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  1. I have never used ebay. Several years ago I went there and looked around and was overwhelmed with how much was available. I've read numerous stories like those above and understand there is good and bad experiences in everything. When asking a question on message boards I usually get an answer telling me to go to ebay. Kind of have the opinion I don't need anything that bad but have also been tempted to browse again and maybe see something exciting that I really want.
  2. I read the same thing yesterday. Always look forward to watching all the tv coverage of these amazing racers.
  3. Sometimes you just think........how? So much talent.
  4. TonyK

    Military dioramas

    Your bases are great! Hardly looked at your models because I'm so impressed with the rest of the diorama. Have you done train layouts? Your talented work reminds me of that. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed this.
  5. Wow. Take some pictures of that model outside with a proper background and you may fool people it's a real one. Nice work!
  6. Sorry to hear your situation but maybe I can let you know you're not alone. Our neighbor smokes all the time. I've seen him with a lit cigarette in his mouth while filling his lawn mower with gas! We can't use our backyard because of the gagging cigarette smoke. Can't have windows open in the summer unless we know he's gone. He's loud no matter if it's 6 am out there gagging and coughing up a lung and belching. He takes a pee in his backyard when he's drinking his entire 6 pack of beer while smoking and at his bar-b-q which he douses with a quart bottle of lighter fluid to get it started. They have a dog that barks at the fence whenever I go outside. We have 2 small dogs but I have taught them not to bark at every little thing. Every house on our street has a tree between the sidewalk and street and we all deal with the leaves. He uses a backpack leaf blower and only cleans the leaves off the sidewalk up to the property line between himself and us. It's his tree! I could go on but you get the idea. None of the other neighbors care for him and his wife because they're not friendly. The rest of us give a wave while driving by, etc. And no one else smokes except them and we get to live next to them. Here's the funny thing. On the other side of us is a nice little Filipino woman and her sister. She is the best neighbor ever. She mows our front lawn when she does her own. Never asked her to but she does it. Every year around the holidays we take over some type of gift and thank her. She's also the friendliest person you'll ever meet. My wife and I always tell people we have the worst neighbor on one side and the best neighbor on the other.
  7. Thought of that and it might be possible. I'd probably screw it up though.
  8. Has anyone heard if Revell has plans to replace the Jeep "Lifegaurd" decals? Been tempted to get this kit but the decals turn me off to build the beach patrol version.
  9. The hoarders are at it again. I don't get it.
  10. Thought the same thing. Agreed, with Australian V8 Supercars a close 2nd.
  11. Man, that clock fits perfectly. Nice work. And I like your song references.
  12. Got issue #207 yesterday and a quick thumb through looks as good as always. Lots of different subjects. Always like the model reviews but the photos were funky looking. Great to see a new mag! Good job to everyone involved.
  13. Wow! Always like looking at these characters for the poses and the work done by the builder. Really enjoy looking at all the time and talent put into them. I have a couple of vinyl ( I think ) ones from years ago but haven't done anything because I don't know what to use for adhesive and filler and paint prep. Looked online but was discouraged. I know how to work with resin but not gonna buy another figure when I have a couple already. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Love this movie. The original one.
  15. I've done much better these last few years and don't buy too many models. Seems I've got a new approach where I get excited about the upcoming releases and then when they become available I'm not that excited anymore so I end up not buying them. I sit back and read many comments on message boards about the new kits and that helps my decision whether or not I might buy one.....or two.
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