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  1. Yentl added a post in a topic 66' Mustang Fastback / ProStreet ProTouring Hybrid   

    WOW that's one of the best i've seen
  2. Yentl added a post in a topic should i do it? "67" 1/8 gt500 altaya   

    @ heiz i got this model in france (onderweg naar parijs tegengekomen) but you can order the collection on altaya.fr.
    When you order from the first magazine you get a hat of shelpy(pet) and a display case for your shelby.
    You can also pay 1 euro per magazine extra so you have 2 1:18 diecast during the 2 years a shelby cobra in magazine 11 and a gt350R #70 in 19.
    The feaures of the car are engine sounds and horn ( geluid van de motor en klaxon)
    Opening windows doors trunk and hood,
    working lights , turning wheels ...

  3. Yentl added a topic in Diecast and Resincast Models   

    Ertl superbird
    Hi I bought two of these a while ago thought i'd share because i really like this model!

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  4. Yentl added a post in a topic What do you wish was available in large scale kits?   

    A 2013 supersnake mustang or shelby 1000 would do it for me like anny other mustang
  5. Yentl added a post in a topic should i do it? "67" 1/8 gt500 altaya   

    But the ting is i started collecting at around 7 years old with hotwheels i grew and started collecting 1:18 but now i'm 16 i don't have the need annymore for collecting diecast and models so i decided to focus on rare / special cars , so i saw someone who posted this one before but it was not so interested till i came across one and immediatly bought it (just 1 euro ) then i did some research and found out this piece would cost between 1000 and 2000 then i started to doubt if i really want to give that much of money on a car i have noting to . And when it is complete i'm 18 and maybe not in to these tings ... it kills me knowing that i can have such a beauty but i think i'll pass :/
  6. Yentl added a post in a topic should i do it? "67" 1/8 gt500 altaya   

    true i could buy 10 1:18 gt500 from autoart who are masterpieces instead (not going to lol ) maybe later over 2 years someone sells it on ebay for half the price then maybe ... and i'm not sure how the pieces would fit together and have a bad quality car
  7. Yentl added a post in a topic should i do it? "67" 1/8 gt500 altaya   

    That's my idea i love mustang and i have a nice diecast collection but 1 grand is just to much i'd rather save it and maybe can buy my first car with that money...
  8. Yentl added a topic in Big Boyz   

    should i do it? "67" 1/8 gt500 altaya
    Hey i came across the first part of the mustang and me as a huge mustang guy really want it but i'm 16 it will cost 1000 and i have to wait 2 long years till complete?
    Is it really worth it?

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  9. Yentl added a post in a topic GT 500 Convertible 1:12 wip   

    waow that is going to look nice , good job.