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  1. Oldmanpants added a post in a topic SCENES UNLIMITED   

    I got some 4 hole dually rims with tires as well as a couple of 'used/junk wheels' and an ivanhoe lampshade from Dan and was blown away by the quality. the parts and service were top notch. thanks again Dan
    building a '78 super stones ford up as a one-ton with a flat deck.
  2. Oldmanpants added a post in a topic Revell's Original Mini Cooper Final Assembly   

    Well corrected, Geoff. I had not considered the inner boot lid skin... hiding the inner lid details. cheers!

    Anyways, it's absolutely outstanding and has inspired me to get back to work on mine, as well as my (non-existent) modelling skills so i can maybe one day worry about the inner boot details at scale myself
  3. Oldmanpants added a post in a topic Revell's Original Mini Cooper Final Assembly   

    This is fantastic! the work on the door and boot hinges, and the inside of the boot is absolutely amazing.

    The boot board is perfect, the fuel tank looks to be a later model 9gal (common upgrade), but the only thing missing is the details on the inside of the boot lid... there is this type

    and the double skinned (this is what I would go with on the mk1)

    I've been lurking these forums for a couple weeks - just getting into scale models again. I had done a 1:24 (fujimi) scale replica of my 1:1 Mini (I have 3 1:1 minis - one driver, one project, and well... the remains of another).

    I'm building a Mini speedster right now (similar to the minispeed/vmax car) and a stock cooper s from this same kit you're building (edit- oops, no mine are the tamiya kit).

    I am absolutely blown away by your model, thanks so much for sharing