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  1. Love the builds that look like the box art. Did you cut the frame? I have this kit still unopened.
  2. I like the Vietnam ribbon front grille. A signature of all your builds.
  3. What a nice job! In real life this was a rare and short lived model. It was called the Unibody truck because it did not have a separate bed as regular pick trucks do. It was just one piece body like a car.
  4. Absolutely beautiful. Where did you cut the frame? I got the same kit and also want to cut it.
  5. Thank you guys. I had a lot of fun building them.
  6. WOW, I started this thread 5 years ago. I ended up using Model Master, Medium Green FS 34102. The can top (cap) has the number 1913 on it. It is not metallic though and is a flat color. I clear coated it 3 times with Testors High Gloss Clear TE 1814 . This is how it looks like. One of my favorite projects.
  7. I always wanted to learn to weather like this. This one is nice.
  8. Yes. You have a good eye. General Patton's command in WW2. Not me though. I served in a Medical Command (USA MEDDAC).
  9. That's what a pick up truck should look like, simple. Wish they would still make trucks like this.
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