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  1. Here are the braes from Scale Motorsport kit.. The center lug shaft was bigger then the hole in the discs so i had to drill it out a hair. Next I will start the carbon from Studio 27. After I get of pain killers.
  2. Was hoping to have a lot more done by now. But started new job, then had to have emergency nasal surgery last week. so not much done. Really like the photo etched heat shield on the cam cover.
  3. Now the wheels the Detail Set has really nice spindles and center nut. You have to drill out center of kit wheels and put in a aluminum insert.
  4. Had to remove some molded in mesh on the back of front fenders.
  5. Next was the rear inner fenders. The molded in towers are replaced by photo etched ones.
  6. When it comes to the engine bay supports the Detail Set has you cut the rod ends off and drill the shaft to except photo etched rod ends. I didn't like that idea so I bought some brass tubing, RB Motion rod ends, and Hobby Design Bolts and made my own. Will use the Detail set brackets. this is the detail set rod ends And this is what I came up with.
  7. the rear shocks have to be cut up and replaced with aluminum parts. This is a part i wish would have included bolts. rear suspension frame mount modification. Shock parts
  8. Tamiya Ferrari FXX with addition of Scale Motorsport Super Detail Set , Studio 27 Interior carbon decals, and Hobby Design fuel filler ports. So i picked up this Scale Motorsport Super Detail set at a hobby shop in KC. It was on the self for a few years so asked if they would give me a discount on it. So they knocked it down to $100. Every where I have seen it it is $150 plus. After looking at it it has a lot of nice pieces, but leaves a lot out. It has all the exterior carbon to replicate Jean Todt's FXX and nice aluminum, 2 photo etched frets, and resin calipers. What i don't like is they don't include bolts for areas where the shocks mount or the engine bay supports. And no interior carbon, or wiring. It is a very nice kit but not what i consider super detail. So i will add so more detail myself. The firewall details are sanded off and replaced by nice aluminum oil tank, and some styrene, with photo etched brackets.
  9. thanks guy I used Tamiya brilliant blue with Tamiya flat clear.
  10. Thanks guys. I really like the studio 27 carbon template set. Easy to work with, had to use google translate on some of the directions.
  11. Thanks guys. I really enjoy doing decals like this. its funny cause when its just a few decals i hate it but if there is a lot i enjoy it. I wish Flying Lizard would do more crazy looking cars, from what I've seen lately on track they toned it way down.
  12. Thanks guys. i wish the alclad would of came out better. it kind of looks worn to me but everything is all new lookng.
  13. Rocket Bunny is just the brand of wide body kit from Japan.
  14. Aoshima Toyota 86 with Hobby Design photo etch. kit has to be modified for widebody to fit. there is an included template in kit. and 2 choices of hubs for either normal or extreme camber. i choose normal.
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