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  1. I always wanted to learn to weather like this. This one is nice.
  2. Yes. You have a good eye. General Patton's command in WW2. Not me though. I served in a Medical Command (USA MEDDAC).
  3. This one ended in the junk parts bin.
  4. That's what a pick up truck should look like, simple. Wish they would still make trucks like this.
  5. Thanks all. Hey kilrathy10 (Williams) , I remember you. I used to post here all the time a few years ago. I took a long break. You still painting your trucks orange? You did good trucks too. Here's two more.
  6. Thank you guys. Yes, I built a few others. I used to hang around here all the time.
  7. A few years ago I went on a building-trucks spree. I haven't built anymore in about 3 years. Still got a few more not pictured here.
  8. Looks good. I like it. I had fun with this kit too.
  9. The trailer comes with a back ladder. Just move it to the side.
  10. I did one of these as a Rubber Duck too. I scratched built the front rack and a few other parts. For the wheels, I filled all the holes but two opposing ones with putty and made them as two holes wheels as in the real truck. The decals are in http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_33&products_id=146
  11. Nice job. Do you have a photo of the original car?
  12. This is how a pick up should look like, simple. Wish Ford and the other two would still make trucks like this one. Put the gun in a rack in the back window. They were common back then. Nice job.
  13. Alberto; Thanks for posting this. Your conversion of your F-150 turned out great. I liked so much what you did that I got this idea from you. I drive a Red F-150 with those steel wheels. I had a Welly F-150 in 1/27 scale and always wondered if those "steel" wheels even existed in scale. Then I saw your post and bought me the Ford Expedition kit and converted mine to look like my bare bones truck. Thanks for posting all the details, it helped me a lot.
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