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  1. Rign14 added a post in a topic Trailer Skirt Air Deflectors?   

    Funny you should say that, my wife was taking me to the hospital yesterday, and low and behold I saw an Xtra lease reefer with skirts. I almost couldn't believe it as we were just talking about them and there it was. I should have snapped a pic but before I could get the wife's phone out he had exited off the highway.
  2. Rign14 added a post in a topic Trailer Skirt Air Deflectors?   

    I can honestly say I have never seen one in person, but I have on google images, so maybe they are all out west somewhere
  3. Rign14 added a post in a topic Show Us Your Auto Transport Trailers   

    Wow those are nice, I used to see a lot of the smaller 3 car trailers around when there was an auto auction going on.
  4. Rign14 added a post in a topic Trailer Skirt Air Deflectors?   

    I agree with wanting to save fuel, but I am sick and tired of the way the government makes the decisions for us. Up until my disability, I was pulling a reefer, I ran pretty much where the company asked me to, however once it became mandatory for skirts in Cal. I stopped running there. They not only require skirts but you have to have a certified clean diesel, not only the truck but the reefer too. I forget what year it goes into effect, I think 2020, you will have to have wide based singles. It's just too much to expect the little guy to do. Yes I bought a newer tractor, a 2011 Pete 387, but I couldn't afford to buy a newer reefer. So I stopped running there. I did replace the certified clean sticker on the drivers door with one that read " Certified Not To Run In The Peoples Republic Of California". Now I don't have anything against most of the people of California, but don't shove you laws down my neck. I believe there should always be an exemption for the 1 truck owner operator. Also I don't blame the rookies for ripping them off, most of the time. I have seen so many docks that angle down that you can't help but rip them. Not even a seasoned pro could do anything about that, short of not backing into their dock. That's like when Fed Ex Freight told us the best way to prevent backing accidents was to not back, If you don't back then you can't do your job. Just saying, there has to be a point when common sense applies. I will get off my soap box now.

    By the way JT, those are nice looking on your trailer. I model a little older era of trucking, sort of the beginnings of the 53 footer and earlier, But I will have an Xtra Lease 53' reefer, I may have to go all out and put skirts on it. It would be the newest asset on my diorama.
  5. Rign14 added a post in a topic What the ....   

    Not sure who owns them, but they are making a sharp spotter and class 7 truck.
  6. Rign14 added a post in a topic Rivet Details, Make Your Own   

    Thanks for the post. This is just the trick for trailer work.
  7. Rign14 added a post in a topic What the ....   

    Sorry guys, I should have googled it before I posted. I was just I don't know upset for lack of a better word when I heard Volvo was onwed by a china company. Not that I care about Volvo, they can be owned by anyone really, I just wish Mack was an American owned company. Mack is an icon of the American roads.

    Now for those that say you should hate something unless you've tried it, I have, I drove a volvo for a few years while working for American Freightways/ Fed Ex Freight, I hated them. When I returned from deployment in 2003 I asked when I could get my regular truck back (I really hate slip seating), I was told I would have to wait for the normal bid cycle, so I asked about an International that was sitting in the back of the yard. I was told it was a spare that no one wanted assigned to so I took it. I drove it until I left fed Ex Freight.

    I did get to drive one of the new KW with the auto shift trans, truck was very nice, but that trans would take alot of getting used to (had no place to rest my right hand and I kept trying to clutch it)
  8. Rign14 added a post in a topic Truck Kits You've Scored Recently   

    My wife told me the other day that she preordered the smooth side trailer from mega hobby, she wasn't going to tell me but she was getting worried that she had been scammed as she hadn't heard anything from them. I told her thanks and not to worry because it hasn't been released yet. I asked her why she preordered it and she said based on the prices of some of the models I wanted for christmas she though it was a good deal. She also gave me the Xtra Lease Decals she ordered from microscale, she them hid waiting on the trailer.

