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  1. Just found out Willamette Speedway has suddenly closed due to code violations. Seems they have been told for awhile to fix electrical issues and other things but haven't done it. This is a great dirt track and had the World of Outlaws scheduled to visit on September 4th. My son, grandson and I have been going here every year and I always get the same reserved seats but there's been some funky issues this year with my order and now I know why. Was in contact with World of Outlaws people about it and they were aware of the problems. Guess I might not see them this year. Bummer!
  2. Too bad you had trouble with the paint. Still looks good and a lot of work to create that paint scheme. I can't imagine there were any fit issues as I've built many Tamiya kits and never came across a problem yet.
  3. Thanks for all the work you do. This is the best forum so happy to see it continue.
  4. Nice detail! Brings back memories of these cars. Thanks.
  5. TonyK

    Greased Lightning

    The kit seemed to have everything to build the stock '48 version along with the new parts to build this version. Soft top, hub caps, etc. The instructions show option A and B clearly showing which version to build.
  6. Very nice! Built this car years ago and as I recall it went together well. I used the original decals but can understand them being a bit old by now.
  7. TonyK

    Greased Lightning

    Yes, those seat decals came with the kit and went on very well.
  8. Decided to do something different and try out this kit. Matchbox sized models and all parts molded in red so figured I'd just paint them red. Obviously nothing special but it was a fun change to build them and be happy with what they are. Found some decals in my stash to spruce up the Indy racer.
  9. Not a big fan of the movie "Grease" but the campiness has grown on me as I've gotten older. The Revell kit looked like it would be fun and it was. Painted with Tamiya white and built out of the box. The decals took 5-10 minutes to loosen and then they didn't want to move once on the model. Luckily they were very strong and ended up looking real good.
  10. What they all said. Great job!
  11. Thanks for all the info. I have never bought anything from ebay and most likely never will. Figure I don't need something bad enough to dive into that place.
  12. I only prime when I have to. If putty was involved or much altering of parts. Body pieces all get a good wash but rarely prime.
  13. Always thought this was an interesting race series and I think there were a few kits of these many years ago. Were the kits any good? Never see them available anywhere so guessing they weren't big sellers or not done well. Asking you truck experts as I don't do trucks but would build a racing version if I were to find one and it was actually a race truck and not just a regular truck with decals.
  14. Great job! Typical Tamiya kits. You're impressed with all the detail and great fit of the parts but it takes a lot of building skills and patience to do it justice.
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