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  1. These were very important Vettes of their time and still are the only Vette to ever garner a DOHC engine. I am lucky enough to own a red one with only 1400 original miles on it. You have done these justice. Nice job.
  2. Tamiya Lexus LFA in Lexus 9k5 Orange with parchment and gray interior and gunmetal colored wheels. This is an "out of box" build and really needs nothing. The usual Tamiya quality, too bad the powertrain and suspension is covered by splash panels.
  3. You build only a little slower than I do. Nice to see these again. Great year for you! Gil
  4. Not only quantity, but quality as well. Nice year.
  5. Nice job! I just happen to be working on this kit as well and I decided on Lexus orange. I agree the kit, so far, is a dream to build and really doesn't need any extras.
  6. Thanks guys, much appreciated
  7. Thanks everyone, much appreciated!
  8. Yes, I clear coated the body with my usual decanted UPOL synthetic lacquer from an aerosol, then polished Yes, it is there and was part of the resin trans kit:
  9. Presented is the 1/25 scale Chevrolet Corvette Z06. This is a resin trans-kit comprised of the Historic Racing Miniatures and Revell 67 coupe kit. The body, interior, engine, wheels and tires are resin. The remaining is plastic. It is painted in Chevrolet "Saddle Tan" from "Scalefinishes" with a Saddle interior. Scratchbuilt parts consist of coolant filler neck, overflow container, master cylinder, and antennae. Engine is fully plumbed and wired. Bare metal foil was used for the trim, and the bumpers were stripped and rechromed with Molotow chrome ink. Also, photo-etch from "Model Car Garage" along with decal scripts from Kieth Marks finishes it off.
  10. Very neatly done. I remember this kit fondly. I am sure you enjoyed detailing that instrument panel as I did. It was quite a challenge. Love the suitcase too.
  11. Yes Randy, it is Calypso Coral, one of my favorite Ford colors. In fact I have a 1:1 1970 Mach I that color.
  12. Ok, I remember that build of your Mach I and I noticed that you did what I did with headlight bezels on that build, you left them off which recesses the headlights and gives it a better appearance. Here is my Boss build with the Mach I kit and deleted bezels.
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