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  1. I'm from St Louis as well and grew up right near you. I was a little farther north up Kingshighway by Plackie Chevrolet. I did go to Kennard School for a couple years so I remember Lindenbusch. My parents bought a Gremlin from that dealer in 1972 but I think it had changed hands by then. Do you remember when Sinclair Ford was by Southtown? They used to position a car half way through the front window with a big sign saying something like Another customer trying to get a early look at the 68 Fords! As a little kid, I thought that was so crazy. By the way, your work looks great.
  2. I have used the Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics thinned with Liquitex air brush medium. You can also use Liquitex acrylic ink without thinning. I'm sorry I've never tried the spray cans. Good Luck.
  3. Rainy weekend in STL so I was able to get some things completed. Seat is in, Parachute Pull in, Dash Board in, Pedals in. The steering wheel is not attached yet. I just have it stuck on for effect. I'm slowly pressing along. Ran into an issue with the front end. I think I might have used the wrong axel shafts. The tie rod, steering rod set up is too long. That's OK, I don't really like the kit one anyway. I'll just make up a new one.
  4. So many beautiful models on this thread. Here is my current favorite.
  5. John, Thank you for sharing your pictures. I know mine wont be quite as detailed as yours. That model is kick ass! Mod3l Lover, Those slicks were just for mock up but it did run skinny 60's slicks.
  6. So I like a challenge. For something different I decided to build this bad boy. The resin kit is from Speed City Resin with the decals from Whoppie Cat. You use the TV Tommy Ivo Showboat Dragster as the basis for the heavily modified bad ass Mustang. There is not a lot of detailed pictures on the internet so I'm going off the top of my head for much of it. I'm looking forward to building the 4 engines. I'm playing around with some different paint effects. I'm using some artist acrylics that work great through an air brush. I went over the blue with a pearl effect paint. I'm not sure I r
  7. Nice job. This is a great kit. I will say I like the look of the car better without all the lights hanging on the front. A necessary evil to see the road at night I guess.
  8. I love it. I like those tattered and battered well used models. I think they are more challenging then a straight build. I like your color choice and all the extra detailing.
  9. Thank you all for all the nice comments. I really appreciate it. Dusterman, The Current is one of my favorites, but I think the most beautiful river is the Eleven Point River.
  10. I think the fit issues have to do with the fact that's it's a Ford. That's they way they came from the factory. Consider it authentic.
  11. I live in Missouri and in the summer I love to go down to our beautiful streams and canoe on the rivers. The canoe rental company I rent from is Jadwin Canoe rental. Over the winter I thought I'd make a truck that you might see them using to shuttle canoes and people back and forth on the river. I started with the Revell Trucks, GMC Pick Up. The paint is an acrylic artist paint made by Golden and applied through a dual action air brush. It is great stuff. While it may seem expensive, coverage is great and you hardly need to use any. You dont have to thin it, water clean up is a snap, and
  12. I really like the build so far. I am wondering how much money you have spent on this model.
  13. I know you guys are all excited about this release but its not a kit many of us are really interested in. I'd love to see a modern pro stock or funny car. While I'm not a fan, a modern NASCAR kit or a modern Chevy or Ford pick up truck. Can the model companies produce a kit of a car newer than 1975?. Something other than another rehashed kit that has already been released 8,9,10 times. AMT 1968 Mustang. Revell 1969 Camaro as example. As far as errors in kits, I can understand it in the old tooling but with all the computers and programs available as well as 3D printing that's available to
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