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  1. Looks great! I plan on doing the same thing, but closer to the ground.
  2. That's a fine looking model there! It shows that you took your time...the results are great!
  3. Very sharp! The wheels are very suitable. I like it!
  4. Another beauty! Love the friction shocks on the front end!
  5. I love your choices Bill. I'd add the '34 Ford pickup to your list.
  6. I try to. The first hot rod I saw in my home town was called "Roman Chariot". Then, as years past, a lot of the cars in magazines had "nicknames", so I bègan to think up names for my models. One of them was " Golden Rod", but this was back in '59 . Many of my models were named., but certainly not all of them. I believe they become even more personal if given a name.
  7. You're off to a great start! Still love a tubbed car and your colour choice is great.. Keep 'er goin'!!
  8. Yet another superfine build Dennis! Your models of hot rods are superlative! The stance of this one is lovely as is the inspired use of parts from other kits.
  9. Nice build! Great colour choices. Never owned this kit.
  10. Thanks for çlearing that up for me Bill. Your diagram of the subject is immensely helpful. Now I can proceed with more confidence !
  11. Great to see that you're still building Ray! Your latest Cobra looks good...nice weathering! I might get going again too.
  12. Man, that puppy was toasted, but you really saved it! BTW, the trailer looks good back there.. I like it!
  13. Sensational build! I tried one a couple years ago because I love the "lakes modified" look. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I like it. Nice diversity in campers and activity . Looks like it was a fun project!
  15. You sir, have created a masterpiece of model building! Beautiful!!
  16. Beautiful work ...both then and now!
  17. Just found out today....how sad. I loved looking at his work. Put a smile on my face. RIP Blair.
  18. Super nice hot rod! Great detail,,,! I like the rolled down window on the drivers side. The flathead is extremely well done also!
  19. Terrific weather for this event! Saw many cool rides in my hood as I live fairly close to the estate. ( Couldn't attend due to mobility problems.) Thanks for the photos Howard.
  20. Terrific looking rod! ? Great "look", stance, colour and photography!
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