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  1. Corvette Ron added a post in a topic Newbie needs help grafting a front clip   

    Here is what she will look like when done. The only changes will be the wheel centers will be gray, the tires will have blue thin stripes and the interior will be white. I ran the 1:1 65 vert without a front bumper back in the day for the "gasser" look.

  2. Corvette Ron added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Newbie needs help grafting a front clip
    I am going to cut the front clip off a 65 Corvette coupe model I picked up and graft it on to the 67 convertible kit that I have. This will allow me to make a "correct" 65 convertible.
    I found a Youtube video on how to make the cut with an Xacto blade and I found a tip that said to use styrene flat stock to reinforce the bond.
    After the glue has dried what do I use for body filler in case there is a gap that needs to be filled in?
    Sanding tips also needed. I have not built a model car since 1961 !
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  3. Corvette Ron added a post in a topic Adhesive wide white walls   

    I would be happy to make a copy of the decals to mail to anyone who could use them.
  4. Corvette Ron added a post in a topic Adhesive wide white walls   

    Thank you for the idea. I am attempting to recreate the 1:1 65 Corvette I had back in the day. I had purchased Goodyear Bluestreak tires for it. The 67 Revell kit I purchased at Hobby Lobby came with decals for a redline tire. I will simply trace them on blue vinyl and use the circle cutter to cut them out. This would be for a 1:25 model with 15" tires.

  5. Corvette Ron added a post in a topic Is it possible to change the color on decals?   

    Thanks! I will do a test on some of the other red decals that I don't need. Purple would make it look like a Prince car (Purple Rain)
  6. Corvette Ron added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Is it possible to change the color on decals?
    The 67 Corvette kit I got from Revell came with redline tire decals. I am trying to recreate a specific 1:1 car I had back in the day. I had purchased and installed Goodyear Bluestreak tires that had blue lines on the them.
    Is it possible to spray paint these decals blue or maybe use a blue permanent marker? I have a spray can of adhesion promoter - maybe I should spray that on the decals first?
    I am concerned that the decal may not release if I paint over it though.

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  7. Corvette Ron added a post in a topic Technique for grafting parts.   

    Thank you! I also found some tips on Youtube last night from someone called "Fast Jimmy". I might do better grafting the entire front clip from a 65/66 coupe.
  8. Corvette Ron added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Technique for grafting parts.
    Assuming I can find the parts of course. I want to graft a body panel from one 1:25 kit to another. This would be the "gill" panel from a 65/66 Corvette to a 67.
    What is the proper way to do this?
    I am trying to recreate the 65 convertible I used to own during my misspent youth.
    Thank you in advance for any advice.
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  9. Corvette Ron added a post in a topic I just joined   

    Thank you! The search for the 65 convertible begins!
  10. Corvette Ron added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    I just joined
    Well it looks like I will be returning to the days of my youth. I just sold the last of my real (full size) Corvettes. My health dictates that I no longer can crawl around and under these big cars anymore and since my driving is limited I might as well give them up.
    My Steel Blue Metallic 91 coupe just drove off with its new owner last week. He also bought my air compressor and paint guns.
    My extensive set of tools that I have been building up since age 16 (1961) left today with a young mechanic trainee from Naperville, Illinois.
    When I was a kid back in the 50s and 60s my friends and I used to build model cars. We would swap parts and try to make ours look cool and custom. We would then proceed to blow them up with firecrackers after we tired of them and proceed to move on to the next ones. What fools we were!
    I plan to take the hobby up again but since it has been 50+ years since my last build I have a few questions?
    1. Where do I buy the kits?
    2. Can I use automotive spray touch up paint to paint my new models?
    3. Is there a place to purchase custom wheels, tires, etc?
    I owned 6 different Corvettes over the years. I would like to recreate those cars and plan to paint them in the same colors as they were when I owned them along with using the custom wheels I had at the time.
    My first project will be a black 1965 Corvette convertible with a white interior and white top. It will have to be a 4 speed, 327 and have Goodyear Blue Streak tires along with Torque Thrust D wheels.
    Where do I begin to look for this model?
    I'm retired from the US Army Reserve and Active Duty and also the civilian health care (Radiology) world and have time on my hands.
    Hopefully this will be a much less expensive hobby than the big Corvette world.
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