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  1. Absolutely amazing!!!!!......🤗😎😍👍 Mind if post these pictures on the hamb????... Them guys on there love this stuff...😉
  2. I remember paying $1.79 for an MPC kit in '71 at Kresge's... And right next door was Federal's Dept store... They had kits also.. prices were about the same....
  3. I think the tires and Magnum rims in the AMT '68 El Camino kit will work on the AMT '70 Chevelle SS.... Yes?, No?.. I forgot about the model in question is the Monogram 1/24 scale kit... Nevermind!.....🙄☹️
  4. Yeah, what they^^^^^^all said.....😎👍
  5. The 1960 Starliner is it!!!!.😎👍 It comes with the 3 Holley 2-bbl intake setup and the 2x4 Holley setup also.....
  6. Ok, thank you!...😁👍 I'll post those pictures in the tri- five Gasser thread....
  7. You should post this on the h.a.m.b. .... Someone there might know the car.....
  8. Do you have a picture of that contraption????.... Please post it... Thanks!...🙂
  9. I gotta look at one again but, I believe it's a 351-W in the R-M F-250.....
  10. Some (very few) did come with the 427..... They need to find the window sticker or a build sheet if it ever came with one.....🤔
  11. Lookin' sharp!....😉👍
  12. Wish I had a couple of decals of this for one of my AMT model semi trailers...😁👍
  13. I remember building the red one from Monogram back in??? '73 I think...
  14. Stars and Stripes comin' at ya!... 🙂👍
  15. No! I'll shoot the zombies from my second story windows...😁
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