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  1. Phat 46

    CHP Olds

    Gotta love it. Great Build.
  2. Mike when did Jon pass away? I was a member of Classic Plastic many years ago. I last saw Jon 6 years ago just before I moved to Florida. I gave him those nicely bound copies of Scale Auto the club owns.
  3. The Phantom Vicky will work perfectly. Thank you all for your help. Ace a slip of the finger is no fault of the mind. That’s what old age does to you. LOL
  4. Does anyone know of an aftermarket 32 Ford chassis with indecent suspension?
  5. Takes me back to my teenage days, awesome build.
  6. I never cared for the Hudson but you’ve just changed my mind, beautiful build.
  7. This is mine. Someday I'll get around to building the model.
  8. This is my real one. It's a '46 Ford coupe.
  9. Trying to break down a chassis put together with CA glue any hints?
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