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  1. Mark added a post in a topic Lindberg 1/12 scale Fiat Topolino "dragster"   

    That chassis was used under another body (futuristic roadster thingie) and also briefly sold by itself, with the engine but no body.  I think the engine is supposed to be a 413 Mopar, but probably got compromised for the electric motor setup.  I had one of those when I was a kid, can't remember if the electric motor was inside the engine block or maybe the transmission.
    One guy I know sells a lot of kits and builtups, as I remember when he got one of those he'd save the body parts and toss the rest because most buyers only wanted the body from that kit.
  2. Mark added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Datsun Pickup 3n1 Kit Parts Review   

    The annual kits had two-piece plastic tires, with the hubcap/wheel rim half as a separate piece.  The tire and wheel half were never a single unit.
  3. Mark added a post in a topic 1964 Studebaker Avanti   

    Studebaker made changes from car to car; not all 1964 Avantis had the rectangular headlamp bezels (those were an option).  The round ones were actually leftover pickup truck units turned on one side.  The grille below the bumper was a running change also, the earliest cars did not have it but later 1963 cars did.  Another change was the shape of the battery.  The early cars had the long/skinny battery as included in the AMT kit, but late '63 and all '64 cars had a more rectangular one.
  4. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    If the boxes are open, ask to look through before you buy.  With most sellers, it's "complete unless marked otherwise" on the price sticker, but not all. 
  5. Mark added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Someone may have bought it, taken it home, then returned it minus the part(s) they wanted for free.
  6. Mark added a post in a topic Toys R Us   

    Anyone remember Child World?  They were THE toy store for kits in the late Seventies/early Eighties...they'd even have Jo-Han stuff every so often.  The toy selection was good too...that was my go-to place for Christmas shopping for my nieces...
  7. Mark added a post in a topic Three Rivers Automodelers 39th annual show and contest   

    If I remember right, they start judging around 1:00 pm, and announce the winners close to the end of the show.
  8. Mark added a post in a topic Toys R Us   

    Last time I was in there (Christmas shopping last year) I spotted a couple of Polar Lights Ecto-1 kits on the shelves with the diecast stuff.  About fifteen years ago, they had aisle displays of kits at Christmas time, but they haven't had kits in a "normal" place on the shelves in nearly twenty years.  I remember when they cleared out the remaining kits back then, I bought a bunch of AMT Pro Shop '57 Chevies, $3.33 apiece.  They had the pro street and "basic" (no photoetch) versions, but I snagged the Pro Shop kits and resold them over the next year or two and fairly well with them.  I might still have one or two of them stashed from that deal.
  9. Mark added a post in a topic 1959-'60 Mercury engine source   

    Looks like you've got '62 wheel covers also.
  10. Mark added a post in a topic Not sure whether this has any value...   

    That's in great shape, and you even have the box that goes with it.  I'd leave it alone.
    Ironic that the return address for Ford was in Plymouth, Michigan.  I was in Plymouth a few years back, I wonder where Ford may have been there.
  11. Mark added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby has lost the plot with Vallejo Paint pricing   

    HL is probably buying in enough volume that they can deal with Revell directly, where a local, one-location shop has to go through a wholesaler. 
  12. Mark added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    The Thunderbolts had notched shock towers, to fit the FE-series wedge engine.  I've got a stock '62 Fairlane (same basic body '62-'65), the towers are bulged out (inward) at the bottom making the engine compartment narrower in that area.  The T-bolt conversions were farmed out to Dearborn Steel Tubing for the conversion work.
  13. Mark added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby reset coming   

    They will also have the MPC (stock) Datsun pickup, AMT '57 Ford ('57 Fords must do pretty well for them), and Polar Lights Tom McEwen funny car...that pretty much evens up the Revell-Monogram/Round 2 balance.
  14. Mark added a post in a topic 70 AAR Cuda-Revell   

    I'd bet they will do it eventually...they'll wait until sales slow down for the first two versions before crowding the market with a third one.
  15. Mark added a post in a topic When Jo Han was a competetor - 62 Rambler Classic   

    That auction price probably isn't out of line with what some mail-order sellers and show vendors would ask for a '61 Plymouth kit.  I can't remember what I paid for my unbuilt one, but at the time it might have been high (though nowhere near that high).  I think it's starting to sink in with most folks that Jo-Han isn't going to be staging any great comeback.  I sold a couple of "extra" Jo-Han items at NNL East...probably the last Jo-Han stuff I'll let go of.  I'm not in any sort of "acquisition mode", but if something turns up at the right price I'll jump on it, whether to keep or resell...