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  1. Very nice! The paint colors are perfect and well done.
  2. TonyK

    #3 Earnhardt

    Very clean and sharp builds. Nice!
  3. Amazing! Looks like an old Tonka truck; as if it were real metal.
  4. Great movie and a bunch of great looking models you've got there. Thanks for sharing them.
  5. You did a real nice job on this model. I always thought the pictures on the box looked like it was a bad kit so have stayed away from it but you managed to finish it better than the box shows. Good job!
  6. Opened up a brand new spray can of Model Master paint. It's probably a few years old but I've tapped other cans that old without a problem. Nothing came out. Tried another nozzle and nothing came out until finally a bit of spittle not resembling paint came out. Entire can wasted. I have a buddy that has several years old cans of various brands and they've worked fine. Hopefully this is a one-off deal for me.
  7. Started with the Rat Trap Vega kit and used a Big Donkey Resin Corvair body. Had to modify the chassis, roll cage and nerf bars a bit to make it fit well. Testors paint.
  8. Guess it's my own fault for not paying close enough attention. Bought the 1/16th scale Petty Charger thinking it had the clear body but it's the light blue version. Built this as a kid and debated about getting it and reliving the past but now I'm really disappointed. The box art threw me as it looks exactly as before.
  9. You did a nice job on this. Like the piece of material on the tail. I built this and a couple of those ridiculous monsters in a little car. Think it's kind of a nostalgia thing for us.
  10. Well, after 20 years you built a fine looking model. Love these cars. I'd also like to know some details of your model.
  11. Wow, that's a lot of work you did and it shows. This boat looks excellent! The trailer is excellent too. Enjoyed looking at the pics. Nice job!
  12. I try not to think about that but we did just this exact thing a lot over the weekend. I like to rip a couple pages from a magazine and toss it in a model box when there are pictures or tips about it. Very handy and don't have to go looking for it later.
  13. I know part of the problem is me. Spent my whole life reading magazines and books and the new way of doing things just doesn't appeal to me. My laptop is great for many things but then I shut it off and move on. My phone is used some for texting and taking a picture of something that I might want to share with others. The younger people like my son and grandson use their phone for EVERYTHING and I hear about my old fashioned ways.
  14. I like it! Perfect weathering job. Really does look like a barn find. Nice job!
  15. UPS wasn't off on Presidents Day and the post office delivers "packages" on Sunday. Have talked with my mail carrier about that and he had some interesting info. Again, I understand the weather is screwing things up but what I don't understand is day after day the tracking info doesn't change and only states "in transit". We've all watched the goofy journey of our packages as they're being scanned. There seems to be no scanning with the 2 packages we have coming and I wonder why. Lost?
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