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  1. The wire is too thick a gauge. Also the back one should be straight not on an angle like it is now. You're very close. Use a smaller gauge wire and keep it wound tight and you should be golden.

  2. Looks very nice and quite a clean build. A small suggestion for your next project if you'll indulge me. Your return springs are a bit on the large side. Keeping everything in scale against each other will go a long way towards giving you a more realistic look.

  3. Maybe not but really if I had the miller logos on the truck, and a couple on the top corners of the trailer

    That really wouldn't work if you're going for realism. When teams aren't advertising for their sponsors on the track, they're advertising for them on the streets(see below). A couple decals in the corner aren't gonna cut it. I would suggest getting some pics of the trailers you want to replicate and see if someone could make them for you.



  4. The voting was done by a group of 6 judges, only one was from our club (our club is 98% military). I was judging figures and SciFi. Several things were against us mainly the Atlanta show was just last week. I didn't see a single person from the Atlanta or Birmingham clubs, 1 person from Chattanooga was there.

    I really hate the fact the awards went to one person but I had the only entries in the open wheel class, the only 2 entries in the closed wheel class, 1 of 3 in the curbside class, 1 of 3 in the Misc class. Last year no members won anything in the automotive class so "home cooking" can be thrown right out the window. I only entered so many to help boost the entries in the classes, in no way did i expect to win with anything except my 32 Ford.

    I hate to say it but i think i will just quit entering shows, I spend months building my models, painting, buffing to a semi flawless shine, doing wiring and plumbing in the engine bays, as much photo etch as i can without making the car look cheapened by it, antennas and even valve stems and people get pissed when my cars beat theirs. Really kills building models for me......had i not been a member of the club people would still have complained. IDK but i wish i never would have even entered now..

    Hearing some more of the back story does seem to eliminate the "home cooking" issue so that is a plus. I definitely see why you entered some kits especially in classes with no entries.

    From what you describe the issue is sore losers who don't have the ability to match yours. Nothing wrong with you being a good modeler. The problem is how they are reacting to losing to a better model. Very poor behavior on their part.

  5. What a day Saturday was! We had our club show and it was a great time!

    And i entered 11 cars in the contest..............Our car entry numbers were down in every class except Pre-48 and Custom. I ended up taking home 7 first place, 2 second place and 1 3rd place Awards!!!!

    Just curious, is the show judged by the club or popular vote? Playing Devil's Advocate here, but possibly the reason the number of entries was down is due to club members entering, and winning, their own contest? I'm not saying that your models weren't deserving of winning, just that club members winning in their own contests will send conspiracy theorists in to a tizzy no matter how good the winning models are.

  6. A lot of people are commenting here that they build for themselves. They aren't gonna change to please me. Misunderstanding what I'm saying and trying to apply it to the entire hobby. Well I'm sorry but I'm not talking about 99% of you. Unless your name is nationally known, Unless your builds are consistently featured in magazines every other issue, I'm NOT directing my question towards your builds. It's directed at a very select few who are in the upper echelon of the hobby.

  7. I would think that after 9 pages, most of you guys would get it.

    There are modelers out there that are not building to the Morrison standard.

    There are magazine editors that are not selecting content that is up to the Morrison standard.

    This has got to stop.

    If only Van Gogh had been alive to paint in our modern times. The night sky in "Starry Night" could have been so much more accurate with Jonathon's guidance.

    Surely we can all step up our game and start building to the Morrison standard.

    Surely we can all provide Jonathon with acceptable answers to his clearly and precisely worded question.

    Sorry, but the arrogance of someone to think others need to change their standards to fit his is off the charts.

    Dear Lord does no one know how to comprehend what they read anymore?! I NEVER said people had to build to a standard above themselves. I'm saying their build (singular) should have the same level of quality, their level of quality, through the whole build not just 90% of it

  8. Awhile back , one of my models was featured in a magazine . Several days later , a member posted in a thread similar to this one about a certain Mustang , built by a certain modeler , still had the GM label left on the frame . He went further , stating that the spoiler was installed completely wrong .

