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  1. Just amazing! The guy ain't got no shoes on. LOL
  2. Yep, wasn't going to bed until I heard some news on his condition. Was able to sleep better knowing he seems to be out of real danger.
  3. I had an S10 pickup for 18 years and took good care of it since it was new. Sold it to the next door neighbor kid because I just finally got tired of it and wanted something new and different. Great truck and always liked it but..... Yours looks really nice and those wheels and tires look good too.
  4. They're going fast. 84. Always liked this guy. Never watched Wild Wild West but liked Baa Baa Black Sheep especially for the Corsairs.
  5. Trying to remove chrome from a Revell funny car model. Used to be bleach would do it in a matter of minutes but lately I have to use Bleche White. This chrome is not coming off with either of them. Guess I'll have to break down and buy some oven cleaner. Hate using that because it's messy and nasty.
  6. Had no idea he was that old so good for him. Have enjoyed so many of his movies. The War Wagon was one of my favorites and I recall an old racing movie that was pretty bad but don't remember the name of it.
  7. TonyK

    Site Problems

    I use Chrome and getting the site to load up is hit and miss.
  8. Nothing I could see to criticize. You did great! And what a deal for $5. Wish they would reissue this kit.
  9. He's been fighting colon cancer for quite some time. He was the only one I liked from the entire Andretti family. Hate this.
  10. This is great! And it's Tamiya so all should fit well and be an enjoyable build.
  11. I agree with you on the Black Chrome Trim. I use it all the time and a rattle can of it would come in handy. I have Tamiya semi gloss bottle paint and I think that is darn near gloss so use the Black Chrome Trim instead when I want semi gloss.
  12. I like so many of these reissued kits. Some I never had as a kid and some that I did have and enjoy building them again. It's an interesting experience as I put together the same kit I did as a kid and think how I did this maybe 40-50 years ago. Just does something for me.
  13. I've never liked custom cars that much but decided to look at your model and am glad I did. You did a great job on this! Is it straight out of the box? I especially like your interior. Very nice work.
  14. Nothing wrong with vitamin C but I understand the body can only absorb so much and taking extra just gets p****d out and you're wasting money. My doctor is big on taking vitamin D especially in the winter months. My wife and I get a flu shot every year and have done it so long that it's just a habit.
  15. What a shock! Had no idea about his health. Can still remember buying Fly by Night album and 8-track to listen in my car back in high school.
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