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  1. One final problem.....shipping it to my place!
  2. That's really cool! Looks like a factory vehicle. Well done!
  3. This put a big smile on my face. Went to Dave's in Woodstock today wishing to find a '40 Ford sedan. I haven't seen one on the shelves for years in these parts. So, just before I was about to leave, I spotted a small box (1/48 scale) '40 Ford sedan made by Renwal. I think it's complete and the molding seems quite crisp! Made my day!!
  4. Beautiful builds! I love them all! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I was expecting a hot rod but was happy to see that old kit built stock. Nice job.
  6. Love the "Tall T's" . Yours is very clean!
  7. Another nice model from you Jim! The bed is excellent....great job!
  8. Now, that's really classy! Super nice job Jìm!
  9. As usual you have done it again. Really enjoy your work! The decal on the side is PERFECT!
  10. Excellent on all levels....
  11. Very nice looking car Jim. Love the mesh in the hood sides! Also like your engine compartment.
  12. Whoa! Big engine and no weight=look out! Very cool Hondas Chuck!
  13. What a classy little beast! This would be a blast to drive IRL! Nice job Chuck!
  14. Always a pleasure to view your work Cliff! Another super clean modèl.
  15. Love it Pat! Love the blue also....I'll be watching this build!
  16. Great car! You really improved that roofline.
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