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  1. Ratrodtommy77 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    58 impala and 63 vette
    Here are a couple of models I found that my dad built when he was younger.. He is nearly 50 and I look at these models and realise they're probably atleast 30-45 years old.. For the age they are the detail isn't too bad.. The paint on the corvette is ratty and aged beautifully.. And the impala has been sitting unfinished since he lost time to build it as a teenager.. I remember seeing these cars when I was about 5 years old and I am now 18.. My dad is the reason I have such a big love of cars and these two models are the reason I loved model cars as a child.. If you can't own your dream car in real form then why not build one? I mean.. Dreams are cheap!

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  2. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic 69 Cougar 428CJ convertible   

    Mustang on steroids! Love the whole sporty like the mustang but classy like a Lincoln styling of the cougars.. Great job mate
  3. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic 1969 427 Camaro   

    Centrelines look great on old camaro's! I love this thing! Good job mate
  4. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic Saving my brothers 68 charger!   

    The body work doesn't really scare me like scratch building a chassis does.. Never really scratch built a chassis but I have to learn at some point.. I've decided to ditch the charger front end and put a 30's style front on her as I have a thing for experimenting and rat rods.. On my own car (Holden kingswood ute l, basically an el camino or a South African chevrolet el camino) or as the USA calls them a sports pickup I drew up plans for it to have the body as the original 1977 body with no modifications except the front is coming off and I'm running bobby fenders and a 30's style grille and headlights.. I like doing things nobody has done before.. Seeing how as I did it to my real car, why not do it to a model car?
  5. Ratrodtommy77 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Saving my brothers 68 charger!
    Here is a charger I got from my brother... No chassis and no running gear.. Just a shell which he cut one of the rear wheel arches to make a derby car.. He never cut the other one out though.. So I decided to make a pro stock style car with spares from my parts box.. I have started making the new rear wheel arch for it which isn't done.. I have two 440's and a hemi (still deciding on the engine) and some drag wheels from a chevelle I ended up making into a dirt tracker. I have a chassis from a studebaker funny car I used to have and countless other parts so hopefully make a pretty sick charger out of!

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  6. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic '55 Chevy Bel Air A/GS -Finished!-   

    Should have left it in a dark primer and made a two lane blacktop replica great work mate!
  7. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic roll cages exhaust pipes   

    I just use the frame that all the parts are on and when I have an empty frame I trim it and sort out what sizes i need and warm it and bend it accordingly
  8. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic Bagged chevrolet 66 C10 tow pickup   

    Thanks mate.. Decided to go whitewalls and ditch the carby for fuel injection
  9. Ratrodtommy77 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Bagged chevrolet 66 C10 tow pickup
    Had this old girl sitting for years.. Brought her as a kid and as kids do they play with models and things break and they just sit the broken wheels back in the fenders and never touch them again.. So I thought I'd pull her off the shelf after 8 years on never touching it and making something awesome! Firstly being diecast I took the screw-on chassis off and cut the front section of a 68 charger and used it as a base.. The engine that was in this looked to be an extremely in detailed 283.. So I wasn't putting that back! I thought I'd go different with a 426 which I sourced from a 68 charger which got absolutely munched while moving house. With the body I've made a reverse cowl for the bonnet and I am shaving the door handles and mirror mounts and taillights and making a valence panel with 59 Cadillac taillights I have sitting around. A nice matte white or black paint job with some pinstripes I have laying around and she will be a nice bagged rat rod pickup with a nice big hemi and something to tow my 67 chevelle dirt tracker!

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  10. Ratrodtommy77 added a post in a topic 67 chevelle dirt track racer   

    Thanks guys! I just like to be different from the rest haha! Currently building a C10 pickup with a hemi as a tow vehicle as I have a trailer for the chevelle
  11. Ratrodtommy77 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    67 chevelle dirt track racer
    Here is a new one ive started... Haven't built a model car since I was a kid.. So I brought a few and thought I'd share the latest one.. It's not finished but getting there.. I originally built it as it shows on the box and wasn't satisfied as I don't really like drag cars and I'm not into shiny paint or anything .. I am a rat rod lover and I thought I couldn't turn a muscle car into a rat so I ratted it in a different way.. I decided to go speedway.. I took it apart from how I originally built it and hit her with a lighter and covered her with dents.. Then gave her a flat black paint job and got some some dirt and got her dirty inside and out.. The bonnet had a squarish hole for velocity stacks which I hit with a dye grinder and made a nice circle for the aircleaner.. Made a roll cage and dented the bumpers.. Had some spare wheels sitting with big tyres from models built as a kid and cut out the fenders and chucked them on.. Got the engine nice and dirty also.. Put mesh where the grill would be and some mesh where the driver sits.. Need to do hoses and leads in the engine bay but it's nearly done.. For someone with very little skill and havin not done this in years I think I've done an alright job.. I hope you all enjoy it!

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  12. Ratrodtommy77 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    G'day from Australia!
    New to the whole modeling thing.. Brought some as a kid but never took it seriously.. Brought some more a few years ago and finally opened one of them up and built my 67 chevelle!
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