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  1. Hopefully those kits are a good deal. At the very least, a lot of cool old box art.
  2. Hate to hear that. Just have to sit and wait for a crappy night. Thinking about everyone having to deal with this.
  3. Not so much a laugh out of me. More of a groan. : )
  4. That's a good deal on those display cases. I have never seen any clearance models at Hobby Lobby but I only go there about 3 times a year and that's if I need a bottle or can of paint I suddenly ran out of. The store is only a mile or so down the street but it's still not worth it to go there just hoping they'll have a new model selection when it's a 40% off week.
  5. I recall lots of bad reviews of this kit so I put off building it. You say it was a pretty easy build so this may inspire me. Not excited about the paint scheme but I've stumbled through them before.
  6. You did a real nice job on this. As I recall building it many years ago, several parts didn't want to fit all that well.
  7. Don't know how I missed this until now. Great looking models that bring back memories. Yes, Fireball XL-5 was fun to watch as a kid.
  8. I hate wind so whenever I read about hurricanes in your area I feel for everyone. There seems to be way too many of them anymore.
  9. Great! Fantastic! Excellent! All these things. Everything is so well done and I'll bet you had fun with the "tats" on the figures. There can be no criticism because nothing is wrong with this diorama. So much to look at.
  10. What the...? Fun to see someone's imagination come up with something different. I really like it.
  11. Good to see an old Monogram model again and you did a very nice job on this one.
  12. Reminds me of the 20 Mule Team Borax model still in the box that was in my Dad's work room. As a kid I thought that would be a huge project and very different from the basic plane or car models.
  13. One of my favorite fighter planes. Your model is amazing with the painting and weathering. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Wow, this is an excellent build! Really enjoyed looking at the pictures.
  15. Great pictures on your hike. Always like me some lizards.
  16. The Monogram World of Outlaw kits were very nice but hard to find anymore. Revell recently had the Joey Saldana kit which was an updated version and very nice. Again, hard to find. Wished Revell would've made a bunch more of those kits with various sponsors but never happened.
  17. I had a pocket knife as a model tool but usually twisted the parts off the sprue trees.
  18. Thanks guys. Figured as much but thought I'd ask just to be sure.
  19. There are several versions of the Hudson Hornet models but I'd like to know if the basic parts are all the same. By that I mean, would all the chassis and running gear be the same for each kit? I have built a couple of them in the past but was curious if the '53 and '54 passenger cars are the same. The Marshall Teague kit compared to the drag racing version. Wanted to know if I just bought any one of them for a donor chassis. Thanks for the info.
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