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  1. Awesome! And I love the song also.. It rocks!. 😎👍
  2. Here you go... This kit definitely has the houndstooth decals for the custom interior seating which are different from any of the coupe kits... Both interior tubs are different also... The decal sheet from the actual Pace Car kit have the orange houndstooth decals...
  3. Yep! Inquiring minds like mine 🤪 want to know...
  4. How's this for GM advertising????....
  5. I was laying on the couch yesterday and watching the tube... My cat was on the armrest and started licking my forehead....🤨😝 Guess she wanted her treats....🙄🙂
  6. Went and visited my neighbor after work and took a picture of my new "Sweetie".....🙂
  7. Can't believe that she had 5 kittens and abandoned 2 of those... So my neighbor calls the humane society and they came to pick them up... The mom is a small cat herself and probably couldn't handle all 5...😟
  8. I'll be getting the little white one in about a week or so.... I hope my cat Molly can deal with another female in the house....🙄🙂
  9. There's also a difference in the interior tubs... The coupe has a flat package tray while the convertible version has a simulated folded top behind the back seat back.. In order to install the custom door panels in the coupe body, you have to add a flat piece of styrene to cover the folded top on the convertible tub.... Hope that made sense...🤔
  10. Ah, what the heck... Here's pictures of the '62 Cat also....
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