
  10. I've got a '55 kit that has a 1971 copyright, it has all the parts molded in white. I built another of the very same issue, in 1972 at the latest (we moved that year, and were still in the city). That one had black chassis and engine parts like the first issue, and it also had the slicks and mag wheels that aren't in the one I have now. So even though both had the same box art, running changes were made. I'm not sure when the red taillight lenses were removed, but my "later 1971" issue doesn't have them.
  11. IF Round 2 brought the kit back, it would almost certainly have the '69 body. The original MPC '68 and '69 (there wasn't a '67 version) used the concurrent promo model (closed hood) version of the Barracuda body.
  12. Those hood vents are '61 only, AMT put those in a number of annual kits. I've lost count of the number of little pieces of plastic that I filed to shape, to plug holes cut in hoods for them. As for the '55 Chevy, I remember building one in '71 or '72 that had a black chassis. It wasn't an original issue. I've got another of that issue, will check that one but it has other differences to the one I built long ago.
  13. The Ford pickup is probably a '61 or '62, the trailer came with it. Looks like a '61 based on the hood trim pieces. The Revell '55 Chevy is a fairly early issue with the black chassis, I believe they came with the chassis parts molded in black into the early Seventies. If it has red taillight lenses, it is a first issue kit.
  14. Willy Wonka should be driving it, with My Little Pony pulling it...
  15. None of the van kits had a wheel cover like those in the '73-'75 pickups. The one in the earlier van kits resembled an earlier full size car wheel cover, more like a '69 or '70 piece.
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