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  1. coonster added a post in a topic Project Henry J   

    hey man keep up the good work on the henry J and keep me post.
  2. coonster added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    18th Annual Pacific Nw Model Car Fest

    Saturday April 19, 2008 at the Elks Lodge 711 NE. 100th ave. Portland Oregon
    contact david at 136 Woodside Drive Longview WA 98632
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  3. coonster added a post in a topic Fuelish Spectator's Nhra Taxi   

    That is way too cool man.
  4. coonster added a post in a topic 1972 demon update 9/30/07   

    Hello Mikelo yes it is 71 duster and a hemi hunter from the late 70s or 80s. I would like to see more of your's. like a side and from the top if you don't mind. How did you get your's?
  5. coonster added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1972 demon update 9/30/07
    Here are you new pics i hope you see them. Tell me how you like it. I have a LOT of sanding too do and make up the door jams. Tell me what you think about it? I got the hood on and sanding is going on. the door dams i thank i get them down. hope you guy's like it.

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  6. coonster added a topic in On The Workbench   

    1972 Demon
    Hello i like too know what you think of it. I have too do a lot of work to it i know that. I will keep update with new pic's.

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  7. coonster added a post in a topic 1967 Mustang Dirt Slinger   

    That is going to look good man. Iam building the Chevy.
  8. coonster added a post in a topic 27 Ford Roadster   

    I love it.
  9. coonster added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Need help?
    I need some pic's of Dual Stromberg carburators?
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  10. coonster added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    I know it not drags but!!!
    here are same pic's of the Drifting up in Monroe WA. it was cool to look at the Mustang and the Mopar.
    The mustang has about 700hp and the Mopar about 750hp. I tank they killed it up there.

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  11. coonster added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    ALL Woodburndrags pic's
    Here are the all woodburndrag's

    He hit the WILL going about 187mph That as going to hurt!!!!!!
    Here is a link th the rest of the pic's hope you enjoy them.
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  12. coonster added a post in a topic 58 Edsel Pacer lowrider   

    That is one bad looking 58 Edsel.
  13. coonster added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Woodburn drags
    here are some pic of top alc. at Woodbrun in OR. What is the Diff. between this guys and the big boys. This guys are going 250 and the fast one hit 299.

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  14. coonster added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Has anyone bought from Reliable Resin?
    Hello there i like to know if anyone has bought Resin body's or anything from Reliabe Resin? I like to get The hanry J but when i email them i get that they don't under stand me. I don't went to burn anyone and i do not went to get burn. Thax.
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  15. coonster added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Chassis work?
    I'am Building a 49 Marc and i need your help finding
    same pic's of the Chassis so that i get it right the
    frist time. What i like to kown where the fuel line
    came out of the gas tank, the brake line ran, and ect.
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