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  1. Very nice! I built the dark grey version so I like seeing what the white version looks like. Can't go wrong with a Tamiya kit. Thanks for showing us your great work.
  2. Great to see your nice work. Like many others I tried to build this kit when I was younger and tossed it in the garbage.
  3. Looks like the guys running the magazine are on a roll!
  4. You did a real nice job on this. Your pictures show the nice detail. The body was warped a bit on mine but I didn't notice until it was too late so tried to put it together the best I could.
  5. My mom would get mad when I'd have the bedroom door shut while building models because of the glue fumes. Could have it shut any other time but not then and this was in the 60's when model glue had nasty fumes.
  6. Dam! Happy to read a good recovery so far.
  7. Great model! Really like your wheels and tires.
  8. Great diorama! You captured the scene perfectly. Take some pictures outdoors with a proper background and you'll fool a lot of people thinking its real.
  9. 2 excellent looking models. Glad the decals worked out for you as that looks like it could've been frustrating if they didn't.
  10. How do they get away with not accepting outgoing mail?! Oh wait, they do whatever they want. I do most bill paying online but there are a couple of outfits I deal with where I send a check because they want to charge you $2-$3 if you use a credit card and a check is the only other way. A stamp is much cheaper. We also have the cluster box but can use the outgoing mail slot.
  11. You have every right to rant and several of us have voiced our problems on this board as well. You say Amazon is who you'll deal with and I don't understand how they keep sending stuff in a timely manner. And they use USPS as well and we've got things in a few days so how is that? FedEx is the worst for me and I've had my problems with USPS like the time a package went to Guam! UPS seems to do well for me. The common excuse now for everything is "due to Covid". FedEx keeps claiming they don't have enough people to do the jobs. Where did they go? Can we not hire more? UPS seem to be doing alright....at least for me.
  12. GREAT looking build and a very nice presentation!
  13. I enjoy reading crazy stories like this and especially when they have a happy ending.
  14. You did a real nice job especially on the white lettering work on the tires.
  15. Very nice and if you didn't point out it was 1/43rd I probably wouldn't know it.
  16. Never had this kit but will definitely get one this time.
  17. Thought the article on the 1/12th scale Meng GT40 might be limited to just a few modelers as I can't imagine there are many of us that are going to buy it but I do enjoy reading about all models except...... The latest Fine Scale Modeler has an entire page reviewing the Cup of Noodles model. What the?! Hopefully it's ok to mention another magazine as it doesn't even come close to my enjoyment of Model Cars Magazine.
  18. Those 2 dogs look like they have a wonderful life thanks to you and/or whomever rescued them. Mark, your "talking" dog reminds me of one of our Westies. He barks when he's real excited but most of the time it's funny sounds that resemble a cow or cat or whatever when he wants food or to go out. If he wasn't already named when we got him he would be called Mr. Bean which I still call him sometimes because he reminds me of that character.
  19. I always appreciate someone taking the time to review a model especially as detailed as this one was. I have decided to buy or not buy models based on the time spent informing me of what's in the box and in this case, building what's in the box.
  20. This is like beating a dead horse but FedEx. Last week my Chewy order was set to be delivered Friday but then changed to Saturday and then changed to Monday. The tracking said it had left Vancouver, WA Friday morning so I figured it would be delivered since that's about 45 minutes up the freeway. Last week there was an article in the paper about FedEx and their problems. Had some comments from regular people like us and businesses who are going through the same BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH with late deliveries.
  21. I remember Pineapple Express long ago. As I recall I kept watching expecting it to get better and it never did. Some good actors but what a waste.
  22. Cool looking KTM! I'll bet that's gonna be a handful when you go riding.
  23. Does No-Doz still exist? Used that back in high school when I worked late nights at the pizza joint and still had to get up early for school. Remembered a couple of times my stomach was cramped up because I took it with no food. I was a stupid teenager.
  24. That looks like a fun thing to build. You did a very nice job and I think you may have prompted me to get one myself. I always like to build something different from regular car models every now and then. Thanks for sharing.
  25. I like these old drag kits and you did a real nice job on them. Lots of chrome!
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