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  1. You got to see this link. Maybe you have already. https://www.hemmings.com/blog/article/do-not-go-gentle-1971-plymouth-hemi-cuda/
  2. No. It's just the Monogram kit with some small modifications.
  3. How's this project doing Ben? I built one of these recently as a Rubber Duck also but with the regular hood and sleeper.
  4. Like I said in your other Sisu post, "I'm beginning to like these 1/32 scales a lot". They look nice and are easy to work with and take up less space. About storing them, why not display them in that bookshelf you have and instead store the books?
  5. Looks so nice and clean. I'm beginning to like these 1/32 scales a lot.
  6. Amen! Prayer still is the best wireless service. And miracles happen.
  7. I would suggest calling it a different name. B.R.B.O. has a bad taste for many of us that got cheated. I would definitely support your idea Tom.
  8. While there's life, there's hope. Just take one day at time.
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