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  1. Really nice job on this. From the interior to the paint to the engine compartment, you nailed it.
  2. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your kind words. Bill, I remember that build of yours. It gave me some added inspiration. To answer your question: I believe I used Alcad Aluminum then flat coated it after applying the decals
  4. Very nice build. The color and the chrome together makes this kit a stunner.
  5. Presented is the 1969 Boss 429 Mustang in 1/25 scale. This was a kitbash project which includes parts from 3 different kits (1/25 Revell 69 Mach 1 & Boss 302 kits, and 1/24 Revell Boss 429 kit). Additionally, tires were gotten from Fireball Modelworks. Basically, the hood scoop, engine, and arm rests are from the Boss 429 kit. Interior decals, exhaust, and wheels are from the Boss 302 kit, and the remainder are from the Mach 1 kit. Because of the differences is scale with the engine, I had to shorten the drive shaft, adjust the exhaust, remove some material from the motor mount area, and create an enlarged opening in the kit hood under the scoop. Also, the cutouts for the exhaust on the lower rear valence were filled in to accommodate the turned down exhaust tips indicative of the "Boss 9." The model was finished in MCW lacquer factory "Black Jade" paint and polished without clear coat. The engine detail includes the addition of plug wires, scratchbuilt smog system, and breather caps & lines. The antennae and base was also scratchbuilt.
  6. JOE! That came out awesome, bud! You must be proud. It is satisfying to create a rendition of one of your own vehicles and you did a great job on this one.
  7. That picture from the box really doesn't do it justice. Here is a couple of pics of a Boss 302 I created from the Mach 1 kit long before the new release. The chrome bezels for the headlights weren't used and I just applied the lenses to the inside of the buckets after painting the edge chrome. It gives the impression that the buckets are deeper and much more appealing.
  8. Looks good, and I couldn't help but notice that this diecast model got the rake of the front end correct unlike the Revell 1/24 kit. I wish they would correct it or an aftermarket 3d printer or caster would.
  9. I love everything about your efforts on this one. Great representation.
  10. Great eclectic mix of your usual quality. It seems that we have caught the same aircraft bug. Maybe this is a symptom of Covid...😉
  11. Very nice, and I was just thinking about building this kit. Can you post more pictures and comment on the quality of the kit. Thanks
  12. Flawless! I really like the foil work as well.
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