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  1. Oregon State university orange I have heard.
  2. What scale airplane model decals will fit on a 1/25 scale model car ?
  3. Thanks guys I used a 40 ford axle using a #57 drill bit & laid out 14 spaced holes it was easy!
  4. I would like to drill a series of holes in my solid beam axle, has anyone out there figured out the distance for holes to be drilled?
  5. Its raining here in Oregon,nothing new! I dug out my AMT models to make a written list . I have 7 large plastic boxes hold 28 models each. Yes that is a lot of models I haven't gotten around to build yet. Fun looking back , remember the kits in tin boxes? What was that all about?
  6. I was so glad to see the 55 sedan after all these yrs . I went on line to Jim Meyers Racing here in Ore, they make a kit for a straight axle for 1/1 cars, also a picture of the Roadkill 55 gasser is posted. I may try to build from scratch a axle & springs from plastic or medal! I have the 57 ford wagon & the 57 sedan , I want build the sedan as a gasser & maybe use the wagon for towing!
  7. I was so glad to see a 55 sedan after all these yrs ! I went on line to Jim Meyers Racing here in Or & found a picture of there 55 straight axle kit for 1/1 cars also a picture of the Roadkill 55 gasser built with their frame, I may try to build by scratch a tube axle assembly with plastic or metal tube. I have the 57 Ford wagon & the 57  sedan I plan to make the sedan into a gasser maybe use the Wagon to tow the sedan?

  8. I just ordered the AMT 55 chevy 2 dr sedan reissue will make a great gasser , will need a straight axle.
  9. At 78 I am still learning ,but its hurts when it cost me money!
  10. I renewed my subscription to hot rod deluxe with a debit card & was also charged for a subscription to hot rod mag & motor trend on line without my permission. My bank came to my rescue .
  11. Come on guys, lets not argue over how long it is! I remember years back using red beads on thread for either a gasser or circle track modified with injectors. I saw a picture of a manifold with red rubber balls on top yesterday on E bay. Brought back memories !
  12. I have 2 sets of scale 12 inch stacks from Parts from Parks, I found a hemi manifold in the R&M from Maryland catalog. Gibson Engines had a sml. & big block injected engine listed but every thing is out of stock on there web page! Injected hemi will have to fit my Honda Trail 70 dirt bike ! ........Just kidding.
  13. O K Lets try any engine with a injector set up 60s gasser style!
  14. What Revell 1/25 kit has a small block chevy with injectors, tall vertical, the Anglia drag coupe has them but slanted thanks.
  15. Built one years ago,.painted it red with a tan top . Fun build, lowered the back, tail dragger!
  16. How many modelers save all there Model Car Mags & get up set if they arrive torn? My collection goes back to 07! Yes the bag is a great help.
  17. No pin ups in H R Deluxe just neat old pictures of hot rod history .
  18. I received a 32 Vicky body from R&M of Maryland but I also ordered 2 model A's/ chopped top & was told the mold was worn out. He said he may have time in 6-8 months build another, with the problem with Revell's30 coupe mold maybe the modeling Gods will get things back on track! LOL
  19. H R Deluxe is one of the best mags , I received a 32 Vicky body from R & M of my Maryland sat. Great timing ,gota build a gasser!
  20. Crazy RICK: My daughter informed me that was her plan. What a great yard sale!
  21. Thanks guys I don't have storage problem yet ,so I will keep buying & eventually get around to building them. I saw a kit of a AMT #6771 55chevy 2 dr post for sale on E bay for 80.00$ I have 4,I know its silly to spent that much for that kit. AMT will probability bring it out again if the mold is good, just have to wait.
  22. Has anyone sold there model stash & what % do you get back on your money spent? I plan on letting my kids sell them after I'm gone! I have 20 large storage containers full. I plan to build them all! Yea RIGHT!
  23. The use of a crankshaft for a spreader bar? Heavy man!
  24. A couple of strips forming a B pillar would make it look more like a sedan. The 55 chevy 150 & 210 make great gassers, we need them in a kit. AMT made a 55 chevy 2 dr post years past.
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