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    New member searching for advice restoring old Stutz model
    Hi, I have been away from modeling for some years. I recently purchased an old model of a Stutz Bearcat in pieces on ebay. I have the hope of bringing it back to life.

    When the parts arrived I was delighted to find it was mostly complete and just needs to be repaired. But I am not sure where to begin because amazingly, I can not determine what it is made of. The body panels are extreemly thin, and the borders of the fenders have fine wire imbedded in them. I believe this model was built in the 1950s. It looks like the Aurora kit in 1/16 scale offered back then. The wheels look to be plastic with rubber tires so they may be from that kit. But most of the parts appear to be made of wood not plastic. Inspecting the edges of the fender pieces that need to be repaired it looks like they may actually have been made of a thick paper stiffened with something. The running board and splash apron look to be very thin balsa wood.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this sort of construction. Specifically I need advice on what sort of adhesive to use to reassemble this car. I like the patina so I want to do as little damage to the existing paint as possible.

    Any advice on repair or knowledge about how this model was built would be appreciated.


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