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  1. Awesome build! Where did you get the rust decals?
  2. Finally! Some progress! I had started cutting apart the old chassis of the 911 GT2 when work got PACKED. All this pandemic stuff has had me busy as can be with very little time for modelling. But I have made some progress! Got the chassis and suspension temporary glued into position, and began to smooth the body. Since this was made as a curbside kit, I cut out all of the faux engine detail and will be building it like a tube-chassis car. The engine is from the 'Bay which will be getting a moderately sized turbo to keep boost high and spool times low. Here's some pictures.
  3. I have to agree with Funky, I like those wheels! Do you know what kit they're from?
  4. Oh boy. Do you know if they're vintage only? Or have they been reissued?
  5. Thanks for the link Casey! Looks like I'll be buying another kit. No biggy though, I've been wanting to do a custom '49 Merc anyways, so I can spare the stock parts.
  6. Cool! Now the hard part is finding those slicks... Here's the other side.
  7. I try to cut it away. Before I start a thread I have to locate the non kit parts. I'm missing a slick, wheel, and wheel back, so that's priority.
  8. Just looked. Should be easy enough to get one. Anyone recognize the decals? I'd like to try and replace the 2 or 3 nasty brown stars on the body. The numbers on the doors are also cracking.
  9. Ah, so it's an AMT! Perfect. Maybe now I can start the search for missing parts.
  10. Just started a Restoration on an old built up '49 Merc. Dunno what brand but I got it for free! This was about 7 or 8 years ago...when I first got into modeling. Luckily my dad convinced me to shelf it since it was "finished", and I happily obliged. So happy I didn't cut it up or use it for parts, best part is, it has a Big Block Mopar! Whoever the original builder is knew how it's done! The car is built with hogged out wheelwells, big 'ol slicks, and a gutted interior with a rollcage. I plan to fix it up just enough, polish the glass, change as little as possible. And that paint, oh lord the paint. I love it. It's thick as can be. But that gives me a little bit of faith in polishing it. Also gonna get a Motolow chrome pen and a bottle of Alclad II chrome to try and fix the faded/chipped chrome on some pieces. The chrome bit is the front suspension under it.
  11. Hello folks! I recently went to look for an old thread on this topic, but cant seem to find it. Im continuing the restoration of an original issue '49 Mercury, dunno the brand but it for sure is oooold. Anyways. I'm looking for a few parts. First is another one of these bumperettes. Maybe it's a tailight? I'm not sure. It's faded old chrome. Second is one of these headlight covers. It's 3/8th of an inch in diameter, and chrome. Last, is one of these wheel/tire combos. One side says "MH Racemaster", and the other reads "Goodyear Bluestreak". The wheels are all super deep dish. I also need another wheel back like shown. Also, looking to find whatever leaf spring for this rear. The car has a Dana molded in horizontal halves, no separate diff cover, and the leaf srings ate flat. The car also appears to have had front bumperettes at some point? I don't have em, but there are glue marks and holes where they would go. Last but not least, finish Restoration. I do not want to ruin this original finish. I need a buffing/polishing compound that's either minimally or non abrasive. And for refinishing the chrome, which wins in most chrome-like? Motolow? Or Alclad II? Here's some more pictures of the car. Maybe somebody can identify the brand.
  12. Reminds me of a Deora! Should turn into a slick build! What're you planning color wise?
  13. Working on this same kit for the 2020 CBR Community Build! It's a decent kit. I bought a Resin engine with mine since I'm doing a few..."upgrades". Looking great so far! Keep up the good work!
  14. I'd love to build one or two 1968 Hemi cars, as by blood I'm a Mopar guy. I know dodge has the S/S Dart kit, but what about a Barracuda? Does AMT's 1969 kit have the bits to make it a super stock car? And if not, could I just use the Dart parts, as they're both A-Bodies? I know the wheelbase is different, but I can easily fix that. I plan on doing two bodies in white, with the primer and black gelcoat, and then two ready-to-go racers, undecided on livery though.
  15. Looks killer! I have a 1962 Pontiac Catalina body I've been wanting to give this treatment, I may have to do that now.
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