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  1. Flawless! I really like the foil work as well.
  2. The tires on this model were included in the Plamoz transkit. Two different sizes like the real car.
  3. Thank you, and I forgot to mention that the model was finished in factory "Candy Red" from Scale Finishes.
  4. Thanks guys, and Mr Rutland, the 3d printer is a gentlemen out of the Ukraine named Dmitry who runs a Facebook group called DiOlex Productions. I found him through ebay where he sells some of his wheels and coordinated my order with him through FB. He does custom orders as mine was and was very reasonable. Check out some of his full 3d printed transkits while you are there. He is doing some pretty incredible stuff. My wheels were two different sizes (front and rear) and the detail is exact right down to the engraved "Shelby" insignia on the edges.
  5. This build is a replica of my 1:1 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang. The difficulty of this project was that the 1:1 has a "super snake" hood, unique Shelby wheels, and rear quarter window scoops. For this undertaking the Revell 2010 kit was blended with the Plamoz 2013 transkit. For the mods, I fabricated a hood scoop and blended it with the kit hood. The side scoops are modified AMT 1967 Shelby scoops, and the wheels were obtained from a 3d printer. The engine was embellished with scale plumbing. Below is a couple of pics of the 1:1 for comparison along with pics from the model. Enjoy.
  6. Awesome build. You overcame a difficult problem. The modeling gods bow to you!
  7. Looks awesome. Please tell us more about it. Paint? decals? build issues?
  8. Ditto to everything said! Terrific workmanship. I especially like the Olds 442......well I like them ALL!
  9. Yes, everything they said!.......👆
  10. Really nicely done! Love the color and the clean way you built this.
  11. Very nicely done. Love the color. How was the kit? I heard this was one of AMT's better productions.
  12. Thanks, that may be true if we ever have shows again....😉
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