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  1. What scale airplane model decals will fit on a 1/25 scale model car ?
  2. Thanks guys I used a 40 ford axle using a #57 drill bit & laid out 14 spaced holes it was easy!
  3. I would like to drill a series of holes in my solid beam axle, has anyone out there figured out the distance for holes to be drilled?
  4. Its raining here in Oregon,nothing new! I dug out my AMT models to make a written list . I have 7 large plastic boxes hold 28 models each. Yes that is a lot of models I haven't gotten around to build yet. Fun looking back , remember the kits in tin boxes? What was that all about?
  5. I was so glad to see the 55 sedan after all these yrs . I went on line to Jim Meyers Racing here in Ore, they make a kit for a straight axle for 1/1 cars, also a picture of the Roadkill 55 gasser is posted. I may try to build from scratch a axle & springs from plastic or medal! I have the 57 ford wagon & the 57 sedan , I want build the sedan as a gasser & maybe use the wagon for towing!
  6. I was so glad to see a 55 sedan after all these yrs ! I went on line to Jim Meyers Racing here in Or & found a picture of there 55 straight axle kit for 1/1 cars also a picture of the Roadkill 55 gasser built with their frame, I may try to build by scratch a tube axle assembly with plastic or metal tube. I have the 57 Ford wagon & the 57  sedan I plan to make the sedan into a gasser maybe use the Wagon to tow the sedan?

  7. I just ordered the AMT 55 chevy 2 dr sedan reissue will make a great gasser , will need a straight axle.
  8. At 78 I am still learning ,but its hurts when it cost me money!
  9. I renewed my subscription to hot rod deluxe with a debit card & was also charged for a subscription to hot rod mag & motor trend on line without my permission. My bank came to my rescue .
  10. Come on guys, lets not argue over how long it is! I remember years back using red beads on thread for either a gasser or circle track modified with injectors. I saw a picture of a manifold with red rubber balls on top yesterday on E bay. Brought back memories !
  11. I have 2 sets of scale 12 inch stacks from Parts from Parks, I found a hemi manifold in the R&M from Maryland catalog. Gibson Engines had a sml. & big block injected engine listed but every thing is out of stock on there web page! Injected hemi will have to fit my Honda Trail 70 dirt bike ! ........Just kidding.
  12. O K Lets try any engine with a injector set up 60s gasser style!
  13. What Revell 1/25 kit has a small block chevy with injectors, tall vertical, the Anglia drag coupe has them but slanted thanks.
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