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    Hello all and please help.
    Hello fellow modellers. I am not a regular modeller yet but have recently developed an interest as my body won't let me do the more physically active pursuits any more.

    Many years ago I built a 1/16 scale,1905, 3-cylinder Rolls Royce by Entex. Later I bulit a plastic scale model of a modern motor bike, but I have lost it!
    These are the images of the kit I have completed.

    Sometime ago I was given a Matchbox kit for 1/32 Mercedes Benz SSKL but I have not completed it. Having now decided to finish the Merc I have discovered that I do not have the instruction sheet. I saw somewhere on Google that a memeber of this group has made thie same Matchbox model, and posted a set of pictures - including one showing the assmbly instructions cover page, but I do not remember who it was - Sorry. I would be exceedingly grateful if that member could email me a good quality scan of the assembly instructions. This is the top of the box...

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