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  1. Impressive to say the least! Your detailing is seen and appreciated - love the fuel smear / stain on the tanks amongst other things! Quality build - well done Sir!!
  2. Outstanding build - this is a really nice piece! As Mr. Geiger pointed out above, you have a long, bright future of modeling ahead of you!
  3. WOW!! That's sharp as a tack! I would also like to respectfully plead for some more pictures Well done sir!
  4. Happy Birthday and I look forward to following your build. THANK YOU for sharing your 10th bday picture! Brought back some great childhood memories of my own!
  5. Outstanding build accompanied with outstanding photography! Congrats and well done!!
  6. I love your car and color choices - they all look like clean, tight, outstanding builds! Well done Tommy!
  7. You are a man of patience and skill if you can make any MPC kit (especially an old one) look that good! Well done sir!
  8. Geez Paul - what a great combination of quantity and quality - makes me feel very inadequate!! Great subjects, builds, and some slick paint jobs - well done sir!
  9. All 3 are outstanding! With the right backdrop, the Bee could easily pass for 1:1 - thanks for sharing!
  10. Outstanding - 'next level' build right there! Flip front, engine, and opening trunk put me over the top - well done sir!!
  11. Wow - you produced not only in quantity, but quality also!! All beautiful, sharp builds - I especially love the Poncho and the Edsel. Well done sir!!
  12. I'll echo Jim B's comments - Looks like a great, clean build and your road and guard rail look pretty darn good too!!
  13. Too cool for school man - that is freakin beautiful!! While I certainly appreciate great paint jobs, I'm more of a wheel / tire / stance guy myself. Goes without saying that you nailed both with this piece!! Well done sir!
  14. Awesome as always, Tyrone!! Your stuff is without a doubt "next level" - thanks for sharing!!
  15. Outstanding - just like all your builds! Would you mind sharing where you got the tires from? Those look a little nicer than normal kit fare, and fit the vibe perfectly.
  16. Clean, crisp, and sharp as a tack! Well done sir!!
  17. Wow!! Neat idea along with outstanding execution and quality - well done sir!
  18. Metal Man

    1970 cuda

    Ohhh myyyyy - that's the real deal there! Outstanding fit, finish, and stance! That engine compt ain't too shabby either - well done sir!!
  19. I love pleasant surprises like this! I saw "92 cougar lowrider" and thought 'really??' (no offense), but as I've seen on here before, a great builder and build can make different subject matter really pop! Awesome, straight, clean build - well done sir!
  20. Too cool for school - nicely done sir!!
  21. Perseverance pays off - beautiful build - well done sir!!
  22. Metal Man

    '29 Ford

    As you know, there's been many outstanding representations of this kit posted here, but yours definitely stands out! The subtlety of the weathering paired with all the added details makes it a joy to study. Of course, I love the hemi, but the old school pistol grip shifter is too cool! Well done sir!!
  23. Hello All, Just wanted to mention to fellow big rig lover's that my local Hobby Lobby (Metro Atlanta) has their California Hauler's marked at $24.99. Not a sale price or clearance, but regular price. With a flash of my weekly 40% off coupon at the register, I was out the door for $15.89. **DISCLAIMER** - Obviously, I can't guarantee this at your local HL but wanted to mention it nonetheless.
  24. Great subject matter and awesome, clean build!! With the proper photo backdrop could easily pass for 1:1. Well done sir!!
  25. Another great KW Steve! Nothing screams 70's like root beer brown! Clean, crisp build - thanks for sharing!!
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