    He was correct ..... However , it was done on purpose on a dare / bet proposition due to an incident that had occurred at a contest several months before that we had attended . I did not sand the logo off the Nova Pro street frame that came from the AMT kit for that reason . As for the spoiler ? Off coarse I knew that it was not installed to standards , reason being , because I liked it that way !

    I'm sorry but I have to call BS on that. It sounds like excuses for sloppy work. That may not be the case but that's how it sounds, sorry.

    As a builder , I owe only one person an explanation , that , would be me ..... The only exception would be a customer who contracts my services . Otherwise , it is my model , my art , my vision , and I owe no one an explanation for said reasons .

    I have met more than my fair share of ax grinders , those with personal agendas , most being arm chair quarterbacks that couldn't put two engine halves together without glueing themselves to the work table . However , they are experts in the hobby , and feel free to tear down other modelers work .

    Me ? I contribute to the hobby on a daily business . I did not seek out the recognition as someone suggested , rather it found me . It is my hobby , I strive to build each model better than the last one . After 52 years , I am still learning and pushing the proverbial envelope to become a better modeler .

    To suggest that anyone "owes" the modeling world on each and every build is ludicrous . I build for me , if it winds your watch , great ! If it doesn't , oh well ..... The bottom line , my hobby , my build , my way !

    Again, reading comprehension is lacking. I NEVER said each and every build. I said if you start detailing a model to a certain standard the WHOLE MODEL(singular) should be build to the same standard especially when that model will see national publication.

    Definitely build your builds, your way. However it's not only your hobby, you share it with many people.

  9. Jonathon... I get your point. There was a guy in my club who was a good builder. He'd bring in progress models to our meetings and they were excellent. Somehow it seemed he lost interest in the last 10% of his builds, and just hurried through the steps to finish. And the overall model suffered. We'd whisper to each other that he had that chance to build a wonderful model, but blew it in the last steps. Argh! But he was happy with what he did. So it was our problem not his. He died this past year, so does any of that matter at all? Not one iota.

    That is a very large part of my point Tom. Now imagine every model he did got national acclaim & was set as a measuring stick of the hobby as a goal to strive for. Would it not be upsetting that what could have been a wonderful model isn't, and worse yet gets the spotlight on it continuously.

    As to the last sentence, I'm sorry for your loss. In the grand scheme of things your right it doesn't matter much, but in the grand scheme of things not much hobby related, any hobby, doesn't matter much.

  10. Wow! It must be nearing feeding time at the zoo... folks is getting a bit cranky! :D

    There are guys in this hobby who do amazing work and are constantly pushing themselves forward into new levels of detail. We call this "the cutting edge" of the hobby. For instance take Gregg Nichols model "Backdraft". I was at the Liars show on Long Island last week and that model won Best in Show and Peoples Choice. There were people crowded around it all day. I never got near it to take photos. A model like this represents that cutting edge. Now if I saw a thread titled, "Gregg Nichols next model", I'd immediately click on it and anticipate being wowed and entertained. A reasonable expectation. But does he owe me, you, or the hobby anything? Nope. We can hope that the next model will be cooler, will reach forward past that cutting edge... but if he decides to do a box stock copy of his grandfather's car, so be it. We have no right to second guess his art.

    And we need guys to constantly challenge that "cutting edge" and bump the ceiling. The hobby would stagnate without this growth. And the guys who push this edge are some of the nicest, most humble folks you'd be honored to call a friend! Are they doing it for fame? In most cases no, they are just listening to the voices in their head and they themselves are amazed that they've achieved what they have.

    And there are guys at all levels whose work I enjoy. Some of us have developed styles that you immediately recognize. I love nothing more than participating in a build thread as a spectator. I love to watch the progress day to day. It energizes me and I root for the builder. There are builds that show so much promise, but fall short of my goals... note I said my goals... but we don't know what is in the head of the builder. That 'off' detail may be perfectly fine in their world. And who am I to argue? It is their model.

