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  1. Just another project I had laying around, guess its time to finish it up, still have to do the interior, up windows and a few other little details trying to have it under glass next weekend.
  2. Love 59's, interior looks great!
  3. Thanks again fellas! Just noticed I did not get a rear shot in there.
  4. WOW way to bring one back from the dead I like where this is going!!! by the way bringing the top down a little gives it a lot better look to me and the trim really sets it off!!!
  5. Love the color, not my style of wheels but other than that it GREAT BUILD AND FINISH!!
  6. Man I'm really digging this build, just started at page one and read it ALL!!!! Quality work in every part!!!
  7. Here is a 59 caddy flat top I started over a year ago, its all scribed now for a 4 door body is painted black all smoothed waiting for the last coat of clear.... some day..... I'm bad with projects I only work on what I want to so it leaves a lot of them left in the box. Hay its a hobby not a race!!! I have nothing to prove and I don't go to show's. I'm just about the only one that even see's my work.
  8. Soon I will, I got a 66 impala that's in the way of working on any of these. I'll start one on it this week end
  9. NICE!! one of the few elco's I really like.
  10. Foil don't look bad at all, I have seen much much worse jobs!!!!! Little tip, I hold the blade right in my hand seems to give me better control
  11. Thanks for the comments everyone!! I have been messing with kits for a few years MAJOR projects but paint was my down fall to finishing any thing to my standard of where I wanted to be, well I think I got the bugs worked out of that!! I need to get away from spray bombs but there is just no way to use an airbrush where I'm at, SOMEDAY!!!!! As for the windows I put them in before ANY of the interior so I knew every thing would fit and no big gaps with the top up, let me tell you that was like building a ship in a bottle
  12. I really don't remember the name, it was from some cans I picked up some where for 50cents cuz they were old, its dupli-color is all I know Thanks for the comments every one!
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