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  1. That is perfectly acceptable and pretty much what I was looking for in an answer. Not the passive aggressive, judgmental, name calling responses that have been the bulk of what has been given.
  2. Thank you Harry. I knew going in it was a provocative question to ask and was hoping for an adult conversation about it. BTW It's my opinion only. I am NOT trying to force anyone to build a certain way or to any certain standard.
  3. Without citing specific examples as to not single out any one specific builder it's a little harder to make the point. Some seem to get the question though. I'll try to explain a little more in detail as best I can. When someone is a builder held in high esteem in the hobby and one of the go to people for magazine articles and such, how many times can they make the same mistake or use the excuse "I don't know about xxxx"? At a certain point shouldn't those who are at the head of the hobby learn from their mistakes when they are pointed out instead of just playing the "I build for myself card"? Shouldn't they take a little time to learn about what they don't know? You only have to learn the basics once, not before every build. I realize after rereading my reply that might not concisely answer your question to me Casey. I hope this answer does...I think a "famous" builder has a responsibility to the hobby and fellow hobbyists to represent us in the best light possible. Thereby no longer being able to use the "I only build for myself" crutch.
  4. I don't get hung up on the glaring faults or miss the positives of a built nor am I "itching" to be negative. Some things once seen can not be unseen & you can never look at the model without your eyes being drawn to the error. BTW That is what I am talking about when I say glaring error. I simply asked a question based on something I saw earlier and a discussion I have had with other modelers also.
  5. No I don't think a perfect model, unattainable by the way, should be every builders goal. Maybe it isn't the fault of the builder as much as it is the publications and forums. There have been several builders who have been featured in the "One Great Model" spread that had glaring errors. Should those builds continue to be shown as the standard builders should strive for? Again I am NOT talking about minor errors like proper firing order. I'm talking improper fitting parts. Prototypically incorrect mechanicals, out of scale details, etc
  6. I understand that, was just telling him I wasn't speaking about him. Just like I said I wasn't speaking about myself or most of the hobbyists in general.
  7. I respectfully disagree. It never fails, when someone posts about a mistake a builder made or problems with a kit or manufacturer they get vilified. The only people who impose their standards are the ones who tell others they are rivet counters, or should be happy with what the manufacturers put out without questioning them.
  8. How about this twist of the original question. Should builds that have obvious short comings be highlighted so often by the magazines? I'm not talking little issues like firing order either.
  9. You REALLY need to work on your reading comprehension. First passive aggressive is coming from your side of the discussion. Secondly I'm NOT saying anyone should strive to be a "nationally worshiped model god". I'm talking about builders who already ARE nationally recognized.
  10. Hmmm, so I can't ask if someone should up their skills being "famous" ,for lack of a better term, with out getting crucified, but you can basically tell me to get off the internet & work on a model. Hypocrisy, yet another one of the old stand by replies. You guys are knockin 'em down one by one. Good job.
  11. empressed...wow Anyway, why does anyone who wants more out of the hobby automatically vilified? Why do you think someone who builds to a higher standard doesn't get pleasure doing that?
  12. First this is a totally valid topic, a moderator even stated that thru PM. Secondly no, any topic that questions anything about the hobby, hobbyists, model companies, etc will always be met with the same tired replies from people who can't post an intelligent rebuttal when faced with facts and logic. Happens every time, don't know why I thought/hoped this would be any different.
  13. I was hoping for better thought out responses, however I should have seen the old standbys coming. They are the blanket replies to every post that doesn't follow the mindless praise everyone here only wants to hear.
  14. Another one of the responses that lack any thought, the name calling response. Lovely. Your reading comprehension is a little lacking also. At NO point did I say I was talking about MY models. I am no where near that level but would love to have my abilities reach that point sometime.
  15. Because MY builds don't get national exposure so they are NOT the builds I am talking about. Not that hard a concept to grasp. BTW I'm not leading a brigade (I think you probably meant crusade) against "famous" builders. It was a discussion I had with some other builders and I thought I would bring the topic here.
  16. Ah yes, when you can't post a reasonable, thought out response whip out the old stand by "What have you built". That is irrelevant to the discussion as I am not, and may never be, a famous builder in the hobby. If I was, or do ever get there, than I will show my builds with my opinions. If I make comments about something that pertains to things I build or my building level then I will most certainly post pictures of my work along side my comments. I don't have be a nationally exposed builder to have an opinion in the subject, just like you don't have to be a chef to say a dish tastes bad to you.
  17. I know many very good builders who left the boards because of constant "Rainbows & Unicorns" comments being the only thing that is allowed to be posted. There is a well know forum (predates this one) that used to be THE place to go for the model car hobby new, builders, tips, etc. It literally took hours to go thru the new content that was posted daily. Now 10 minutes & you're done with the new content for the day & at least 75% of that content would be better posted on Facebook than a model car forum. Did criticizing work make people leave? No it was the constant praise for unworthy builds, the bashing of those who pointed out defects trying to help builders improve. Saying that someone will leave the boards because of criticism is almost as ludicrous as saying the model companies will stop making models if we say anything uncomplimentary about their products.
  18. Why is someone who is passionate about the hobby & builds automatically a rivet counter?
  19. I'm not saying anyone MUST build a certain way. All I'm saying is that when one is in the spotlight often their builds should be up to that level 100% of the build, not cutting corners once the build is 90%-95% done to finish it. That detracts a lot more than the 5%-10% the builder cut corners on. There are several builder out there who build cleanly & accurately that get somewhat overshadowed but the "shiny, detailed for the sake of detail" builds.
  20. Yes it is a hobby, a hobby that some people take seriously while having fun. A lot of people get upset when building models is compared to playing with toys. Work that is shown in national publications with sub-par aspects bring the entire hobby down in how it is viewed.
  21. I understand that Steven but you missed an important part of the question. When does ones "fame", for lack of a better term, in the hobby thru publications, forum content & followers, elevate one to the point that they are now the "go to" person people point out, to people outside the hobby, as an example of the best the hobby has to offer an must push themselves even more as they are now one of the faces & work of the hobby?
  22. I would like the forum's opinion on this subject. When does someone become so popular in the hobby that they can no longer cut corners & "build for themselves" and have to take it to the next level. Whether that means learning & properly displaying mechanicals or take a step back & execute ALL the details properly instead of just 90%-ing details for the sake of them being on the model. What is the opinion of the board?"
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