    Yes, some good points Tom but the highlighted portion misses my question. I'm only talking about building ONE project at a time and building THAT model to the same level of detail throughout the ENTIRE build, not stopping short with the detail just before the finish of the project.

    Looking at Gregg Nichol's Backdraft you can see what I mean about a model being cohesive in the detail throughout. Let's say in place of the dropped front axle he used a steel axle from an old AMT kit instead. Surely you would question that and wonder why he didn't make a front axle to match the rest of the model's detail. Does this example help get my point across (God I hope so) any better?

  11. No builder should feel an obligation to create a 100% model everytime.

    I never said that. What I'm saying is the level of detail should be consistent through out the entire model. I hope this clarifies things a bit. If a builders goes 100% on a model why got thru all that work only to stop 50 feet short of the finish line & drop the level of quality. I wasn't going to cite a specific example but since it has been brought up by several others in this thread I will. Read carefully what I write please & thank you.

    First off, can John Teresi build better than I? Right now, most definitely. Will I ever get to his level? No idea, but that does NOT discount me from being able to have an opinion on his builds. His trike is built very well overall. It's obvious he put a lot of effort into the build and it should be acknowledged and I do. Much better than I could do tackling the same subject. That said the belt/pulley mismatch baffles me. Why put all that effort into that build only to have that aspect look like he handed it off to another builder or just blindly grabbed a belt from the shelf and threw it on there to get the project done? Before anyone says why don't you ask the builders, I did ask John and got no response.

    This will be my only planned citing of a specific build or builder. Please do not turn this into a personal attack against myself or John. Thank you.

  12. You must not have been hanging here very long. A lot of these guys tear the manufacturers new ones for every significant flaw in new issues. Including me. Model companies SHOULD be held to some sort of "professional" standards...like getting things SCALED correctly if they're going to call them "SCALE MODELS".

    I have been here for a bit and have see the ripping of new ones. I have also seen a very vocal majority beat people down for saying the manufacturers should provide more accurate products. That is the mediocrity I was referencing.
  13. That's VERY true, but that's not how I'm reading the majority of responses to this topic. Pointing out something that could have been done better on an otherwise spectacular build is one thing, but calling that build "mediocre", "lazy" or "unprofessional" (I'm quoting terms you've used here) because of a few flaws is something else entirely.

    Where are the "professional" standards for building model cars documented? I'm really curious. I know where to look them up for most of the fields I WORK in (as in vocation), but I'm completely ignorant as to where to find them relative to model-building (model-building for pleasure...not prototypes for product development, wind-tunnel work, etc.).

    I'm sorry I wasnt completely clear. I'm not saying the buolders are lazy or unprofessional but taking the shortcuts they do can appear that way especially to people outside the hobby who will ask why xxxx couldn't have been done when the rest of the model is finished so well. The mediocrity comment was based more on the comments that give model companies a free pass on any errors they make.
  14. So, you don't want the glory or fame. You just want to criticize those that have it. Classic. :rolleyes: Post up one of your models and show everyone how it should be done. It's obvious that you think you can build better than the person or persons that you're criticizing. So, show us what you can do. Maybe you can teach us mediocre builders a few things. Maybe if you had the courage to throw some names out as to who you think is lazy and unprofessional, we might understand your position a little better.

    I have said REPEATEDLY this thread is NOT about my build quality or most other people on the board! It's about well established builders who have proven they can do better but fall short in the final execution of the build.

    In my discussion with Casey about this post he suggested I NOT include names. I agreed that was the way to go. It avoids personal attacks and gives the question more validity on it's own. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out some of the people this topic could apply to.

  15. Why can't a member ask for other's opinions in regard to his opinions? Why are the tough questions that make people think and consider their own opinions, as well as those of others, considered a bad thing, something that should be frowned upon? I admitted I knew the O.P.'s question was loaded from the start and that is was a judgement call on my part, but there's nothing wrong with discussing the topic even if it creeps to the fringes of legitimacy.

