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  1. Looks great ! I’m amazed how easy you make this look, definitely impressive. How about a thought, Revell’s next variation on their ‘32 ford tool ?
  2. I'd like to see Revell take their 69 Super Bee modified to make a standard Super Bee. They could change the blower hood from the 2n1 version to a flat hood and addd the dual scoops, a stock four barrel intake, and air cleaner. If they added a power bulge hood, dog dish steel wheels and a bench seat they would have three possible versions. With the steel wheels they even would have a more accurate Six Pack car. I plan on using Revell's 68 Charger for parts to make some of these, only needing to makee hoods for each.
  3. It's great to see the 67 Charger coming back as the street machines version. I did drive a 66 Charger as my first car in High School, circa '76-'80. Here are a couple of pics from back in the day! I can still remember first seeing this kit, and being able to build a copy of my own car, I couldn't believe it !
  4. I would love to see this too! I have some parts of an original, body, interior, and exterior chrome, it is a nice car. I wonder why Monogram / Revell doesn't do to their 69 Super Bee like they have done with their 32 Fords, with body and engines. It seems like it would not be as hard as a new tool. I do think the 68 would be a good seller, either as a R/T or Super Bee.
  5. Another amazing build, you really get the "look". Your builds inspire me, I love how clean they all are.
  6. Looking good, I have one of these bodies also. I plan to make the Rod Shop red car, but haven't decided what chassis to use. I will be following this build for sure. Lance
  7. This is a great topic, like others have said it's tough to narrow the names down to three. This three are the ones who inspire me any time I see one of their builds. The names will show how long I have been in this hobby, about 40 years. Here they are, the order is only by who came before the others: Don Emmons, the first I remember to make realistic builds and kit-bashing. Hank Borger, for his imagination and stories behind the builds. Tim Boyd, for his quantity and quality, and bringing models to mainstream publishing (Street Rodder) I still read old magazine articles of theirs and it never fails to get the creative juices flowing! Thanks for letting me voice my opinion. Lance
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