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  1. Very nicely done. Your examples are superb!
  2. Love everything about it! Wheels and tires? Please share where from and how you painted the red sidewall.
  3. Got the windshield fixed. There was still small gaps, but I used an old shipbuilding trick and filled these with "Micro Crystal Clear" and all is well.
  4. Mr. Harrison, you are correct, sir. The glass is installed on the outside. I viewed a review of the kit and saw that it does fit but has to be installed after the body attaches to the chassis so the curvature of the dashboard can help situate it. (the instructions show it being installed prior to this which causes the problem). So I removed the glass, sanded the glue residue, repainted the tinted section, and will reinstall it. It is certainly not a tight fit upon dry fitting it, but it seems the fit can be improved if it is forced against the curvature of the dashboard and securely glued. I will post an updated picture when finished. Thanks again for your input. This was the only thing I couldn't live with on this kit.
  5. I don't know if they changed that but there was a tab on both the windshield and the back glass that had no purpose so I cut it off to make it fit easier. It never would have fit from the outside. There was no edge to fit it to and it curved on top like a lip for the inside of the roof so I fit it by trial and error and this was the best I could do with no specific guide. In retrospect, after mating the body I noticed that I should have mounted it a bit lower but there was no way to know this when you install it. The sides weren't shaped right for the angle of the A pillars either.
  6. Presented is the 1984 "Hardees" Chevy Monte Carlo NASCAR stock car driven by Cale Yarborough. This is a Salvino JR upgraded kit from the original 1/24 Monogram molds. It is "box stock" with the exception of the addition of ignition wires. The body is painted with MCW lacquers and clear coated with decanted UPOL clear. I was a bit disappointed with the amount of cleanup necessary on every part, and the glass fits poorly. Decals were stellar, and I like the chrome. Overall, it finishes into a nice representaion.
  7. Thanks for the reply and the heads up.
  8. I like it. How was the kit? This is one that is high on my "to do" list.
  9. I don't know why anyone would do this since real race cars don't clear over their graphics. Decals that are applied correctly will not wrinkle over time. I have had kits on my shelf for 20 years that have never had issues with the decals.
  10. I love it! The time you spent on the on the engine compartment was well worth it. I liked these cars as a teenager but unfortunately the price was too great for me. Now you can get these cheaply and I don't want one....lol. Good job by you.
  11. These were very important Vettes of their time and still are the only Vette to ever garner a DOHC engine. I am lucky enough to own a red one with only 1400 original miles on it. You have done these justice. Nice job.
  12. Tamiya Lexus LFA in Lexus 9k5 Orange with parchment and gray interior and gunmetal colored wheels. This is an "out of box" build and really needs nothing. The usual Tamiya quality, too bad the powertrain and suspension is covered by splash panels.
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