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  1. My best friend in grade school was left handed and I always had to sit to his right in the cafeteria because of his upturned elbow when he ate. Used to kid him when he wrote since he had to keep lifting his hand to see what he had written.
  2. I have searched the Internet every way I can think of but can't find pictures or info on chassis colors. Body and interior are not a problem but I have no idea what the underside of the vehicle looks like. Anyone have some info? Thanks.
  3. Not a car show but I used to enjoy the old Texas Hardtails. Seemed they didn't take themselves too serious. I've stumbled on a couple of car restoration shows that I liked but seems they always disappear.
  4. Never heard of this guy and I'm not into custom cars but I'm liking this radical stuff.
  5. I use spray cans also and you can't go wrong with Tamiya. I swear you can't screw up a paint job with their cans. Model Master sprays have a great selection of colors and I try to buy Krylon or some other brands for all my basic needs like chassis or interiors and suspension pieces.
  6. Well, for me the last couple of laps with excitement doesn't make up for the rest of the race. This week the race was better. Silverstone is usually a good race as it's such a great track but wasn't so much this year.
  7. Wow! Don't know how I missed this until now. Great job!
  8. Very nice! You did a great job adapting the body to that chassis. I've been having fits just trying to fit a resin body to one.
  9. Very nice job. Thanks for the tip on the side pieces. Working on mine now and it looks like a typical Tamiya kit. Lots of detail painting and much of it won't be seen.
  10. Recorded it. After last weeks boring race I wasn't going to sit like a dummy watching it.
  11. Microsoft update. Yesterday it let me know it needs to do a big Windows 10 update. I decided to do it at 4 pm and let it restart. I like to restart right away to see if everything went smoothly and everything still works. It seemed to be stuck at 84% 4 hours later. Checked again at midnight and still at 84%. Restarted the computer and got a window with umpteen messages and the update failed. Turned it off. This morning turned it on and got a blank screen for awhile. Restarted it and it says "working on updates". Got that done and prompted my login. Was the update successful? We all good? Don't know but here I am after all that needless stress.
  12. Nice! Got to finish my Gronholm version. Tamiya models are always good kits but there is so much detail that it takes awhile to get done. Great work on those decals too.
  13. Pretty much figured the OT was over but that was an exciting finish. Pleased to have hockey back and the NHL has done a good job of making the "arena atmosphere" fun to watch.
  14. Yes, I was waiting for someone to mention The Thing. One of my favorites though is probably his character in The Natural.
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