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  1. Rivy


  3. Spark plug wire in bulk

    WOW, just went to the site ya posted, theres no way 10' 30 gauge for 2.95, thats insane, btu I'm gonna order anyway, thanx for the heads up, yeah I use 30 gauge..
  4. kit wanted

    Checked, all I have is the "Ortho" sorry
  5. Boyd Hauler

    PM sent PM sent....
  6. Boyd Hauler

    Boyd Hauler parts deal, this is not a complete kit, but there are extra stuff, please look at the pix, Chassie/frame new, cab/ bed new, has the chrome inserts for the grill, no wheels, no glass, no decals, any question's please PM me, looking for a '66 Chevy fleetside P/U, '65 Chevy stepside, '99 Chevy Silverado, parts truck, as close to the same condition, any one of the 3, Thanx guys
  7. Just these wheels

    Would like to get this finished folks
  8. Just these wheels

    Looking for a set of wheels, like these from the AMT '66 Buick Wildcat, apparently my cat like'd them more then I did, and use'd one as a chew toy.. TIA... Hosted on Fotki
  9. Bar Lights

    Police lights that go on top of a police car...
  10. Bar Lights

    Yeah just what the tag says, the thinner the better, even clear would sorta work, also need the chrome roof bar for the lights, I'm sure I have something to trade, Thanks everyone.......
  11. Funny car partz/Rebuilderz

    I'm done, least I got the funny car parts,
  12. Funny car partz/Rebuilderz

    I just made a sticky note on my laptop of what yer looking for, I'll start digging, see what I have
  13. Funny car partz/Rebuilderz

    OH hey guys Remember the yellow I think it was a Chevy, had that monster front chin spoiler, anyone still have that, that they would be willing to part with, I'll send ya cookies from Arizona with the trade
  14. Funny car partz/Rebuilderz

    I don't have an '86, I will let you know, let me dig, lol.
  15. Funny car partz/Rebuilderz

    Hmmmmm Thank you: Michaael https://sites.google.com/site/gothiczhouseofkustomz/home