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  1. Another USPS fail. Tracking said package would be delivered Dec. 6 Friday by 8 pm. Nope. Checked online after 8 and now says it's arriving late. Obviously but when? Saturday it says in transit. Again, rather vague. Sunday morning it says the package left Portland for destination. I'm thinking it's coming. Later I see a mail truck delivering packages to 3 of my neighbors but not me. Check tracking again and it now says it left Portland at 4 am and arrived at Oregon City (where I live} at 5 am and heading for destination. I'm thinking there's enough for the local mail truck to deliver and that's what they're doing. No. Still nothing. Checked this morning and it said heading for destination (there's that word again) and will be delivered by 8 pm Dec. 9 Monday. Is it though? The post office is a 1/2 mile from my house What say I just come get it and save everyone some more trouble. Update - The story gets better. Just got my package this afternoon and there's a Priority Mail 2-Day sticker on it. First checked tracking last Wednesday and that's when it said I'd get it Friday. Guess I should be happy I finally got it. There was a local news story of a mom who sent her son a package of home baked cookies for his birthday through USPS. Don't remember the exact date but sometime at the beginning of November. It went back and forth between Medford and Portland 30 times! Those cities are at the south and north of Oregon. He still hasn't got them but of course they're not edible by now. She said next year she'll just drive and deliver them herself.
  2. TonyK

    Foyt Laguna .

    So nice!! I've got one of these to build and I think you've given me the urge to dig it out. Great work!
  3. Got mine yesterday in Oregon City, OR.
  4. Saw it and thought it was great. Matt Damon convinced me he was Mr. Shelby as I had my doubts going in but he did a great job. Really enjoyed a lot of racing scenes and just fast car scenes in general. Also enjoy the challenge met to recreate the 60's era. All the background with the cars, people and their clothes, buildings, signs, etc. Had fun recognizing the California Speedway which was supposed to be Daytona but am smart enough to realize you can't do anything about the fencing and walls that are in place today for safety and all the billboards. Doesn't take anything away from the movie and you accept it is Daytona. My wife was with me and completely enjoyed it too.
  5. Going Saturday. Haven't read a bad thing about it yet.
  6. I built a Tamiya kit with a clear body just because I wanted to do something different. Quite a challenge. I still painted certain body pieces and you need to use epoxy or other clear glue so as not to mar the clear plastic. I believe I built the Richard Petty big scale model as a kid and thought that was pretty cool. As pointed out, I was a kid so wasn't concerned with realism.
  7. Funny. I've seen this type of thing with models before. A guy has talent beyond anything I have had yet lacks in things such as paint, little things like the thick wire or they didn't sand the tread area on the tire. I still enjoy the whole project that the builder came up with and managed to complete it.
  8. Wow! So hard to make a believable demo derby car but you did it. I can see the interior looks good too.
  9. Very nice build and I wouldn't have known that engine cover was scratch built. And yes, Grand Prix is my favorite movie. Try to watch it once a year.
  10. My space heater I've had for years sparked and smelled and quit putting out heat so had to buy a new one. Looked at Amazon where the reviews from people can be real handy. Found one for $24 that fits nicely on my workbench in the garage. Has a "fan only" setting that I can use in the summer. Also pleased that it has no beeping when used. Seems many things I've bought lately have to beep when you plug it in, when you turn it on and off, etc. I have no clue why manufacturers think they need to add this.
  11. Got a new Hobby Lobby a mile from me that's been open for about 6 weeks now. Went there when they opened and went last week. Same models and not a big selection. I can think of many models that they could add to the mix and wonder if it will happen or not. With Christmas coming up you'd think they ought to bring in a bunch more.
  12. I've never understood people not voting. It's free, you get to add your opinion to the total count, and I think you should have the attitude that you're supposed to vote. We mail in our ballots or just drop them off at the nearest drop box. So easy.
  13. Doesn't matter how old you are or how long it took, you've built a great model!
  14. I don't follow baseball but usually find myself watching some World Series games every year. Even I know about the Nationals. Used to be the Montreal Expos, right?
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