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  1. The drummer for Yes died at 72. My favorite band and I really enjoyed his talented drumming. Bums me out big time!
  2. I mostly use epoxy or Testors canopy glue if the fit is perfect and it's a small piece. The epoxy can be a good bond for those windows that only have a couple of places that allow glue to be applied if you know what I'm meaning.
  3. I just did a test fit on the windows. The rear has a hint of a gap on both sides and the front has a worse gap on both sides. Both of them have little to no extra area on which to glue them in place.
  4. The kit is in real nice shape with no flash and tires are plain sidewall current looking radials. Yes, slicks would be nice along with any other extras to build a drag version. I have plenty of slicks in my stash and wheels to use but my big gripe is don't advertise I can build it stock or drag and not include the parts to actually build it drag. They snookered me into buying this kit and I ended up with a stock '57 Chevy which I don't want.
  5. Excellent so far! Even more detail that you will be adding is going to make this one of the best I've seen.
  6. Nope. There is a blower option and straight front axle but that's it. All stock parts and nothing extra.
  7. I really like what you've done here. Very 60's looking and your Tiki Hut is well done using your imagination for something different. I built this kit a few years ago and enjoyed it for what it was.
  8. The Atlantis '57 Chevy; build it stock or drag. Real disappointed after opening the box to find nothing much to build a drag version. Just assumed when it said "build it drag" there would be some slicks, etc. but there's nothing.
  9. A bit of a Frankenstein then. I like it!
  10. That's scary to hear but sounds like they got it and you can move on. Hopefully that's it from here on out. A healthy good looking dog!
  11. Wow. That looks just like the movie monster. A very well done figure and a well done movie, I might add.
  12. I have no interest in "self-driving" cars. I get strange looks when I tell people I have never used cruise control on long trips. After buying a new car I check to see if it works but that's it. I'm just too much of a hands on driver. I want to be in control at all times. Luckily I'm old enough that I won't be needing one of these fancy cars anyway.
  13. Never enters their mind that injury or death can occur because it hasn't happened to them and they figure it won't. The mindset is "me first" and " me, me, I, I" as what I refer to it. Everything I need to do is more important than anyone else. The red light or speed limit isn't meant for me. And so on...
  14. Real nice! Gotta be fun to recreate something from an earlier memory.
  15. Decals and extra parts are saved but when looking thru them for something in particular I can't find what I need. Doesn't stop me from continuing to do it. I used to save boxes and instructions but now toss them in the recycling. Been at this too long and realize there's no reason to keep everything.
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