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  1. WOW, I started this thread 5 years ago.  I ended up using Model Master,  Medium Green  FS 34102.  The can top (cap) has the number 1913 on it.  It is not metallic though and is a flat color.  I clear coated  it 3 times  with Testors High Gloss Clear TE 1814 .  This is how it looks like.  One of my favorite projects.







  2. 10 hours ago, kilrathy10 said:

    Bro!!! You've got quite the collection going on, there.... I'm diggin' all of them... I love what you've done with those snappers, especially.... Turned them into some really choice rigs... I know I'm impressed... The other builds are no less appealing... Incredible...

    Thanks all.  Hey kilrathy10 (Williams) , I remember you.  I used to post here all the time a few years ago.  I took a long break.  You still painting your trucks orange?  You did good trucks too.

    Here's two more.  



    thumbnail (3).jpg

    thumbnail (4).jpg

    thumbnail (5).jpg

    thumbnail (7).jpg


  3. Alberto;

    Thanks for posting this.  Your conversion of your F-150 turned out great.  I liked  so much what you did that I got this idea from you. 

    I drive a Red F-150 with those steel wheels.  I had a Welly F-150 in 1/27 scale and always wondered if those "steel" wheels even existed in scale.

    Then I saw your post and bought me the Ford Expedition kit and converted mine to look like my bare bones truck. 

    Thanks for posting all the details, it helped me a lot.



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