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  1. I did one of these in black and gold years ago. You did a nice job here although I thought these came with very low powered 302 v8's?
  2. Hi all. Still looking for this part. Just bumping this to the top to try again. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. No problem with the picture. The 2004 I built took alot of scratchbuilding, mostly with epoxy putty, to convert it from the 1998 cobra. It is probably the only "terminator" mustang in 1/25 scale. I was in the market to purchase one of the 2004 Mystichrome cars a while back. The prices are in the 40k range for low mileage cars. I think those will be money makers. I ended up buying a 2013 Shelby Gt500, go figure...lol.
  4. Well, Here is a link to the Saleen. Yes, there was one made. Interestingly, I received a comment on my Fotki page from the owner of the actual Saleen Mystic car. I will paste it here. He provided some interesting information and even offered to purchase my model. I also created a 2004 "terminator" mustang from the Cobra kit and I will provide that link also. BTW, the colors of the 96 Cobras was called Mystic and had more of a green/purple hue whereas the 04 Cars were painted in Mystichrome which had more of a blueish hue. Two totally different colors. Saleen: Gil; https://public.fotki.com/GilCosta/model_cars_80s_to/ford_cars/1996-ford-mustang-m/ Terminator: https://public.fotki.com/GilCosta/model_cars_80s_to/ford_cars/2004-ford-mustang-svt-mys/ Below is the owner's comment: I stumbled across this site and read through the Saleen Mystic and SVT Mystic discussion form a year ago. While amusing, I thought I would clear a few things up for you guys as I have owned the 1995 Saleen S351R "BASF Mystic Edition" Speedster, #95-0010 for the past 10 years. In 1995, BASF owned the car and was making the pitch to Ford to implement the technology on it's upcoming DOHC Cobra. As part of the promotion, they worked with Saleen to create the 1995 Saleen S351R "BASF Mystic Edition" Speedster which would be marketed in conjunction with BASF, Saleen, Ford and Dunlop tires. It was unveiled in that years SEMA and NACE shows. It is the first and only car painted with the true Mystic color as conceived by BASF. Some call it Extreme Mystic, some call it Saleen Mystic. We just settled on Extreme Saleen Mystic. Anyway, they used the car as a rolling billboard to test the publics reaction to Mystic as BASF was pitching the idea to Ford for their new DOHC Cobra. . It went all over the USA and Canada, then given away in a BASF "Horse of a Different Color" sweepstakes. During this period in 1995, BASF also painted two other variants of Mystic ( one 1995 convertible and one 1995 coupe) to Ford to get them to bite and reach their price point. It cost $20k on the Saleen for the one off, but Ford could never charge anywhere near that. After reviewing the cars, Ford decided to take the BASF hue from my car and cut it with simple Black paint, simply to paint more cars with the same technology and meet their ultimate price point. It is as simple as that. So without disrespect to the SVT employee, he is right and his is wrong. Most people can't remember this far back as it is almost 17 years now. Ford did work directly with BASF on Mystic but it was SVT Mystic, not BASF Mystic, and they are drastically different in the light when side by side. I know as I have seen them side by side with my car. The interesting thing is this is why literature from Ford states 1999 SVT Cobras but 2000 Mystic cars. My car is that one car in that weird number equation. Anyway, just thought I would shed a little light on the subject. Without the 1995 Saleen, there is a real chance there would have been no SVT Mystic Cobras. Thanks Rick PS If you ever want to sell the 1995 Saleen S351 Mystic Model, I would sure like to buy it from you.
  5. Nice job, but you err when you say that there wasn't any verts made in this color. While Ford didn't do one, Saleen produced a couple of verts to promote the paint scheme through BASF. In fact I reproduced that car a number of years ago with the Revell Saleen "Speedster" kit and touch up paint (wasn't cheap).
  6. Bruce, Solvaset is a decal solvent like microsol only stronger. I am assuming this is the question you have.
  7. Hi Snake, Did those parts you were waiting for arrive? If so and you are comfortable about sending the part, I would appreciate it. Message me through here to arrange payment. Thanks.
  8. Looking for a hood from the Revell 2008 GT500KR kit. If anyone has one in a spares box let me know, I am sure we can work something out.
  9. Simply amazing! Your patience and fortitude has paid off with the detail in this build. Most of us wouldn't consider committing to such and undertaking. You have done so with great success.
  10. Steve, I have this Mach I kit and I am willing to part with it. Not really interested in the trade you propose. I am local. (Fall River, Ma.) and have met you before at area shows. I am a member of the Baycolony Historical Modelers. Email me and maybe we can work something out. narc005@yahoo.com Gil Costa
  11. Looking for a set of these for a 67 shelby project. I have seen some from fireball modelworks in the e60/15 and f70/15 range but haven't been able to find any e70/15's. Are the f70/15's close enough?
  12. Thanks for the reply, guys. I am looking for the 1/25 scale from the Roadster kit. My email is narc005@yahoo.com. Hit me up there to make arrangements. Obviously I will pay any shipping charges.
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