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  1. It's been awhile, but I'm still chipping away. I started school on March 1st (Welding School), and work on the weekdays after school and on the weekend, so that leaves me little time for working on my own stuff. Got the steering column in, starting chipping away at the seam sealer, and blew off the decklid so I could start the mini-tubbing process here soon. My father is changing ignition setups in his '66 Dart, so I get to use the take-off, a Daytona Sensors CD-1. I'll finish up mounting the dash and then tackle making up an ignition and fusw board, most likely out of Carbon Fiber.
  2. Still working away. Got the windshield out (after sadly, cracking it.) and the doors off. Also got the engine in and mocked up! Just bolted an old dummy case to it to get it in the rough area of where it'll end up. She's slowly getting there.
  3. Not much progress to be shared lately. Just lame body work with not much progress. Work has had me busy. I did order sone parts though. My fancy aluminum steering column came in, and WOW is it light. Very well made, made by a one man show down in Tennessee. Also helped my Buddy get a '93 Mustang GT running and moving after 13 years. Cleaned up decent. Next will be brakes and tires. 36,611 Original miles. The sun has taken it's toll on the paint but the interior is IMMACULATE. Still had a Conway Twitty Cassette in the radio. Only had to replace the starter solenoid and put fresh gas in it to get it started.
  4. Thanks for the kind words! Planning on buying some more parts here soon. Southwestern Ohio! Quite the drive from New York. But I appreciate the offer! I got a Father and Grandfather who are more than happy to help.
  5. Finally got the firewall done! There are a few small rough spots, but the majority of them are on the spots that will be cut out for the headers, so no biggie. Got my Calvert Racing Mono-Leafs ordered, and as soon as I get the engine and tranny in, I'll start on the rear end work. I also slapped some paint on the underside of the inner fenders just to make it look pretty. Next Paycheck I'll probably order the new steering column and steering wheel. It'll save a little hit of weight too. Went and bought a few sticks of Chromoly to start building the cage with as well. I'm aiming for 2850-ish minus me, but wet.
  6. I'm not As far as I know it's been an Ohio car all its life too! The stickers on the Windshield for parking in Cincinnati are from the early 70s. I'll find a set of headers here soon. The hammer doesn't scare me much, neither did the plug situation. I'll cross that bridge when it arrives though. Engine and Tranny will be going in shortly to be mocked up and mounted with the motor plate.
  7. My spring sliders came! Once I get the engine and tranny together and mocked up I'll get the suspension all together. Engine bay is nearing completion. I should have it done within a few days.
  8. Today was like Christmas in...September! My Leaf Spring relocation kit came in from RMS suspension. I'll end up mini-tubbing it with split-mono leaf springs and a set of Caltracs. It'll be on a 29.5x10.5 slick. With the 350~ HP it has currently I should have no issue with traction. I wanna build it to be ready for more power down the road. Had a blast tonight and went down to the local dragstrip (Edgewater, Cleves, Ohio) to watch some No Prep and Index racing. I'm so pumped to get this thing churned out this winter. She'll be rolling out sometime in this upcoming spring. Going to run to a Cars 'n Coffee tomorrow and then since Harbor Freight is right there, swing in and pick up some tools and supplies for the build. A buddy of mine will be bending the main hoop for me, the entire bar will be made from chromoly to save some weight. I want to get this thing light while still remaining NSS legal. ...I might have the lettering done on the doors while I have them off for the cage work.
  9. What a Big hole! Cutting out the rust on the inner fenders and welding in patches, then running over with kitty hair, and then bondo. I want this thing cleeeean. Started welding up all the small holes on the inners and the firewall as well, then my die grinder broke. Oh well, I have errands to run tomorrow anyways.
  10. I began to wire wheel the engine bay, and asses what needed to be replaced/fixed. Luckily nothing has to be replaced, only a few small rust spots which are easily fixed. Once I get the engine bay smoothed out and nice and clean I'll be spraying it with VHT Epoxy Chassis paint, great stuff. I cut out the old, rusty metal, made a filler piece, got it as level as I could, and welded it in. I then skimmed it with bondo and sanded it smooth. Then, covering it with the sandable primer I use on everything, I covered it up to prevent further corrosion. I'll let everything cure for a day or so then go back over it with a follow up coat.
  11. This is the main reason for my recent absence of modelling. Right as I get back into it this falls into my lap. But hey, I'm not complaining. The Car is super solid and it will take some work, but I'm excited to have a clean slate to start with. I'll begin in Pro and then bump up to Nostalgia Super Stock here in a few years. It began with a discussion with a family friend about wanting to upgrade from pit crew, for my dad's '66 Hemi Dart, to my own ride. Wheels got to rollin' and next thing I know I'm on my way to pick this up. Already has Fiberglass fenders, and besides a scrunched up quarter panel/tail light pocket, it's clean. I have a mild 440 and a built 727 Torqueflite going in it, which will be hooked to an 8 3/4 after bracing it. Car should weight about 3000# with me in it, myself weighing roughly 265#. I started on the rust repair tonight, and will smooth out the firewall and various under-hood bits and will leave the exterior as is until I can start the body work.
  12. Here's a picture of the engine at PRI in 2019. Quite a bad car. I got to take a close look at the horsepower behind it.
  13. Welp...Another Cannonball I'm going to have to drop out of. Atleast the reason this year isn't a bad one... I finally was able to get my hands on a clean Dart to start a build on. So all my free time and money will be going towards it. There's always next year! Best of luck to everybody, and happy building!
  14. Awesome build! Where did you get the rust decals?
  15. Finally! Some progress! I had started cutting apart the old chassis of the 911 GT2 when work got PACKED. All this pandemic stuff has had me busy as can be with very little time for modelling. But I have made some progress! Got the chassis and suspension temporary glued into position, and began to smooth the body. Since this was made as a curbside kit, I cut out all of the faux engine detail and will be building it like a tube-chassis car. The engine is from the 'Bay which will be getting a moderately sized turbo to keep boost high and spool times low. Here's some pictures.
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