    Item usually ships in 1-2 days
    PREORDER 53' Smoothside Trailer 1/25 Moebius MSRP: $32.49 Mega Price: $26.64
  9. Rign14 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    What the ....
    Ok I knew that Mack Trucks was owned by Volvo, nothing new there, however I found out today that Volvo, a Swedish company is actually owned by a company in China. I can see it now - Built in the USA by a China Owned Company. Wow
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  10. Rign14 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Late Introduction
    Hello, thought I would take a little time and give a late introduction. I am a combat disabled vet, with 19.5 years of service. I have served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, and Egypt. I was an MP, Motor Transport operator, Motor Sergeant, Operations NCO and Mechanic. Most of my time was spent in the US Army Reserves; however I spent a great deal of my time on active duty in one way or another. As a civilian I spent about 22 years driving tractor trailers. I started out pulling tankers hauling fuel, moved to LTL/Package, then truck load, flat beds, back to LTL, and then to finish I was pulling a reefer. My first “paying” job (I learned to drive in a company truck but was not payed) I drove a retired Schneider IH Transtar II. I used this to pull tankers hauling fuel/oil for the CSX Rail Road for a man out of Baltimore MD. I also spent some time in Baltimore pulling RR Pigs and Containers.
    My trek in truck modeling began when my wife bought a box of truck kits at a yard sale. It had a couple unbuilt kits and several glue bombs; I have made some trades and had a few donations to get me started.
    My goal in truck modeling is to model a company that only existed in my head. The primary colors are Light and Dark Blue; Fleet will be mostly Kenworth and Peterbilt with a few oddballs. Trailers will be mostly reefers (all sizes), with some containers mixed in. The company, knowing the trucking economy the way that it is, diversified – operating a cold storage facility as well as its own rail siding (for both the cold storage and loading unloading trailers/containers. As you can see I dream big, so the diorama will be BIG, I can’t see just letting them sit on a shelf, they need to look like they are working. Next to the terminal will a small Pilot Truck stop, 3 or 4 pumps and only about 4 or 5 parking spaces. The garage I am currently using (made out of a card board box) will be on the other side of the terminal and with be operated by a small mom and pop shop when I build the terminal.
    Trucks I want to have on display besides my company trucks will be an Interstate Motor Freight, Consolidated Freightways, and a Pilot fuel truck. I may add a few others in time but I think I have a big enough goal for now.
    That’s about it, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I do spent a lot of the time in the hospital (seems like a lot lately) so I am not as quick to reply at times.


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  11. Rign14 added a post in a topic T600 95% Done   

    Wow that's a nice set
  12. Rign14 added a post in a topic Peterbilt Wrecker. A Classic!   

    I offend wonder how this tow truck worked, then while watching BJ and the Bear where he was run off the road they used a truck like this to recover and tow him away. It was titled something to do with Wild Horses, I found it on YouTube. Great model by the way, someday I hope to build one, but as a cabover.
  13. Rign14 added a post in a topic Movin' On   

    I believe the "button" he is refering to is the splitter valves on the gearshift, I believe they are running a Roadranger 13 speed trans. As to the color of the buttons on the inside, if my memory serves me correctly brown-ish to work with the tan, I say if my memory serves me correctly because way back when the show was on TV, they had one of the trucks on tour visiting alot of Kenworth Dealers, we got to our local dealer after the sales office had closed, but my father was a truck driver and new 1 or 2 of the shop personnel and they let us in the shop to see it, I was just a kid, but I loved that show and getting to be in one of the trucks was awsome. That was such a great truck.
  14. Rign14 added a post in a topic My Project   

    Thanks everything I'm trying is stuff I read about on here, I really liked the idea of using the aluminum foil for stainless steel, it really makes it pop, plus it didn't cost, I had the spay adhesive in the garage and the wife had the foil. The garage is nothing more than a 18" x 18" moving box, I have added some balsa wood for framing and shelves. I want to build a large display probably 4' x 8' in our spare room. I want it to have a cold storage facility, dry dock area, office and shop, plus a fuel island and plenty of parking in the yard. But this is way down the road.
  15. Rign14 added a post in a topic My Project   

    Work in the garage has been slow, I have been working on rebuilding a 40' Reefer that I traded a wrecker bed for. I stripped down the paint, replaced it with Aluminum to look like stainless steel. Painted the trim in blue (the company's main color), I traded some cab pieces for a sliding suspension, made 2 axles for it. I want to order a set of resin 2 hole buds for it. I made a chute for the reefer and a bulkhead, then ribbed the floor. I pulled reefers for a number of years so I wanted it to be close. So here she is, sitting on temp wheels and 2 jack stands. Boys in the shop are rebuilding the landing legs, then they will make a fifth wheel plate and king pin. She will still need doors, an ICC Bar, and lights.

    The last pic is three reefers that came in the mail from Italeri, The Thermo King from the American 48' reefer (my favorite model), A Thermo king unit for a straight truck, and the blue one is their idea of a carrier model. I now have 5 reefer units in stock. Hopefully Christmas will be good to me and I will be able to make several reefers, wanting to make a 53' reefer container and a set of reefer doubles. Well that's all for now.