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  1. From the side it looks to me like it could be the evolution of the Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  2. The wire is too thick a gauge. Also the back one should be straight not on an angle like it is now. You're very close. Use a smaller gauge wire and keep it wound tight and you should be golden.
  3. Looks very nice and quite a clean build. A small suggestion for your next project if you'll indulge me. Your return springs are a bit on the large side. Keeping everything in scale against each other will go a long way towards giving you a more realistic look.
  4. That really wouldn't work if you're going for realism. When teams aren't advertising for their sponsors on the track, they're advertising for them on the streets(see below). A couple decals in the corner aren't gonna cut it. I would suggest getting some pics of the trailers you want to replicate and see if someone could make them for you.
  5. Hearing some more of the back story does seem to eliminate the "home cooking" issue so that is a plus. I definitely see why you entered some kits especially in classes with no entries. From what you describe the issue is sore losers who don't have the ability to match yours. Nothing wrong with you being a good modeler. The problem is how they are reacting to losing to a better model. Very poor behavior on their part.
  6. Just curious, is the show judged by the club or popular vote? Playing Devil's Advocate here, but possibly the reason the number of entries was down is due to club members entering, and winning, their own contest? I'm not saying that your models weren't deserving of winning, just that club members winning in their own contests will send conspiracy theorists in to a tizzy no matter how good the winning models are.
  7. I think you missed the train then, you're posting on page 10 & the thread is now on page 11. Just sayin.
  8. A lot of people are commenting here that they build for themselves. They aren't gonna change to please me. Misunderstanding what I'm saying and trying to apply it to the entire hobby. Well I'm sorry but I'm not talking about 99% of you. Unless your name is nationally known, Unless your builds are consistently featured in magazines every other issue, I'm NOT directing my question towards your builds. It's directed at a very select few who are in the upper echelon of the hobby.
  9. Dear Lord does no one know how to comprehend what they read anymore?! I NEVER said people had to build to a standard above themselves. I'm saying their build (singular) should have the same level of quality, their level of quality, through the whole build not just 90% of it
  10. That just validates the topic even more. On its face it may not have interested you much but as it developed you felt compelled to share your opinion on the subject and replies. Not too bad if I do say so myself.
  11. That is a very large part of my point Tom. Now imagine every model he did got national acclaim & was set as a measuring stick of the hobby as a goal to strive for. Would it not be upsetting that what could have been a wonderful model isn't, and worse yet gets the spotlight on it continuously. As to the last sentence, I'm sorry for your loss. In the grand scheme of things your right it doesn't matter much, but in the grand scheme of things not much hobby related, any hobby, doesn't matter much.
  12. Yes, some good points Tom but the highlighted portion misses my question. I'm only talking about building ONE project at a time and building THAT model to the same level of detail throughout the ENTIRE build, not stopping short with the detail just before the finish of the project. Looking at Gregg Nichol's Backdraft you can see what I mean about a model being cohesive in the detail throughout. Let's say in place of the dropped front axle he used a steel axle from an old AMT kit instead. Surely you would question that and wonder why he didn't make a front axle to match the rest of the model's detail. Does this example help get my point across (God I hope so) any better?
  13. I never said that. What I'm saying is the level of detail should be consistent through out the entire model. I hope this clarifies things a bit. If a builders goes 100% on a model why got thru all that work only to stop 50 feet short of the finish line & drop the level of quality. I wasn't going to cite a specific example but since it has been brought up by several others in this thread I will. Read carefully what I write please & thank you. First off, can John Teresi build better than I? Right now, most definitely. Will I ever get to his level? No idea, but that does NOT discount me from being able to have an opinion on his builds. His trike is built very well overall. It's obvious he put a lot of effort into the build and it should be acknowledged and I do. Much better than I could do tackling the same subject. That said the belt/pulley mismatch baffles me. Why put all that effort into that build only to have that aspect look like he handed it off to another builder or just blindly grabbed a belt from the shelf and threw it on there to get the project done? Before anyone says why don't you ask the builders, I did ask John and got no response. This will be my only planned citing of a specific build or builder. Please do not turn this into a personal attack against myself or John. Thank you.
  14. I have been here for a bit and have see the ripping of new ones. I have also seen a very vocal majority beat people down for saying the manufacturers should provide more accurate products. That is the mediocrity I was referencing.
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