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  1. Lancer added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    I'd like to see Revell take their 69 Super Bee modified  to make a standard Super Bee. They could change the blower hood from the 2n1 version  to a flat hood and addd the dual scoops, a stock four barrel intake, and air cleaner. If they added a power bulge hood, dog dish steel wheels and a bench seat they would have three possible versions. With the steel wheels they even would have a more accurate Six Pack car. I plan on using Revell's 68 Charger for parts to make some of these, only needing  to makee hoods for each.
  2. Lancer added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    It's great to see the 67 Charger coming back as the street machines version. I did drive a 66 Charger as my first car in High School, circa '76-'80. Here are a couple of pics from back in the day! I can still remember first seeing this kit, and being able to build a copy of my own car, I couldn't believe it !

  3. Lancer added a post in a topic ?1968 Coronet R/T Test Shots ?   

    I would love to see this too! I have some parts of an original, body, interior, and exterior chrome, it is a nice car. I wonder why Monogram / Revell doesn't do to their 69 Super Bee like they have done with their 32 Fords, with body and engines. It seems like it would not be as hard as a new tool. I do think the 68 would be a good seller, either as a R/T or Super Bee.
  4. Lancer added a post in a topic Pro-Touring '08 Dodge Charger Super Bee SRT-8   

    Another amazing build, you really get the "look". Your builds inspire me, I love how clean they all are.
  5. Lancer added a post in a topic Pro Stock Colt   

    Looking good, I have one of these bodies also. I plan to make the Rod Shop red car, but haven't decided what chassis to use. I will be following this build for sure.


  6. Lancer added a post in a topic List Your Modeling Heroes...   

    This is a great topic, like others have said it's tough to narrow the names down to three. This three are the ones who inspire me any time I see one of their builds. The names will show how long I have been in this hobby, about 40 years. Here they are, the order is only by who came before the others:

    Don Emmons, the first I remember to make realistic builds and kit-bashing.

    Hank Borger, for his imagination and stories behind the builds.

    Tim Boyd, for his quantity and quality, and bringing models to mainstream publishing (Street Rodder)

    I still read old magazine articles of theirs and it never fails to get the creative juices flowing!

    Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.