    Sometimes we have to give posts a certain amount of leeway when we feel the discussion has value to the membership. Not everyone will, nor do they have to agree, but we make judgement calls and they are not perfectly consistent all the time. This is one of those times.

    Well put Casey, thank you. As another poster said, Asking why serious, thought provoking questions can never be asked without such resistance could be a topic unto itself.
  16. If you truly want that, then build the model that will do that. If you can't, don't expect someone else to do it! Unless you can build a better model than the person you're criticizing and prove it, you have no grounds to criticize them or hold them to a higher level than you yourself can achieve. If you can, we all want to see it. If you want the hobby to go to a higher level, take it there with a built model. You'll get all of the exposure you're after. I guarantee it. Then, we can hold you up to the level that we expect from you. But, it's easier to join a forum and complain because builders that get the exposure aren't meeting your expectations of them, isn't it?

    Again what I have replied previously in this thread has been overlooked/ignored. I'm NOT after glory or fame myself. I'm talking about builders whose skill level is very high and already have national exposure. When 90% or more of their build is great that 10% that isn't stands out even more and looks lazy or unprofessional. When a builder shows they can do much better but shortcuts an aspect of their build it's a let down.

    I was bringing this topic up to see if their were other like minded people in the hobby. Unfortunately it looks like most are more than willing to accept and defend mediocrity in the face of quality. Sadly this is not just prevalent in the hobby but a lot of aspects of society but that is a topic for a different place.

  17. Simply put, to expect someone else to be perfect, when we ourselves aren't, is ridiculous period. The perfect model has yet to be built and probably never will be.

    Again the point was missed and an invalid response was made. I NEVER said I expect anyone to build a perfect model. It's not possible. However if you are going to add detail make sure the detail is correctly don, not just detail for the sake of detail.
  18. So if you don't want to FORCE the issue, what else is there? How do you achieve voluntary submission to a "get it right or else" scenario??

    I'm just wanting to see what others think about the subject. I'm not saying a builder HAS to do anything. Would I like to see the hobby better represented at the highest, most recognized levels? Of course. Do I expect anything to change? Not realistically. If there was a larger concensus if hobbyists who felt the same way, then change might occur but it looks like sadly that us not the case.

  19. Bottom line, if it's not your work, you can't force someone to live up to your expectations because you want em to.

    Again I NEVER said to FORCE anyone to build to a certain level. Please go back and read all my posts and work on your reading comprehension skills before replying again. Yes I realize that was passive aggressive but it's getting tiresome having to say the same thing over and over and over.
  20. What exactly are you trying to accomplish here? I mean, I get you're saying people should do it right, but are you just gum-flapping and not acting on it?

    If someone opens a panel wrong, are you just going to tell him it's wrong, or or you going to help him gel better and then, as a result, get your wish?

    I didn't really wanna get involved in a flame topic, but I had to ask you.

    First, this is not nor was it intended to be a flame topic. It devolved into that because of some immature answers and an unwillingness or fear of having an adult conversation about an admittedly charged topic.

    Second, I'm not talking about helping a new or average builder. I'm talking about nationally recognized builders who have the ability to build to a very high standard but for some reason say either "I build for myself" or "I don't know about xxxx" to excuse away a portion of the build that isn't up to the standard of the rest of the build.

  21. I understood the question from the beginning...

    Do individuals owe it to the hobby to knock it out of the park with every single model they build, no they don't. Why shouldn't a highly skilled builder be forced to build super detail every time they build...

    If that is what you thought my question was then you didn't understand it as much as you thought you did. I'm not saying they have to super detail every build. I'm saying if they are going to add detail at least take the time to make sure it is correct and well done. If they are going to open a panel make sure it fits right, opens & closes correctly etc. If they add parts make sure they are in scale and installed correctly. An example NOT on a top builders model but helps illustrateumy point. I've seen a model with a throttle return spring that was very oversized and mounted vertically instead of horizontally. Things like that are what I'm commenting about.

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