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  1. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic Hello All & greetings from Brooklyn   

    WOW!!!!! This is a better welcome than I get at the end of the day at home.
  2. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic Another '49 Merc?   

    I know this is kinda late... my apologizes. But how did you make the scoop?

    I'm building the same car and want to add a scoop... only difference is that I want to run the sides of the scoop further down towards the front of the hood. Almost to the front and then fade.
  3. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic 1949 Mercury Coupe - pictures wanted   

    I haven't had much luck in the reference material department for this car either...
  4. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic Pro Street..Corolla   

    Very Nice ride!!! Must also agree - the stance is perfect.

    Now, the all important question for me though is: Tires... where did the rear tires come from?
  5. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic reliable resins   

    I know I'm new here...

    But, are we really talking about the same guy? As I had mentioned in my earlier post... I had read all the reviews and gave him a shot anyway - I needed a specific set of tires and his company was the only one holding what I needed. I told him what I was looking for and he even suggested the right size tires - unfortunately I want to go bigger.

    Would like to see what I can find in rubber before going back and harass him again with another dozen stupid questions.

    Anyway, before I get sidetracked - I just find it a little odd that someone who would take the time to spend 20 minutes on the phone with someone for a pitiful little $16 order would be the same guy getting all this bad press. I mean if your gonna hose someone - why not hose the little guy who won't fight over a lost $20 and keep the big dollar orders coming in?

    But like I said before: since I'm new here I don't want to start off here by making any enemies... I just wanted to say my piece on what I thought and move on.
  6. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic Hello All & greetings from Brooklyn   

    Hello Gentlemen, Thanks for the welcome!
  7. Kit-Builder added a post in a topic reliable resins   

    I had read all the bad reviews and tried him anyway... emailed him and he had me call him instead of reading a much too long email about what I was looking for. Spoke to him on the phone - very straight forward to say the least - but not unpleasant. I got what I ordered in about a week - so got no complaints on product delivery.

    There were one or two minor flaws in the casting, but Don mentioned these to me before I even paid for my parts - even offered a few quick suggestions on fixing them.

    I can't speak for other people's problems or issues with the man or his company - but as for myself I had no problems and only felt it fair to give him his do on this one.
  8. Kit-Builder added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Hello All & greetings from Brooklyn
    Don't mean this the way it sounds but... you guys are my last hope! I have finally gotten to my wits end and don't know where else to go.

    I have been searching High/Low for a set of tires and wheels and have ended up only throwing money away. So, my hope is that some here knows - or knows a guy who knows a guy... ...

    I am planning a build of a 1:25 '49 Merc... top chopped - 2Dr coupe. Now herein lies my problem, I want to put a big wide set of Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro Street tires up under the rear end. And... I'd like to do this without raising the lowered stance of the car any more than absolutely necessary.

    But the problem is this... I can't find the tires/wheels. I didn't want to have to buy another kit just to take out the tires and be left with something I'll probably never finish.

    I've tried ordering a set of resin tires from a company which to be nice - should probably not be in business if what they sent me is what passes for acceptable product to them. I ended up getting a set from Don at Reliable Resin but they are still not the big huge tires I'm looking for, Don has a bigger set but I'd really like to see if I can find them in rubber first.

    So why question is: Can anyone point a guy in the right direction? If anyone has / seen / heard of / think that they might have once read... {something/anything}
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